Fairyland RealFee Discussion Part 7

Apr 10, 2018

    1. Harlow, my Haru. She's a siren named for a different kind of siren

      [​IMG]Harlow by Beth Simmons, on Flickr
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    2. It's so strange to me to think that it's been years since the rlf were released - they still feel so new! I can't believe it's almost been 4 years.
    3. @LadyMadrigal, Harlow is such a perfect name for your little siren...how clever! She’s absolutely adorable.:)

      @El BJD, It’s certainly nice to see such movement and balance in the Realfee body. Thanks so much for sharing that shot.

      And my seller just shipped my very first Realpuki yesterday from Canada! I’m so excited and a little nervous too...more than I think I’ve ever been before...despite over a dozen years in this hobby.:sweat
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    4. I'm loving seeing everyones RLF's again. Pano looks like he's showing off for the girls, cute little guy, and I love the picture of Haru, she is one of my favorites because she always seems to have secrets to keep.

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    5. Thanks everyone! Which Realpuki are you getting, PoeticSoul? There's a lovely Realpuki group here on DOA. I'm from Canada too!

      Here's one more photo of my May in a dress I knitted for her by mashing together a bunch of patterns from google. I did math til my eyes were spinning, but it worked out in the end!

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    6. Such a beautiful dress! I love the color and dimension of it.:) I’m getting a Realfee June, but it also comes with the Siri faceplate and a pukifee pupu faceplate with headback! I’m beside myself with excitement!:o Coming from Quebec, and then travelling through the US midwest during an Arctic blast will be no fun for my newly adopted little one, but I’m hoping the promise of our warm winter weather here in Arizona will lure her safely to her new home. I’m just so worried about her! I know it’s silly, but she feels so very real to me!
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    7. Thanks, PoeticSoul!! How exciting for you! I'm glad I got the pukifee headbacks and the littlefee one when they were first available.

      Plus, May says that whatever Pano can do, she can do better, lol!!! Those satyr legs are the best!

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    8. Yes, those satyr legs look great! Too bad Fairyland doesn't sell them anymore. I love that pullover. Looks so comfy! You did excellent job with the purple dress. Fits so well!
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    9. Such a cute dress you made, and I love how you have her hair all fluffed up.

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    10. Well, I finally got my very first Realfee completed. She’s a June and her name is Grannybelle (because her mouth reminds me of Granny in the Looney Tunes cartoons...just soooo cute! And her character is supposed to be ancient"):) She came with 3 faceplates so I decided to paint them all similar to use them as different expressions for this same character.

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    11. Grannybelle is so sweet! I love her pointy ears peaking out from her hair!
    12. Congrats on your first Realfee, PoeticSoul!! You've done a lovely job of styling her!
    13. Thank you! And those pointy griffin ears do wonders for keeping her wig on too as an extra added bonus to their cuteness.;)

      Thank you so much! I really wanted to see what June would look like as a girl, and I felt my Grannybelle character just might work out for that.:)

      And here’s another of Grannybelle’s faceplates.

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    14. Thank you! I usually sew my own outfits but in this instance I actually have a small collection of dresses by the very talented Etsy seller Peapoddolls. I’m a big fan of her work...it is so detailed and she obviously has access to amazing tiny fabrics, laces and notions that I do not. I think her outfits are like tiny works of art which is why I started collecting them for a couple of my Doll Chateau tinies a couple of years ago. Fortunately they fit Grannybelle too and they’re exactly the style I wanted for her character.:)
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    15. Grannybelle is so precious! I love how you pulled her together. I have a June too and I always thought he looked like an elder from several angles. You truly captured that.
    16. Thank you! I agree she makes a great elder, which is exactly what I was going for.:) She is certainly very dear to me. As my little fairy companion, she sits on my nightstand keeping me company when I’m relaxing on the internet or watching TV. I love her so much!
    17. Grannybelle is an inspiration! I love how you made her character your very own.
    18. Sorry to double post. This is my Luna wearing Ruby red Galleria dress and wig in case anyone is interested. Sorry pic is so big.
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    19. Your Luna looks so cute as a girl!
      Lovely picture.