Ever Been To A BJD Convention?

Nov 8, 2017

    1. I'd love to one day! :chibi Eagerly waiting for one near-ish CT...
    2. I've been to a LOT of bjd events and conventions.

      San Diego BJD Con-- This year will be the 9th Annual con. I've been to all of them. It's one day, around 100 to 200 people, was 2 days once several years ago. Known for elaborate sets and dioramas with different themes, also sellers tables, gifts and door prizes, special guests (had Volks in the past--with a Volks doll as a prize for the Costume Contest). Held in Nov/Dec usually. Reasonable price at the door (around $20) includes snacks and drinks and contests and gifts. I live within driving distance, so no travel or hotel expenses for me.

      Volks L.A. Dollpa-- I have been to all 3 of these (2007, 2015, 2017), plus the Volks L.A. Mansion Parties (2006 Tea Party, Halloween Party). Usually one day, the latest one was one and a half days. These are great to see the lovely displays--Volks does an amazing job of presenting their gorgeous dolls and in-person is miles better than any photos with Volks dolls. Their One-Offs are always incredible to see, too. They usually throw a fantastic Tea Party. Gifts and prizes, including dolls given away. This last time I was able to get the Dolly Doctor to look at my ten year old doll--and she got strings tightened and restrung for free. Many people travel to Volks events, so it's great to see people from all over the country (200 to 400 people). Note: Volks only allows Volks dolls at their events, and so far has limited sales space only to Volks and their associated sellers (The first L.A. Dollpa in '07 had sellers tables sellers... but not for selling other dolls). I live within driving distance, so no travel or hotel expenses for me.

      Dollism Plus US -- Buffalo, NY, 2014. Amazing full bjd con, multiple days, over 300 people, sellers from all over with strong representation from Asian BJD companies, competitions, doll photo op displays, panels, room sales, swap meets, food events, pretty much everything you'd want. I LOVED getting to meet other doll collectors--people I've heard of on DoA for years. I LOVED getting to meet the doll-makers and the clothes makers and shopping in the Sellers Room and hearing from people running panels. There were faceup demos and all kinds of information. The room sales were incredible--piles and piles of doll items for sale in tons of rooms on multiple floors and then during swap meets in large rooms around the hotel. It really was a bjd paradise!

      The Korean BJD Show
      (KBJD Show)-- Los Angeles, CA 2014. Smaller than Dollism, but a truly incredible show, with tons of Korean BJD companies and US artists, and TONS of One-Off dolls, and 2 banquets. Amazing Sellers room with major companies and domestic sellers. Some of the best demos by famous artists and companies. So many gifts!!! I got several heads and free Oscar Eyes and so many wonderful things. Also went crazy and bought 2 One-Offs... and wished I'd been able to get more! This show was under-attended, which was a shame. It was simply one of the highlights of my bjd life (and I've been actively in bjds since 2004), along with Dollism Plus... sometimes you have to make the effort to hit events because they may never happen again, and regret is a bad thing to live with. Like Dollism Plus US, this should have been an on-going event, but for various reasons was a one-off itself.

      Austin BJD Con -- Austin, TX. I went in 2012 when it was every other year, now it's annual (EDIT--Looks like it's now every other year--next one in 2019) . This is a full multi-day con, with large sellers room, banquet, gifts, prizes, contests, panels, etc. Sellers room is open to public one day. It tends to feature non-Asian-style BJDs, and more MSD sizes, but still has plenty for all. Usually has 200-300 people. Lovely diorama for the Banquet. I haven't been back, but it's worth traveling to.

      Central California BJD Con -- 2010 in Fresno and 2012 in Marin only. 2 day con, small (100 people or less), but nice-- with banquet, TONS of door-prizes (I won a tiny full-set doll at the first one), great seller's room, contests. I really enjoyed both of these. I could drive, but had to get rooms to stay because it was too far away.


