Fairyland Fantasy Art Line (Part 1)

Aug 3, 2016

    1. Just placed my order! I went with Agra tan. While pink was very tempting, I associate griffins with more earthy colors and I think it will work better with how I want to blush her.

      Though after looking through all the FL hippogriff pictures I could find, I think I would like to own a pink Rus someday.
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    2. I ordered a full set in plain white!
      Agra Tan is really tempting, because that way I could do a red-tailed hawk color scheme, but I have a gryphon OC who I've been drawing for ages, and she's black, grey and white.

      If I get a white base color, she'll also stylistically match my other doll when she's done. :3

      I did take Linden apart to blush him, but he's got nowhere near as many parts, nor did he come with a warning to not disassemble unless it's really necessary. I suppose I'll have to blush the griffin in one piece, then. That's going to be interesting.

      Edit: Order placed! :D One fullset in white will be coming my way!
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    3. So I see we have a pink, an Agra tan and a white on order from people. Anyone else ordering? I keep going back and forth about what I want to order. I already have one violet Rus and one Agra tan Rus already for my Haru and June...so now I decide which two will go with my Coco and Toki. I think I want to do pink for Coco and then I'm not sure. I keep debating because I don't think I want to repeat a color, but the Agra tan looks sooo good and I absolutely adore the violet resin and we so rarely see it. But a part of me says, no repeating allowed. They should all be different and I should get a white one. I wish they had also had mint as an option and this would have been an easy decision. Haha. One pink and one mint. But I just don't know what color Toki's guy should be. So I would love your input-go with white and have no repeat on any colors? Or opt for Agra tan or violet?
    4. @Meggethann If you are absolutely certain about not repeating colors, then you should go with pink and white :)
      From what I've seen they're both lovely colors. You can always trade for a different color if you end up not liking them. Good luck with making a decision! Let us know what you end up picking.

      After looking at some griffin pictures, I noticed that a lot of them have white heads with brown bodies. I actually want to see if mixing the head and body colors (not just white and agra tan, but maybe white and pink, pink and violet etc) would be an attractive option.
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    5. I'm definitely leaning towards the violet Griffin. But I'll have to wait until Friday before I pace any orders.
    6. Just jump in and want to know how many people like to order paws and how many like to order talons...
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    7. I'm definitely ordering paws since I got talons on my two Hippogriffs last time. Plus I think the paws are beyond precious. I will say I was a little disappointed when I saw the head though. I thought we were getting more a cat type creature and not another bird looking creature. I still think Ruca is absolutely adorable, but oh I would have loved a lion or cat type head to go with those paws. But Ruca is still cute. So yeah...I'm definitely getting paws since I've already got talons.

      Someone mentioned earlier how fun it would be to mix and match the resin colors. I think I just might after I receive my two Rucas. I'm pretty sure I'm opting for pink and white. I can mix and match with my violet Rus and my Agra tan Rus. Haha. Change out the heads, tails, wings, paws, talons...talk about silly! I can't wait!
    8. I got the talons. The paws are cute, but I wanted the more birdlike creature - bird's head, bird's wings, bird's feet!

      I'm delighted with the back paws, and having a winged lion or a sphinx to go with later would be great, but the talons really said 'gryphon' to me.
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    9. @snowman I absolutely love the paws. I'm definitely getting front and back.

      @Meggethann I feel the same way. More of a lion would've been great with the option for paws.
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    10. @snowman I went with paws as well. It looks like there's more poseability with them. I also didn't want my Ruca to look too similar to my Rus since they'd both be the same color.
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    11. Ah, I'm looking forward to seeing all the new dolls here! Especially the paw ones, the paws are so cute :3
    12. Im gonna be ordering a white ruka! The wings are going to go to a different doll tho. And hes going to be a hybrid based on Impossible Creatures, a white tiger combined with a cockatiel. :3
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    13. I just placed my order with DDE. A violet Ruca full set with lion paws front and back.

      I was wondering if the heads would be interchangeable between Rus and Ruca? That would be interesting to see.
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    14. I was wondering that too! I was also hoping Fairyland would post pictures of Ruca and Rus together...

      Maybe if enough people ask, they'll give us photos?
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    15. I hope. Since they advice not to take them apart fully. Changing heads would be cute with the different leg attachments.
    16. At least they should be interchangeable from the lower neck where the realfee body attaches when making a centaur. Though the head mechanisms look the same, it's hard to see if they are similar enough inside to change just the head part.
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    17. On fairylands blog you can see the sleeping face =)
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    18. 'Finally made up my mind and ordered the little gryphon as a companion for my hippogriff. (She's the agra tan, so I went with white for this guy)

      And... yeah. I'm guilty of having never worked up the nerve to blush Sky. Maybe having two feathery little monsters sitting there staring at me will finally convince me to get a move on with that. :lol:
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    19. do we have any blank pictures of ruca yet? i could've sworn i saw some but i can only find ones of rus?
      i wanted to start planning how im gonna blush mine. :0a
    20. Here you go...

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