Fairyland RealFee Discussion Part 7

Apr 10, 2018

    1. she loves bright colors, the more the merrier
    2. I've been stalking all the threads for Realfee's for a couple of months now and have fallen in love with them, all of them. I bought my first one a month ago here on the marketplace and it was a complete spur of the moment destiny thing. Here is my little cutie, shes a Coco and I've named her Lumin.
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    3. Thank you Kaname Kimura! I'm so in love with her.
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    4. Greenfaerie, my first Realfee was Coco as well!
      Your Lumin is beautiful:love
      Did she come with those eyes?
    5. I think I must definitely look for a Realfee. The more I look at everyone’s photos the more I yearn for one of my own.
    6. Thank you, and I think Coco was a good one to start with because she is so darn cute and sweet. The eyes are Enchanted Doll, and I've had them for ages. I love them on her!

      Sorry to be spamming this thread, but here is my second Realfee June, his name is Daye.
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    7. Yes, Lumin's eyes go so well with her sweet face. What size are they?
      Question for everyone: what is your favorite eye size for your Realfee?
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    8. The eyes in Lumin are 14's
    9. cricket would like to wish you all a merry christmas filled with magic and wonder
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    10. What a cool picture!
    11. That is a magical sweet picture of Cricket.
    12. thanks, it took some fiddling to get the angle and exposure right, but i love how it turned out
    13. Dax and Daye outdoors on Christmas.
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    14. Totally random aside, but for anyone still looking for shoe options, Debs Adorables on the bay of evil offers 12" Marley Wentworth flats that fit loosely with socks.
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    15. Thanks for that! I've been having problems finding shoes that fit with socks.
    16. Looks like I'm the only one posting here. :aeyepop: Anyway, just in case anyone wants to see more RF, here's my girls dressed up in their default clothes.
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    17. I want to see more RLFs!!! TY. Not sure why this tread is so slow... RLFs are amazing dolls and soooooo versatile! (guess that means I need to take a few more photos myself ;) )
    18. Don’t feel alone! Here are some friends...

      [​IMG]three realfee - 1 by joe golightly, on Flickr

      Man, what a process I had to go through to get that posted!
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    19. My girl has been away for a face up for mooooonths! I should probably be making stuff while waiting, but it's hard to make stuff when I don't totally know what her face will look like. I'm also waiting on a new wig for her!

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