Fairyland Fantasy Art Line (Part 1)

Aug 3, 2016

    1. I think it's because they want to hide those holes (like the ones that are in the first version of the claws) :)
    2. @Akara Ahhh, that makes a lot of sense! I suppose they didn't have any way to hide it with the claws and hooves!

      I wonder if they're going to stick with bird-like creatures. It's a bit cliche but I'd really like to see a full pony based creature, like a unicorn or pegasus. They've already made one-half of one and they could reuse the Ruca body for a lion too!
    3. I really hope we get to see a pony of some sort, and I actually think we will considering we got a fairyline centaur :)

      I would assume they are working on one and possibly the mane would be the issue on a pony head. Like figuring out how they should do it ~
    4. I want them to do a little dragon. A pega-pony would be adorable too, though. XD
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    5. Seconding a dragon! Also, probably less likely, but I'd love to see FL's take on a chimera.
    6. A ceberus would be cool. A little bit more complicated, but it is the name of FL's sculptors. They might just think about the idea, lol.
    7. I may be the only one who ordered Ruca with talons in front....

      [​IMG]Stormwing and Moondancer by Beth Simmons, on Flickr

      I think her name will be Moondancer, in honor of yesterday's eclipse I didn't pick her up until today, but she arrived on Aug. 21st, I don't remember how tightly strung Stormwing was when he arrived; but her stringing does seem quite snug. She poses beautifully, though.

      It's so humid here that it's almost impossible to breathe, much less spray sealant, so any painting will have to wait until the weekend. And now we have severe storm warnings one after the other and heading this way....
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    8. Aaaah a dragon would be really cool and a ceberus too! *w*

      And congratulations @LadyMadrigal on the arrival! Nice to see another pink one! :)

      Lana was just sleeping today, all day! :roll:

      by Akara, on Flickr
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    9. So do I, and I deeply regret not getting Ruca.
    10. @MayBea, keep an eye on Denver Doll Emporium's facebook page especially in the next month or so. Sometimes people don't finish their layaways, so the dolls go back for sale. Last year DDE had quite a few Ruses available after the ordering period was over, so I think something similar will happen with Ruca.

      Awww Lana!!!! <3 <3 <3 I wish I could sleep all day! :T
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    12. I got my Rus from DDE after the ordering period was over -I would bet they'll have Ruca available, too.
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    13. That is some good news. I think that a Rus head with Ruca's body would be the cutest griffin ever, a perfect creature.
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    14. I love those lions pows !!! Look amazing!!! I
    15. My girl arrived from DDE sooner than I expected!

      I'd planned a blue and grey color scheme for her, but after looking at her for a while, I think my plans are going to have to change. I'm thinking something iridescent, maybe? She's just so cheerful, I can't use the plan I already had for her. xD


      She is entirely capable of standing on her forepaws unassisted.

      I may end up making her some magnetic ears. What a total sweetie. I'm blown away by this doll.
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    16. @MayBea: DDE DDE has some fullsets listed now!

      Did anyone ever buy Ruca or Rus as basic dolls? I've only ever seen fullsets.:?

      @redsixwing I can't wait to see what you do with your girl. The posing on these guys is amazing.
    17. I wanted the wings, so a fullset it is :D

      Was talking with SixSpouse about what to do with her, and gyrfalcon coloration came up. The idea's sort of stuck in my head - I may have to do that!
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    18. I think that's just if you don't want the wings...and most people want the wings with their art line so most people buy the fullsets ^w^

      Lana got some more time outside last week! :D

      by Akara, on Flickr
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    19. I got my Rus as a fullest.
      Thanks for the heads-up, taixonay! I checked last night, and may purchase the white one on DDE's lay-away plan.
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    20. I know most people get the fullset for the wings, but I was wondering if anyone had bought the basic doll. Even without wings Ruca and Rus are really cute and the basic option is a bit more affordable.

      I got fullsets for both releases but I usually play and pose Cookie without her wings. Depending on what the next fantasy creature is for next year I might skip the fullset and just get the basic, especially if the wings are still compatible. (That'll also be one less thing to paint:sigh)

      @redsixwing That's an awesome idea!