Fairyland Fantasy Art Line (Part 1)

Aug 3, 2016

    1. Awww...sweet couple!
    2. @taixonay Oh, they're soooo cuuuute. I really love them both in tan.
    3. @brightberry, @MayaWolf , and @redsixwing thanks for the compliments! They're a fun bunch to play with.

      I'm toying with the idea of making a posing comparison for the two bodies. Would anyone be interested in that?
    4. I finished coloring my Griffon today
      I'm pleased to introduce Rupert:
      [​IMG]Rupert by Martha David, on Flickr
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    5. Wow, Xiaoli. Looks wonderful!
    6. @taixonay I'd love to see that!

      @Xiaoli he's so cute! I like the red shading on him.
    7. I wouldn't have thought to shade with red...turned out fantastic!
    8. @Xiaoli, the red blushing looks great on Rupert. I also really love his eyes! I was thinking about using some red on Latte too, but not sure where just yet.

      I've taken a bunch of pictures of Latte and Cookie together to compare their posing, but am a bit hesitant to post most of them because the background is so cluttered with other doll stuff.
    9. There hasn't been any Lana photos in a while so here you go! >w<

      Rus and Ruca Trade - Order arrival
      by Akara, on Flickr

      Just last week I think it was, I decided to try to sculpt a new faceplate for the body just for fun. It looks like a very cartoony lioness or a hyena, it goes well with the body that has paws. I hope FL makes something like that in the future. I like both the Rus and the Ruca head, but I'm not the biggest fan of birds so I'd love to see something else from them! The art line has so much potential!

      I sculpted the faceplate just for fun, but it did turn out very cute. I'm pondering whether or not to show Fairyland once I'm finished...but I'm leaning towards showing them because I think a head like that would definitely be something they could sell with the body that has the paws(and honestly I think they could benefit from some new inspiration x) ). I just want to make sure they know I just did it for fun and I would never sell it, which makes me a bit nervous about showing them. I just don't want them to get the wrong idea! >.<
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    10. @Akara, you should definitely show them when you're finished. When you show them, you can tell them that you made the faceplate just for fun and that you would love to see more diversity with the fantasy art line dolls they create in the future. I hope you'll share your faceplate with the rest of us as well. :3
    11. @taixonay Yeah, I'm definitely going to show them and explain everything. The doll would be considered off topic, so I can't show it here on its own but I'll likely have photos up on my Flickr later ~ Just need to finish it...haha...! :sweat It needs more floof!

      And time for more spam! Lana butt this time! >w< (and paw! Eeeee!)

      Rus and Ruca Trade - Order arrival
      by Akara, on Flickr
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    12. Wow! The color of the resin is beautiful !
    13. It snowed!

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    14. @CathyM Your griff looks too happy about the snow!

      Oooh so many cute griffs!
      This is officially my favorite thread. But I am surprised I never posted my little burb when they were finished!
      Out of all the places to forget to post! Here he is;

      [​IMG]Finished Griff! by Nova, on Flickr
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    15. Super colours! :)
    16. Awww! @CathyM your griffin looks so cute playing (hiding?) in the snow!

      @Zodiac I love the colors on your griff!

      Can we have some more spam in the thread? My birbs are still in storage and can't be taken out until we get to the new place. I haven't played with my dolls since December.:(
    17. How about the hippogriff and the new RealFee centaur:
      [​IMG]Sleipnir and Thule by spih_2, on Flickr

      I have been switching eyes around a bit and should take a picture of June/hippogriff centaur and the new Luna centaur together, but it is already too dark today.
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    18. Oh wow, they look gorgeous together!
    19. I recently got back into collecting Fairyland BJD's after a few years of Lati Yellows and Volks DD's. I really, really want a Hippogriff and hope/pray to find one here on the Marketplace. Does anyone here think that Fairyland will be releasing anything new in the Fantasy Art collection?