Fairyland Fantasy Art Line (Part 1)

Aug 3, 2016

    1. We just had a Griffin and Centaurs , but I'm not sure if that means we'll see more from that line or if they'll do something different.
    2. @spih they are so precious! Thanks for the spam!

      I'm hoping we get a mammal like creature this time. As much as I love birds, I think something cat/dog or rabbit like (ooh maybe a jackalope?) would be really fun too. But I also wouldn't say no to a dragon either!
    3. Noooo, a dragon would be perfect! :D

    4. [​IMG]

      If Fairyland released more animals I'd for sure jump on the bandwagon. Seems like they are having fun doing things they can morph into centaurs. But another pet doll would be awesome. Not going to lie I have a cat weakness.
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    5. This past week I found/and bought a lavender Hippogriff! He's on his way now, very happy to have found him.
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    6. Aw, the cheek spots make yours look like a blue budgie! So cute.

      I really like those eyes, too.

      With a bunch of life things, my Ruca still needs blushing and even a name... argh! Well, hopefully there'll be more time for dolls soon.
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    7. @redsixwing I was inspired by a blue budgie I had as a kid, who I named sky! And like you I have yet to name my little guy. But I love having him in the crew.
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    8. Do you guys think we'll be getting a fantasy art line doll this year? Usually the fantasy creature has been paired with a release of new realfee sculpts, but since we just got new realfee during the winter event, doesn't that kind of mess up the pattern?
    9. We had the Griffin and Centaur last year, with four new Realfee, so I am kinda expecting them to focus on a different line instead, but it's hard to tell. :)
    10. this is cool
    11. @Anna0808 Thank you! :D

      I am super excited to see what Fairyland does next.They always keep me in suspense for their next release. I am loving all their fantasy stuff so far.
    12. I'm going to be running in circles waiting to see what news we might hear Sunday or Monday... Eek! :)
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    13. Considering the added resin parts to the Realfee doll, am I the only one who's noticed a clear progression from one centaur to the other in the designs Fairyland has produced so far? Like, they had the vanilla features for the Lucywen doll, then added decorative details to the hooves for the Sircca one, and finally we have the usage of resin for the hooves and tail here. I wouldn't be surprised if they did something crazy for their next centaur design, like add in the steampunk gears (used in their seahorses) into the hooves or something. It's just interesting to me how they're always looking to improve minute details like that. Haha.
    14. I would definitely like to see more animal type releases. A dragon would be cool, but what I’d love to see is a completely new creature we have never imagined before, completely fictional.
    15. Not sure if that'll have mass appeal. It obviously wouldn't be recognizable, so that would be a marketing issue. Maybe if it's limited edition.
    16. I heard that sometimes fairyline does basic dolls as something to order all the time, I asked if this is one of them but the answer was a little weird does can someone tell me of the basic is an all the time order or the limited only? (Sorry if this is a dumb question or already been asked I haven't read the whole thread)
    17. @Death of a bachelor the fantasy art line dolls have all been limited editions so far and I doubt that will change. I also doubt Fairyland will re-release Ruca or Rus. I've never seen FL re-release limited dolls. For this line, basic just means that the doll doesn't come with specific extras. For example if you wanted Rus in normal skin or beauty white, didnt want wings or an extra sleepy head, you would order the basic version. You can still add on extras but the cost of adding more than one extra is noticeably higher than in the fullset.

      The fullest option is the better bargain if you want the doll in a fantasy color and want all the option parts.

      I hope this helps you a bit.
    18. Ah man thanks it does, I was hoping to get something in the hippogriff I really love it in the violet but I wasn't even in the hobby when it was for sale, I was hoping that basic meant just order the barebones any time

      Looks like it's something that's going to have to be in the second hand or enjoyed in photos only
    19. I have finally blushed my hippogriff.
      Introducing Miss Stormy
      [​IMG]Stormy 2 by Martha David, on Flickr
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    20. Wow, looks great. I have the same color but haven't done anything. Really nice!