Fairyland Fantasy Art Line (Part 1)

Aug 3, 2016

    1. Amen to that. I have two hippogriffs who still aren't blushed. I'm terrified to send them away and I don't even know where to begin to do it myself. One of these days I'll get up the courage to send them out for a spa treatment. I keep telling myself I will. Thankfully they actually are quite pretty even without blushing. But seeing the blushed ones does make me want to hurry up and get them painted.
    2. I've finally got a plan and all the colors for mine here, but I need to finish the doll I have in pieces first, and I've been terrible about that... I got motivated to make the plan, at least, by seeing other people's all done, though, so hopefully I can take that and push through the nervousness about unstringing.
    3. I did Stormwing's blushing without unstringing him - and managed to not stick any of his joints together. Not too bad for a first try:

      [​IMG]Stormwing by Beth Simmons, on Flickr
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    4. His wings are fantastic! Do you have more pictures of him? :)

      My Rus (still looking for a name) is WS and I'm blushing him/her in the style of a lilac breasted roller, so unfortunately I don't think I can get away with skipping the unstringing. My plan is to take a lot of notes and photos while doing the unstringing. And possibly to do it in sections so I don't have to have everything in pieces for very long!
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    5. You all need to blush your hippogriffs! :D May I give you a bit of inspiration perhaps? ;)

      Painted hippogriff
      by Akara, on Flickr
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    6. Oh well done Beth! Stormwing looks very handsome (I'm assuming yours is a boy). :thumbup

      Yeah, yeah, I know I need to pull my finger out and get blushing, all in good time Akara. :)
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    7. Haha, if/when you do get it blushed, you have to show us @Xanadu Dolls :D What resin color is yours by the way?

      More pictures! Lana together with my friend's purple hippogriff when I worked on the body blush for her ~
      Painting the wings
      by Akara, on Flickr

      I liked her a lot even before the blush(the sculpted fur/feathers are really nice), but I must say, having her painted is great. She's gotten much more attention now that she's blushed.

      I do however miss her little white paws though, she was adorable with them but I sold the extra pair of bunny legs I had so she'll have to have her bird feet now :/
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    8. I finally managed to blush my hippogriff. Thule is a hippogriff from the far North, that's why he's icy color. How do you like the result?

      [​IMG]Thule by spih_2, on Flickr
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    9. New Fantasy Art Line. Coming Soon

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    10. Well that's not good. D:

      @spih Thule is quite lovely. I love that shade of blue!
    11. I love the little Realfee girl! What kind of creature is she? I wonder what her price will be. :D
    12. Oh, I think I'm safe! If this one had been a cat (or more cat-like), I would have been done for, especially with those paws! But I think I can resist this release, as lovely as it is, and hold out for a cat RLF or FAL like I really want. :eusa_pray
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    13. I feel safe but that picture is incredibly cute. She's so carefree and happy.
    14. Oh my WORD that gryphon. <3 I was hoping they'd re-release Rus some day, but this is even cuter! :D

      I wonder how much it will be?
    15. Ohhhh nooooooo! Just when I had a handle on my BJD's!! Fairyland what are you doing to me and my wallet!! :...(

      I bought the violet, and I know I should blush the darn beast, but I have been so darn busy with other things and I haven't really been in the mood for blushing.
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    16. The griffins are up on DDE. :(

      Will anyone be getting one of them?
    17. So they are. :D I really, really want one. Get paid this Friday... hopefully I get to order!
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    18. I just found out I will be able to get one! :dance

      But I don't know which color to pick: agra tan or pink? I really, really love the agra tan on Cookie and love how FL painted their griffin. At the same time, the pink looks really nice and may be a bit more versatile than the agra tan?
    19. I have a fullset pink griffin on order!

      I was also torn between pink and agra tan, but I do think the pink will be easier to blush/paint. And I love how the pink hippogriffs I've seen have come out.
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