Ever Been To A BJD Convention?

Nov 8, 2017

    1. I am from the Syracuse area...would like to meet people relatively nearvme!
    2. I haven't been to a doll con before but I have met fellow bjd owners at otakon before. I hope I can go to one eventually though!
    3. Wow, it seems like so many amazing BJD events in USA I didn’t know. I’m planning to go to this year’s Volks Dollpa in LA, this will be my first BJD event. Look forward to attend other event near me though.
    4. I didn't know about these Volks L.A. Dollparties but I did click on something on Facebook that Volks is doing at Anime Expo this July 5th - 8th.

      "VOLKS USA, INC. is proud to announce that we will be once again be participating in North America's BIGGEST Anime and Japanese Culture Convention, ANIME EXPO 2018!

      We are are planning to have events linked with the Dollfie® 20th Anniversary Project at this event too!"
    5. Volks USA does make appearances and participate in various cons and events.

      They had an announcement about pulling out of another even---
      They've been at the San Diego BJD Con in the past, and at the San Diego Comic Con BJD panel...

      It means they may have a booth (seems like that for A/X), or may just send reps (like for Comic Con). The Dollpas are fully organized all-Volks events.
    6. I've been to a few in Tokyo. They were really more like marketplaces than what Americans think of as a con but with a room/designated area where you were allowed to take pictures (there's a lot of strict rules about public photography in Japan so all events are like this, not just doll events). I really enjoy them but I'd like to go to one in the US too just to be able to see the differences.
    7. I think they are bigger (as far as attendees) in Japan? Yes, conventions in the US can be different, but even in the US there is a huge variation. Maybe AnimeExpo or ComicCon is similar as far as crowds and huge sellers hall? But those also have the other things going on, like costume contests and panels and other programming... not just sales.

      The Volks Dolpa (I keep spelling that with an extra L) in L.A. is still a bit new--only 2 so far--so they have been small. I'm not counting the one in '07... it was too long ago. They are still pretty limited. A few Volks presentations/panels, the Sales Room with Volks items (and some affiliated items), the Dolly Doctor, and the Tea Party (banquet) with One-Offs and Gifts... Because they are smaller, I've heard it's better Gift and One-Off odds of winning... but I don't know. Hopefully there will be more regular Dolpas here, so they will be larger and with more things going on. Then it'd be worth the visit. Although, hey--come to see the other sights in S. CA and hit a Dolpa--that's definitely worth a trip! :kitty1

      Photos--not as restrictive here. There are photo areas set up for us, but we take photos everywhere... But there are some spots we can't (can't remember which off-hand)... It used to not be allowed in the now closed Volks L.A. Store, I know that...
    8. Are the LA cons big? Do a lot of people attend? I want to go to my first one this year
    9. Not so big... The one way back in '07 was several hundred or more, I think? But there was a big gap... '15 was small because the space was limited, so many people couldn't even get into the Tea Party--it was just a one-day event with a small Volks shop. They skipped a year... then had one last year in '17 with more room for the Tea Party portion and a few events on the previous day (some DD and other panels... maybe 2 in the afternoon? With some sales?), then the Sales Room, Dolly Dr., and Tea Party--with Costume Contest-- the next day. It was still on the small side-- maybe 100 attendees? (It's hard to get exact figures... but attendance interests me... We noted that the price ticket numbers went up into the 80s--which isn't the most scientific way to figure it.)

      Hopefully, there will be more and bigger L.A. Dolpas, though! There have been other bjd cons that are larger with more vendors and events, but for Volks fans, the L.A. Dolpas are pretty cool--to see the beautiful One-Offs and latest dolls and items and the Charity Doll for Make A Wish, and some of the Shigeta family who are very sincere about their dolls and appreciating their customers.
    10. I haven't been to one yet but I'm planning on going to PNWBJD Convention in April. I'm excited and kinda nervous!
    11. Newer to these boards..where do I find the community to sign up?


      When is the next dolls plus?
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    12. Hi Jillybeans57-- Are you from teh buffalo area too? If so, send me aprivate PM. Theres no 'communities' on DOA unfortunately. :)

      And sadly there is no state-side Dollism plus set up :( I wish there was!
    13. I went to Volks Dolls Party in Tokyo a few years ago now - back in 2014 ^_^; It was amazing, but also super disappointing. I loved being able to see everything there and getting the chance to buy accessorizes and outfits that I'd never seen or heard of before.

      The major disappointment for me as the lottery system; I managed to draw a good ticket (like 111th in the queue I think, which after undrawn numbers meant I was in the first 80 or so in the queue allowed to buy a doll). Unfortunately, they sold out of my first and second choice Dollfie Dream girls just a handful of people in front of me in the queue T_T Completely heartbroken, as I'd changed my flights to arrive in time for the event :(

      I think I'd go again for the atmosphere/ for fun and to see other beautiful dolls, but I'd go 100% not planning or hoping to buy anything in particular, least it taint the experience for me again.

      Does anyone know of any good events in the UK or EU? The only ones I've heard of outside of Japan/Asia and the odd tiny meet rather than con are the Dolls Party events in the US.
    14. In West Virginia, the only conventions are for guns. No BJD convention, not even close. I've never been to one (or gun convention for that matter) but plan to go to the one in St. Louis in April.
    15. Check in the Community/Conventions for bjd convention news. L-Doll in France just announced they will be on again this year (I am wondering if I can go and I live in California--most of the time you have to commit to traveling if you wish to attend conventions).

      Check in Meetups for local meets--those are good for seeing other dolls and getting to know owners in your area (and for not worrying about traveling great distances). Some of these can grow into bigger events if your group is very good at organizing.
    16. You can always check out Tsubasacon in Huntington! It's usually October I think. It's an anime convention, but sometimes there are doll people there.
    17. Ok cool thanks, will definitely check that out. Sounds good, even if doll stuff is limited.
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    18. I hope to go to Ldoll (Lyon - France) this year:cheer
    19. i have go to dollpaca thailand 2 times. Loves go there ^^ plan go to dollism plus this year
    20. I'm not aware of any bjd conventions here in Brasil, but I really want to go to a Dolly convention . From the experience I got with geek conventions It would be a blast to meet the artists and find some gems - both Dolls and clothes.