EOSdoll (formerly Limhwa) Discussion.

May 29, 2011

    1. I totally agree! And I'd love to see that!

      Oooohhhh. Well now, that makes more sense! Thanks for enlightening a poor sucker! xD

      Here's the New Waiting Room. Unless a mod merges it, after all. :)
    2. I didn't see any mention of high heel feet. Did I miss it?
    3. Someone should e-mail Junkyspot and ask about them. I don't know if they're available -- I just see what I see on the post.
    4. The high heeled feet seemed to be available as a gift when I asked Limhwa sculptor when I wanted to order from her. However, I'm not sure if she will include them for JunkySpot or not.
    5. Is limhwa human discountinued?? I need her ;__; with Heel feet xD
    6. Has anyone who ordered got an invoice or an acknowledgment of their order from Junky Spot yet?
      I hope my order got through...
    7. sahoma; Limhwa Human wasn't on the list, so I'm not sure if she's discontinued or not.

      Tatu; Nope, nobody's gotten an invoice yet, so you likely made it in. What did you order and what time did you order it?
    8. He's apparently still organising the orders, poor guy. xD Had a load of them come in.

      I was just enquiring about a Limhwa Tanned Mono. I might end up waiting for his stock to come in though, since I'm not sure if I'd want faceup or without until I can see good photos of his general faceup. The one on the now defunct Limhwa.com has very orange lips. >:
    9. If you go to the Mono Database, there's a few boys in there with the default face-up. It does look fairly orange to me, though.
    10. Mmm, it does. I'm just curious as to if it's changed since becoming EOSDoll, that's all.

      I'll probably end up going for non-faceup but I pretty much just missed putting in an order. D: (Found out yesterday about it, got approved on the forum today.)
    11. I'm not on Junkyspot's forum. I just sent an e-mail to the address for my order. I'd go without face-up, were I you (maybe send in an order, anyway, and ask if its too late? Nobody's been got back to yet, so maybe you'll slip under the line.) because even though it's a 'new company', it's still the same artist doing them, you know? So I bet that's not bound to change much at all.
    12. Splynterhayde, I ordered a Leda in normal beige urethane without a face -up. I figured I could probably order the high heeled feet later if needed.

      I've been checking my e-mail every couple of hours because I want to be prompt about paying the deposit!
    13. Haha, ditto for me. Join us in the waiting room. :)
    14. I personally do not like the Limhwa face ups. They are too "glittery" for my taste so I ordered mine without a face up. I can't show the picture of someone who has a Mono (their rules) but I can tell you that the colors do seem a bit orange. Could be the camera of the owner -- could not.
    15. BIG NOTICE:

      You can get your current dolls (girls) on the new EOS body. Only normal skin and white skin though. That is, I could get my half elf on the new, double jointed body. This is something for all of you to consider if you're getting a half elf or other SD lady.

      Sorry about double posting. I could have sworn someone had posted after me. :(
    16. I'm also not a fan of the artist's faceups because the eyberows normally get painted on so low, making his face look more squished (and chubbier) than it really is. But I agree; I've never seen one in person, but I've been researching Monos for the past month, and all the default boys' face-ups, especially the tan ones, look orangey to me. :)
    17. Well, that's great to know!
    18. I've been a fan of Limwha for a good while, but I've had my head under a rock, so I didn't know about the issues with Dollfair...

      I'll also be one of the people quietly hoping for Half-Elf to come back to us! She was a real stunner.

      That said, the new girls are wonderful! Unfortunately the website isn't working for me, but the Flikr photos certainly do make me curious.

      Can't wait to see more!

      - Lauren :D
    19. Maybe you can order in the next JunkySpot order, Lauren. :)
    20. So I forgot that in ordering that new, busty body I will probably have a hard time finding clothing for my girl for when I get too lazy to sew my own designs. Seeing as she's very similar to Iplehouse SID are there any places that would sell clothes for the more curvacious, mature girls?