EOSdoll (formerly Limhwa) Discussion.

May 29, 2011

    1. To be honest, the new body really reminds me of EID. Again, not that she copied or even that it's bad, they just seem to reflect the same design philosophy.

      I would miss the original girls. I am really looking forward to a revisit or update to the original 57cm body.
    2. ummmm, ya I was thinking exactly the same thing, and the string lines at the top of the thighs look like they've been photo shopped out.
    3. I suppose I am seeing an SID/EID similarity. But it's obviously a Limhwa sculpt, it looks almost exactly like Leda blown up. The trend in female dolls seems to be toward the 'fuller' look anyway, Feeple65 and the new Oasisdoll all have that very curvey look.
    4. I don't think it's the same body...just look at the nude shots on Iple's site versus the EOS/Limhwa images, you can see several differences in the joints, the sculpting of the back, and the position/style of the breasts. The artist might have taken inspiration from the EID/SID bodies, but you can still see Limhwa's style shining through :)
    5. A little side by side comparison . . .
      They've both got the whole full shapely thing going for them yes, but that Limhwa body is definitely a Limhwa body.
    6. I am waiting for when these lovlies will go on sale......that body is so gorgeous!
    7. I have a question for you Limhwa owners of tan dolls...

      I was talking to a face up artist who asked me whether the tan pigment was mixed with the resin or whether it was a coating because apparently they do no work on dolls that have the tan as a coat (not sure what that means as I am new at this.)

      Do any of you know if the Limhwa girls have the tan mixed with the resin or is it a coat? And have you had any issues with face up removals on them?
    8. Hello, dollsoflace! I removed the faceup on my tan Half-elf when she arrived to me, and I had to scrub pretty hard with a Magic Eraser to remove her eyebrows for about 20 minutes. This did nothing to change the resin, apart from make it a bit shiny from all the rubbing! So I'd say the tan pigment is mixed in with the resin, but since I haven't actually cut into her or modded her in any way, I'm not entirely certain, more like 98% certain!
    9. Are there any prices yet?
    10. Limhwa gave me prices for the 57cm girls (not the new ones) which are: *direct quote from her email*

      "Taned resin

      1+= $ 530 (. heel foots gift)

      2-= $ 500 ( heel foots gift)

      1 + order= wig,acrylic eyes (random), 2 - order= X"

      But she didn't mention anything about the new girls though I asked.

      Ah -- thanks for the information. I was worried about that whole cleaning/face up removal with tan resin. I guess my biggest concern right now is the variation of tans that I have seen Limhwa produce. I've seen sunkissed to super dark... I'm hoping my batch falls in between those tones ... would you recommend using paint brush cleaning solution on tan resin?
    11. I'm interested in getting a Limhwa 57cm doll either in urethane resin or French resin. Can anyone tell me whether they have had severe yellowing issues with the Limhwa French resin dolls or have experienced any other problems inherent to the medium? - for instance I've read somewhere that white scuff marks may appear in the joints due to repeated rubbing of the parts through posing. :roll:

      My understanding is that the French resin has more of a translucent quality to it, but does it inevitably yellow more over time?
    12. Was there any indication of the price for normal skin resin?
    13. Did you guys see the news? Junkyspot is going to be the new US dealer for Limhwa :cheer

      She's holding a very short (by this weekend) preorder on the JS forum, too!

      ETA: Looks like it's only for the old-style bodies atm since Limhwa hasn't released the other style yet ^^

      On JS...second price is for TAN:

      Half Elf N/W: 480 TAN: 500 Faceup $60
      Luna 480 500 Faceup $60
      Elly 480 500 Faceup $60

      Leda 300 320 Faceup $45
      Mono 280 300 Faceup $45

      Sara 200 245 Faceup $40
      Mari 200 245 Faceup $40

      Do 200 215 Faceup $40
      Le 200 215 Faceup $40
      Mi 200 215 Faceup $40
    14. I've used Amsterdam Brush Cleaner for acrylic paint (kind of like W&N brush cleaner) on my tan Eva and it didn't damage her. She also came with a chip out of her torso, but I sanded it smooth as the replacement part that I received was of a different tan colour. The tan colour appears to be mixed with the resin and not just a top layer.
    15. I am so excited that JunkySpot is the new Limwha dealer! I put off getting a doll or two for a while never thinking that the opportunity to get them might disappear but now it's not a worry! I hope he'll be carrying the new doll and body too!
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    18. I personally love the look of French resin and prefer to urethane despite the fact that it does yellow much quicker than the later. I have two Limhwa girls and both are French resin and both have yellowed. My Half Elf -- who is from the very first ordering period -- is about 4 1/2-5 years old and has yellowed considerably, but also evenly. I am her second owner, however, and she came to me somewhat yellowed already -- her first owner didn't do much to prevent any yellowing and I wasn't as cautious as I ought to have been in those early days. She looks a lot more yellow in person than she photographs though, so it's not a huge deal for me. This is pretty close to what her color looks like in person. Not an unnatural color, but definitely not that nice pinky white new color. Now my other Limhwa girl -- a luna -- is only about 3 years old and while she does have yellowing it is no where near as severe as my half elf's, but I have been much more cautious about storage and outside photo sessions with this girl than I was with my half elf. When I'm not "playing" with her she sits behind a black curtain -- along with my real-skin Iplehouse guy -- and we don't spend too much time outside in the direct sunlight. She hasn't yellowed so much as darkened a bit and unlike my half elf -- who changed color evenly all over her body -- my luna seems to be changing in her hands and chest-neck area. As you can tell by this pictures she is darker around her upper chest and neck area -- also her head but that's more to do with the blushing and the sealer for the face-up. Here is a picture of my half elf and luna -- as well as my Supia girl -- together to give you an idea of their color difference. My luna is pretty close to her fresh out of the box color and my half elf is not so much like her original color. As far as the white scuff marks go . . . My half elf seems to be more prone to those white scuff marks than my luna. But only around her knees and she came to me with them and since I've had her she hasn't gotten any more and my luna doesn't have any at all.

      I personally love the translucency of the French resin and I think it photographs better but, at the end of the day, it all comes down to personal preference. I, personally, don't mind the yellowing and taking the extra precautions -- covering them up when I'm not "playing", not spending too much time outdoors, and keeping them in a cooler room in the house that doesn't get a lot of direct sunlight -- to slow it up a bit. All though I have seen Limhwa urethane resin in person and it is very nice too and it looks pretty close to the French resin so it's likely that I may order a urethane girl in the future -- maybe?
    19. TBH I can't stand French resin. It yellows super fast and does nothing for me. It's all about personal preference/tastes, but that is one thing I don't care for at all.

      You can always do an oxy bath to re-whiten the doll, so to speak, but people have had varied success with that treatment (you can find out more about it in the Workshop area I believe). Sanding would also work, but again, success is varied.

      I had a half-elf Limhwa from the first ordering period. Within weeks, she had begun to yellow. It wasn't super noticeable in pictures, or really in person, but I could tell. I had always kept her away from well-lit places and hid her in the dark most of the time, but the ambient light got her anyhow. So I washed my hands of the whole French resin thing and stuck with normal opaque resin.

      Just thought I'd let you know my experience with it. :)
    20. UGH I am holding myself back from jumping in on that pre-order. I don't have the funds right now, and I am most definitely not ready for a doll that size yet. But on the other hand... it's so tempting...