Ever Been To A BJD Convention?

Nov 8, 2017

    1. I haven't been to one yet. The reason being that barely anyone in the hobby and community live in NC. I'm hoping I can go to one this year.
    2. I have been on the last Dolliverse, Nijmegen, the Netherlands, 2014. Thats the only one i ever been.
    3. I went to Dolpa in Tokyo in 2011. It was incredible! So many vendors.
    4. Going to my first one this August, the Resin Rose expo in Oregon. Should be interesting!
    5. I'll be going to my first one this year, and it'll be Resin Rose Expo as well! :D I'm prettty excited! :D
    6. This year is the year I got my doll so I've been to this year's Doll Show Thailand and Dolltopia (in Thailand). It was fantastic! I was very happy and almost cried when I saw so many lovelies being displayed. I love seeing people holding their dolls in arms and talking, choosing stuff for their dolls, and so on. I got my first doll by making an order directly from the company, and I got my second doll from Dolltopia yesterday! I am still thrilled that I have my little boy in arms without having to wait at all! :D
    7. I've met a few people at the NY Comicon before, but never anything specific to BJDs. Would love to go to one though, already have plans in mind for a booth and so much more!
    8. I just found it on Facebook and have requested an invite. Is it the Portland Oregon Sunday Meetup Group?
    9. Wish I could, the UK scene is quite sparse, especially for people in my age range... :...(
    10. I recently attended PNW and it was really fun! I don't know what I was expecting, but the event was overall very quiet - at least in comparison to the anime convention I'd attended earlier in the year. I don't know any other doll-people around where I live, so it was really cool seeing everyone's dolls all in one area! And that mutual understanding that yes, I paid a few hundred dollars for this doll and yes, I think it's worth it. I mostly saw people carrying their dolls around, changing their clothes, but also posing them in the contest dioramas. That was one thing I loved. I don't have a lot of room for a diorama, so I was glad to have the opportunity to take interesting photos of my doll!

      I was a little nervous about not knowing anyone, but my non-doll friend (who is very supportive of all my dolly plans) came with me, so it wasn't too bad! It was neat to meet people and follow each other in Instagram - I'm hoping to run into people I met there at future conventions.
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    11. I have not been to a bjd convention.
      I hope to in the near future. I think it would be fun and educational.
      I go to anime conventions with some bjds panels.
    12. I haven't and honestly I didn't think there was one here, but I Googled and evidently there was a one day convention exactly one month ago. I'll have to pay attention next year.
    13. Sadly no. But I want to go to the nect LDoll. But I take my doll to usal anime conventions too.
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    14. I would love to go to one but sadly where I live there isn't any! A lot of the ones that happen are in bigger cities . I hope they become a bit more popular so I have a chance to go one year!
    15. I wish I could but I work pretty much every day and I don't know if it's worth taking my vacation time to go.
    16. I have been to LDoll last year and it was awesome! Can't wait for the next one! So many nice people and so many wonderful dolls! Next time I plan on bringing a doll with me and go on the hunt for clothes! I would love to attend a convention in Japan or Russia, but I would have to travel on my own again and I don't speak the lsnguages... also I have never been to one of those countries before, so I am a bit afraid of just doing it. Maybe I find some doll friends one day, that also like to attend conventions
    17. I went to one in Hong kong and Shenzhen! The Hong kong one is so crowded......I brought some eyes form Mako, ED, etc. and some clothes from Freedom teller. I hope I can go to the LA one next time~
    18. I want to go to a doll convention so badly but theres none nearby. The closest is 4 hours away in Toronto lol
    19. I went to Doll North this year, when I still lived in Michigan. Drove five hours to get there, hung out, went to a tea party event and a panel, then drove five hours back all in the same day. Wasn't my most thought out plan. I loved it, though. It was how I found out I love SDs.
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