Fairyland Fantasy Art Line (Part 1)

Aug 3, 2016

    1. Awesome! How is the posing compared to Rus?
    2. My Litchi arrived today! Have no time to try any other pose yet.... The room owner was demanding light off just after this photo. Sorry for the bad quality, it's already midnight and using my phone.
      Love those paws and delicate feathers <3

      [​IMG]CP/Fairyland Ruca Fullset Box opening 1 by hochfart, 於 Flickr
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    3. I just got an invoice from DDE. X.x I just paid them yesterday for another order...They couldn't have waited to ship them together? T.T
    4. My griffith is at DDE - along with the Cony who will be my chibi Bill Potts (Doctor Who.) Big dolly week coming up.....
    5. I got one here, not mine though but I have a bunch more pictures on my Flickr if you're interested ^w^

      Rus and Ruca Trade - Order arrival
      by Akara, on Flickr

      So cute, Lana, my hippogriff got paws now and the Ruca got the hippogriff body. I think they both looks so good with these bodies ~

      The lion paws are...a lot harder to pose than the hippogriff body. This is probably also due to how tightly strung the lion body is compared to the hippogriff. It seems everytime I get something new from Fairyland they've strung it even tighter >.< It's a bit frustrating because I know the lion body would pose so much better if it wasn't strung so tight. There are poses I want to o but literally can't pull off because of the tension in the strings :/

      The paws are like rounded underneath too, so it takes some practice to get Lana's new body to stand. I do absolutely love her new body though, it suits her so well! ^w^
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    6. The heads are swappable. That's good to finally see. I think Rus looks cuter with the lion body.
    7. Akara, very cute picture :drool:aheartbea
    8. They are SOOOO adorable
      (I absolutely regret not getting Ruca:...()
    9. They make a great pair!
    10. Yes, the structure is just the same. The only difference is the legs. The tail, wings and head can be freely swapped between the two bodies. The only thing is that the older pink body have yellowed a bit, and it's uneven >.< I have another doll that's in a pink tone and I think it might be that the pink resin, or any red resin gets yellowed pretty quickly. It' still a nice color, just less pink.

      Rus really suits the lion body with the more rounder shape and I think the Ruca head really looks pretty awesome on the hippogriff body. I'm so happy me and @meowzetta were able to trade! :whee:

      Rus and Ruca Trade - Order arrival
      by Akara, on Flickr
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    11. @Akara Lana's looking super cute on her new body! It is a shame about the posing though. Has anyone tried to restring a Rus or Ruca yet? If it's not too complicated maybe you can lessen the tension a bit?
    12. I don't think I've heard about anyone doing it yet but I definitely want to give it a try. First I'll do the trick of putting her in poses that will stretch the elastic and see if that helps. I was trying to put her back legs in a particular pose yesterday but because of the tension she couldn't do it >.<

      But yeah, if that doesn't work I'll definitely have to restring her I think. Should be fun to figure out how to do it :D (the strings for my fairyline centaur was cut because they were so tightly strung that PacificeBlue couldn't get the hooves off, so I'll most likely have to put her together too. I'm going to wait until I have her all done because I have a feeling the parts are somewhat similar so having Lana put together will be nice as a reference)

      Ooh and thank you @Riku LIN and @hsifalissa ! :whee:
    13. meowzetta, I did restring, when I blushed my Rus. It was little complicated, because string was very hard strained and very short. I changed string inside. I think maybe my Rus can't take pose good, but it will save him. In my opinion, FR makes very hard tension it can damage details.
    14. Yay! Congrats everyone! It's good to see all the Rucas coming in. Mine arrived at DDE today but I'm not ready to pay her off completely just yet.

      @Akara I really like Lana on the griffin body. I think I'll do the same with Cookie too. I looked through your pictures on Flickr and I loved every single one! it's a shame about the stringing though. Hopefully you'll be able to loosen it without completely restringing her.

      For those of you who have Rus and/or Ruca in different colors, would you be willing to swap their heads around? I'm mostly interested in white and Agra tan but would love to see any other color combination too!
    15. thanks!!
      ooohhh that pink is such a nice colour even yellowed.... a creamy pink is so cute....
      i like the brown you have, i was thinking of blushing mine with my favourite colours: pink, white, brown, and green, so we might end up with similar colour schemes.... good to know it looks great!
      im not sure if im looking forward to painting each feather by hand. :nowords:
      i love the hybriding you've done, the swaps look great!! :D especially the ruca omg....

      mines not gonna have a head because i'm combining it with my realfee coco, but i might keep on the lookout for a rus body... love those claws!

      i already think i want another ruca in a tan...
      but i still have two more moths of layaway on this order before i can even start to think about that. :P
    16. Storm is very tightly strung, too... And yeah, the lion paws just don't seem to pose as well as the hippogriff hooves and claws. They're not bad, really. But they are less forgiving. The thing that bothers me more are the "paw pads" on the underside that cause the paws to sit at a "toes up" angle rather than flat on a surface. That affects the little guy's stability.

      I was still able to get him to do this, though. (His wings aren't touching the surface he's standing on, for the record. He's balanced completely on his back paws-)


      Currently he's doing sort-of a sphinx pose with crossed from paws and folded wings, sitting on the corner of my living room side-table. So... plenty pose-able. Just not quite as easy to handle as Sky.
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    17. @Brightfires I love your Storm. It's great to see that the griffins can still do that pose even though it's a bit more difficult to achieve. I wonder why FL added the foot pads the way they did? Do you think sanding them down might help with that particular issue?
    18. Finally got Ruca home. I'm definitely in love. I wasn't sure how much I would like the head until I saw it in person. It's wonderful.

      @taixonay I think the footpads are mostly for the realistic detail. They look cute, but the toe beads seem a bit higher then the pad itself. I don't see why sanding wouldn't fix the issue. But the toe beads look like they are a different part of the foot holding the paw in place, kind of hard to explain without a picture though..
    19. Ah I see. If I take Lana apart I'll definitely use a longer string ~

      Oooh Cookie is so cute, I can't wait to see her with paws. I think the Ruca head looks so good on the hippogriff body too, I mean just look at how pretty @meowzetta 's Ruca looks now! :love The wings and just everything goes so well together ~

      I second that request, I'd love to see other color combinations!

      Rus and Ruca Trade - Order arrival
      by Akara, on Flickr

      Yes, it's still a super pretty color, at least in my opinion! I think with blushing it would be obvious at all ^w^
      Don't they? I love that we were able to do this swap, I'm super happy about it and I hope (and think) meowzetta is as well! :3 I'll be posting a box opening later as soon as I've sent meowzetta's Ruca. I want to focus on sending it off so she can play around with her cutie soon too! :whee:

      Storm is so cute! And yeah, I agree. It's not so bad but it's definitely a bit more tricky to get Lana to stand with her new paws but I definitely do not regret it one bit, she looks so cute with paws! :3

      I do think it would help. The tip of the paws are two peices though, so not sure how much you'd be able to sand but I think it could work to get it to be more stable.

      Rus and Ruca Trade - Order arrival

      If you follow that link and click on the image to enlarge it you can all see how the tip of the paws are made up of two peices. The inner peice hold the hook while the outer peice. You can also see it in this photo: https://farm5.staticflickr.com/4372/35897442394_c6994e3c05_h.jpg

      Congratulations on getting your Ruca! :)
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    20. @Akara That is a very strange way to do paws! I don't think I've ever seen it on anything else. I wonder if there's an advantage to casting the toe pads as a separate inner piece. I guess that's where the S hook goes but you could probably cast the toes as a single piece and have it work the same way. Not that I have much experience with this kind of stuff.