      I only went to local events when I was newly into BJDs because they sucked up all my available money. But after a while I was curious to see different dolls and different items and to experience more bjd experiences, so conventions have been AMAZING. I love going to cons anyway, so it's like a special holiday for me. I have traveled to them on my own--it is possible to find room-mates on DoA. I have also traveled with friends. It's possible to do, like bjds are possible to do, if you want to do it and if you can try and save up money. I have missed some of the big old-and-gone cons... I'm very curious about the smaller ones popping up around the country. I hope people support them and help more to grow. They are not for everyone, but they are a lot of fun for people who think they would enjoy them.
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    3. Has anyone been to Doll-a-kon in Dallas texas? I'm hoping to go next year if it's around. :)
    4. Was supposed to go this year but things happen so hopefully bext year with my awesime bjd friends . <3
    5. I wanted to go to one actually. If I knew where there was one in Austin, TX.
    6. The Austin BJDC seems as if it won't be held again until 2019---
      July 25-27, 2019, Austin, Texas

      Website: BJDC 2019
      But info pretty sparse so far.
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    7. Yep ! I have been to Ldoll and Dolls Rendez-Vous Paris in France ! This conventions are really cool and fun ! There a lot of nice people and so many beautiful BJD ... <3
    8. I really wanted to go to the Green Dolly Day doll event in Barcelona back in June 3, 2017, but couldn't get anyone to go with me :/ Same with Ldoll, and I don't like traveling alone ;(
    9. Yes, and it was decidedly underwhelming *shrug* If it hadn't been for the anime convention that was going on parallel to it, it would not have been worth the trip, in my opinion.
    10. I have never been to a convention for any of my interests sadly. As much as going to a BJD con would be cool, I can't imagine it actually happening. I'm too afraid of people and leaving my safety bubble to be around that many people, even with shared interests.
    11. I went to Dollectable in 2008 and I bought so much stuff. Pretty much just lived in the vendor's hall. A friend I went with won a doll. Good times. :D

      I don't even know if Dollectable is still going? I vaguely remember it left Californa... for Texas? Maybe? *feels old*
    12. Yes! I go every year. I believe it should be happening this year, too. It's a part of A-Kon, and your A-Kon membership also includes a Doll A-Kon membership. It's amazing to see how much it's grown over the years. Last year, I met people who traveled out of state JUST for Doll A-Kon. A-Kon was a bonus con for them. It's really fun, and I'm excited to hit up the market room again this summer. :XD: You can never have too many tiny dresses.
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    13. Dying to go to one...hopefully this year!!
    14. Man i wish that hobby was more mainstream so that way there was more conventions.
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    15. It's getting there, but might never be THAT mainstream. It's like many fandoms where you really are going to have to travel if you're hardcore into it enough. Many years it was only the San Diego Comic Con, if you wanted that, or AnimeExpo, or Confurence, or Blizzcon, or whatever you're into.

      That we have some cons that are worth traveling to is something... Although I'm not sure which are worth traveling to these days! Some are best if you're local or have other reasons to be in the area... I do try and get to ones I know will be worth it, like the one-time Dollism Plus US... But it's hard to tell if it's worth it to go to smaller cons. If there's a lot of dealers I want to check out, that would be a plus!

      One way to make a trip worthwhile is to stay and do some sight-seeing, so I will sort of make a bjd con into my vacation/holiday. So even if the con isn't amazing, it's still fun to travel and see a new place!
    16. I want to go to Doll North, but I have only been to the small con in the STL area a few times. I had to look up the STL community on fb. I actually met some of the members at an anime convention and they helped point me in the right direction. There is an active group in the KC area too with meet ups which is nice to hang out with doll people too.
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    17. I've been to Resin Rose in the Portland OR area and it's a great little con! Lots of fun raffles and it's non-profit; proceeds go to charity. It's a smallish con but I've met some really great people and had a LOT of fun!
    18. I've only ever been going to Doll North, which I found overwhelming before I joined the hobby (and a little intimidating too) but then I took the plunge last year and bought a doll to bring. It was a lot more fun when I could appreciate what people are selling and find things for my resinkids.
    19. I am a few years late to the hobby. I wish they would have another convention in buffalo, ny. That's where I am from. Seems to be not much around here.
    20. UH HELLO @Glitt3rGalaxy
      I am also from Buffalo. >>
      Hit me up, and join the local community! :P

      Edit: To be fair, we have stuff going around/on. And are currently working on a summer BBQ every year-- last year was the first and I'm trying to expand it /chairman/ LOL