EOSdoll (formerly Limhwa) Discussion.

May 29, 2011

    1. @ dollsoflace

      Have you try Dollmore? They do have clothes for their Model girls which are more bustier and curvier I believe.. :3
    2. Maybe Dollmore since they have those large-busted model dolls.

      edit: Lol, Dreamer, you beat me to it!
    3. Any word yet on when she will be releasing the new doll? Also---what is the price range??

      Just want to make sure I have enough $$ for when they go on sale:)
    4. Limhwa's EOS Flicker account has the measurements & some posing pics up of the new body!

      Here's the measurements:
      * Height : 60.5 cm
      * Head : 19 cm (eos), 21cm (Nina)
      * Neck : 10cm
      * Circumference of chest : 27.5cm
      * Width of shoulder : 12.5 cm
      * Waist : 18 cm
      * Circumference of pelvis : 28.5 cm
      * From waist to tiptoe : 39 cm
      * Circumference of thigh : 17 cm
      * Length of foot : 7.2 cm
      * Eyes = 10~ 12mm
      * Wig =7~8 , 8~9 inch

      ...and for comparison, the old Limhwa 57cm beauties:
      * Height : 57cm
      * Elf head circumference: 21.5 cm
      * Human head circumference: 23 cm
      * Neck circumference: 10 cm
      * Breast circumference: 24.8cm
      * Waist : 17 cm
      * Hips: 26 cm
      * Shoulder to wrist:18cm
      * Leg length:30 cm
      * Feet : 6.8cm

      The new girls are really close to the measurements of Fairyland's F65 Chloe & Iple's SID girls, so you're pretty safe with getting Iple items for sure! My F65 Chloe fits wonderfully in a pair of Dollmore Model F Leather Pants in every way but the length, but I just tuck that part in the pant's leg...no biggie :)
    5. I totally forgot about Dollmore! Thanks... haha, I've done a lot of window shopping for dolls for years but this will be my first girl so I want to get it right. :)

      XD I have to admit I am nervous about the new body's bust. I'm a small busted girl and have never really liked big busted dolls but I couldn't pass up the opportunity to get the new body. It looks like it poses wonderfully, is absolutely gorgeous -- and double jointed + no need to worry about resin match. And I'm more than sure Half Elf head will look perfect for it.

      Since I bought my Half Elf with the Eos body, I had to pay the Eosdoll price; $520 normal / white skin only (no tan option.)

      I always LOVED Chloe but didn't want a full elf eared doll so I never jumped ship with her. However, she is absolutely gorgeous. Thanks for the tip about the length. :D
    6. Oh my goodness! I can't wait to see a Half Elf on the new body! :D
    7. I think she will look good as she is slightly larger than Nina so I am excited! I worried (and still am a bit) that the body seemed too mature for the Half Elf face but over all I'm pretty sure I'll be okay with bonding with her. In a way, having to deal with a skinny doll when I am skinny is like beating myself up twice. I don't want my doll to inherit my insecurities. :P

      The only disappointment is that I wanted her in tan. Ultimately, all the horror stories I've read over the old body and posing kept me from choosing the old body. I also thought about future parts replacements. What if a hand broke? Limhwa tan resin batches are really SO varied that I doubt I'd be able to get a replacement to match whatever color mine would have come out with... it just didn't seem like a wise move for a first doll. I want to play with her and experiment; posing, different hands, feet, etc. (Normal skin is also more versatile as far as what colors look good, etc.)

      Don't you worry -- if no one gets her with the new body before I do, I plan to post lots and lots of pictures of that new body.

      I thought it would be beneficial to post this here to all of you who missed the pre-order period for Limhwa dolls from JunkySpot. From JS official Facebook page:

    8. where do i order the new limhwa?
    9. In the US, from The Junky Spot. I don't know if he has them listed on the site yet, but the info is earlier on in this thread -- I think there was mention of another preorder going out soon. :)
    10. Guuuuuuys, my non-Junky Spot Mono is -stuck-, you guys! :(

      At least he won't be carted back to Australia if no mail is moving at all, but he's stuck in the same city as myself and I can't even go get him! Boo! :(
    11. I heard. I would be pulling my hair out. That sucks!

      - - -

      Do any of you know what eye size is best for Half Elf? I'm looking for eyes that are realistic (more whites) but am not sure what size to order...
    12. dollsoflace: What horror stories have you heard about the old 57cm body?:?

      I'm curious because I want to order a Limhwa Luna and would be interested to hear of any problems inherent to the old body.
    13. I had a half-elf with the old body and although it looked lovely I found it a horror to pose even when sueded so I sold her but now the new body is out I hope to order her again with that body later in the year as I think she was one of the most beautiful dolls I ever owned.
    14. The body isn't too bad, but she is the worst poser I have (Luna). I need to suede her torso, and maybe get her hip pieces sanded down so she can sit better, but other then that, I love the old body...it's so beautiful!

      Right now, my girl is just a sexy standing girl, but she's great at holding her legs wherever I put them...she does has a tendency to lean to the right (suedeing should fix that if I ever get around to doing it), and she likes to stick her butt out. However, her main squeeze is usually standing behind her, so I can totally understand her wanting to show off her assets ;)
    15. Yeah. Mostly it is the posing. I have talked to a lot of owners who say there isn't even a significant improvement after doing the good ol' suede treatment. And I really need a doll who can pose with more ease... Especially since she will be my first resin girl. I also thought that the Half Elf head looked a little big on the old body and imagine would look just right on the new one. I'm usually of the smaller head preference in contrast to body.

      The new body is also double jointed and yet gorgeous. Not a lot of double jointed bodies out there are that beautiful. (Iplehouse is the only other one imo)
    16. I just found a tutorial on here somewhere that helps to modify dolls who have posing issues! I'll post it when I find the link, again! :)

      Lacey: All I'm hoping for, honestly, is a quick resolution to the Canada Post situation. I'd love him to be here before the 7th, since my friend chienism is coming with her mature minis and would love to do some more comparison photos! D:
    17. Whoot! Thanks :)

      Sorry to hear about your Mono, Splynterhayde
    18. It's okay. I'm confident he can't really GO anywhere, so I may as well just sit tight and wait for him. Hopefully, when his twin from JunkySpot arrives, we won't have this problem.

      Still looking for the tutorial. I'll post it in this post when I find it as an 'edit'. :)
    19. Any release dates been posted for the new body/ girl yet????
    20. I want to know too.
      It's very tempting to order from the Dutch site but for u.s. customers those pounds almost double the cost of the doll.
      Does anyone know when Junkyspot will be taking orders for the new EOS?