Fairyland Fantasy Art Line (Part 1)

Aug 3, 2016

    1. Oh, I could cry! I went to DDE to get the white Ruca with the lion paws, and she was gone!
    2. @redsixwing Oooh that's a cool pattern! I bet it would be lovely on a Ruca!

      @taixonay I honestly don't think I'll use wings on Lana from now on. I'm thinking of cleaning the blushing off them and use them for one of my littlefees instead :D

      I'm getting a centaur, like the fairyline sized one, and I opted to not get wings with it because I didn't use wings on Lana that often. I like the looks of the wings, they're really super pretty but eh, in photos I sometimes feel like they cover too much of the body or they are so widly spread that the rest of the image just loose focus because the wings take up half of the photo :sweat

      @MayBea Oh no! :<
    3. @Akara I think the wings work really well for dynamic poses and you can do some creative stuff with them. I agree with you though, they do take up a lot of space and a lot of times take away from the doll if you're going for something simpler in the photo.
    4. Yeah I agree @taixonay , for special shots I'll definitley use wings on Lana, but for the most part she's going to be wing-less for sure ^w^ The wings are really pretty though, and I have to say I was surprised to see that the wings were so different between Ruca and Rus. It's nice to see, but I wasn't expecting it :)
    5. I never looked closely enough to notice they were different! (I only have Rus, though I do love Ruca's little lion feet.) Now I'll have to take closer looks at their photos...
    6. I thought I would share a photo of my griffin. New eyes are definitely needed but otherwise I'm pretty happy with how he turned out.

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    7. @scripple, he's really cute. Does he have a name yet?
    8. @taixonay Thanks. No he doesn't have a name yet as I'm terrible with names. He'll get one eventually though.

      Here's another photo with a less dynamic pose but shows his colors a bit better. This was my first time blushing a doll.

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    9. he looks great! I love his eye liner and the shading on his toes
    10. Thank you. I wanted to bring in some actual eagle like colors in the beak and talons.
    11. Oh, how cute! The eyeliner looks really good, and I like the contrasty talons.

      Edit: has anyone unstrung one of these lovelies yet? I want to take mine apart for painting, but am nervous about it.
    12. @redsixwing thanks on the eyeliner and talons.

      I partially unstrung mine, just the three pieces that make up the neck. I added kips to improve the ability to hold more poses as I felt the neck was the weakest part in that regard. The stringing is a bit unusual (in my limited experience) but not too bad as long as you use a ribbon to pull the elastic through where it needs to be.

      I considered undoing the legs but they were tight enough to be too annoying to bother and honestly if I had painted any of the areas exposed by unstringing it that paint would likely just chip off. Already there is chipping of the areas I could get to with it strung.
    13. @scripple thanks - I'll try to find some kips for mine as well, I wish her neck could hold more of the positions it can reach. ^^

      Hm. Good point; this is my second doll and my other one was pretty easy to string and unstring. He's also not tight enough to cause chipping in his joints. I'll think more about this.
    14. My griffin arrived on Friday. I haven't played much with her because we had to get ready for a long hike yesterday. I did manage to switch the heads (although the griffin head was really hard to remove). I'm hoping to do more with my two birds before I go to bed tonight, but I'm still really sore from the hike. XP

      Still not sure how I want to paint the griffin body and Cookie is blank right now too. Lots of painting to plan out. >.<
    15. He is gorgeous :) I badly want one :)
    16. [​IMG]
      Here's Cookie on the griffin body!

      20171002_095528 and here's a pic of Ruca on the hippogriff body. (I don't have a name for her yet)

      I've been having a hard time getting the griffin body to do bucking and full rearing up poses. The griffin head has been *really* difficult to pull off. It fits really tight on the body. Has anyone else experienced something similar?

      I like both bodies a lot. They each have pros and cons but they're both really cute.
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    17. @Donna80 Thank you. Good luck on your hunt.

      @taixonay If you mean the faceplate / very top of the head it's pretty hard to pull off for me, but I have no other fairyland dolls to compare against to say if it is unusually tight. I'd say it's tight enough that it makes me feel like I'm going to snap off a resin feather edge when taking it off though.

      Rearing poses are tricky on mine because the lion paws want to pop to some other position. I found it easiest to hold the front of the lion paws down with two fingers from one hand while using the other hand to move the body to the right angle. This gave me the best success with the paws staying where they needed to stay.
    18. @scripple the hippogriff body is easier to pose in those positions. Like others have said FL strung them looser than the griffins. I can get it to buck and rear almost effortlessly. Although the griffin body is better at sitting/lying down poses. Also Cookie's faceplate (Rus) is easy to remove from both bodies without issue so I wonder why Ruca's faceplate is so tight. I was worried I was going to break off the feathers too while trying to remove it.
    19. i'm not sure why they would have made the new faceplate so much tighter. Fortunately I don't plan on swapping mine.

      I got some better eyes. Here's a quick photo showing them off along with his friend.

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    20. [​IMG]

      Latte and Cookie playing together. I love these two.
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