Fairyland Fantasy Art Line (Part 1)

Aug 3, 2016

    1. I also have the same color and he's waiting to be blushed but I still haven't decided on colors. Yours looks really good!
    2. I've still got to blush my pair of Hippogriff (one pink one violet) for Haru and June.. I'm not sure I fancy unstringing them for it after the pain of re-stringing my Luts centaur though :/

      Then I've got Eva and Luna's tan centaur bodies (direct from Fairyland) to work on, possibly in the style of the Tiny Delf centaur blushing, and at some point, when I've got the budget, I'm hoping to be able to find a pair of (lion) Griffins in tan for Toki and Coco.

      I love the fantasy combos :)

    3. Are you going to use an airbrush for all your blushing? I really want one for all of the fantasy parts I need to blush, (Sircca's centaur body, and lots more) but I haven't taken the plunge in buying one yet because I don't see what I would use it for after finishing my doll blushing projects.
    4. Oh yes. I've bought one especially :)

      You're right, TBH I'm not sure what else I could use it for aside from blushing and face-up, but I couldn't resist as it can produce some amazing results.

      I'm half tempted to blush Lucywen's centaur parts multicoloured, and experiment with dyeing in the hopes that with a little practice I can dye Sircca's centaur parts a dark brown. This hobby rocks for fun experiments :)
    5. Well I hope to see your results posted. Gah, I'm more tempted than ever to get one. I have 5 that need their fantasy parts blushed and they've been waiting for ages for me to do it. I just don't love my results with using pastels though.
    6. For five it definitely sounds worth it to me :)

      Have you watched any Youtube videos of blushing with an airbrush, that's what really sold me on it :)

      I'll post photos when I finally get the nerve to do it for real. I might have a lot of practicing ahead of me first though.
    7. Okay, that does it. :shudder Going to research which one to get. Husband can get it for me for Christmas.

      Yes I've watched a few Youtube videos on blushing and was tempted then, but like I said, I couldn't justify getting one without knowing if I would use it after finishing up the dolls. I do some fabric art/crafting so maybe I can use it with that.

      Please do update us on your progress. :)
    8. I really love Rupert, the tan with rust blushing is very different to most that I have seen so far . . . well done Martha! :aheartbea

      Gorgeous! :thumbup

      Oh my! How beautiful they look together and so delicate. :love

      After all this time, I still haven't blushed mine. :eusa_naug Yours looks great! :thumbup
    9. Time to bring this thread to life again, and with that show off Signe properly! (she's now on topic, eeeee!) :dance

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    10. @Akara She is so cute and elegant! I just love your work.
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    11. Beautifully done! :thumbup
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