Fairyland RealFee Discussion Part 7

Apr 10, 2018

    1. Thank you everyone for your pictures and eye preferences! This has helped me so much! :abow:
    2. About eyes, a really good question. I've found that most of my RF fit probably 12mm eyes best. At least that's what I put in most right now. However, 12mm from one eye maker doesn't necessarily equal 12mm from another.

      I use eyes from Kanis, Oscardoll, Enchanted Doll Eyes and oval glass eyes in them.
    3. Eye appearance can vary between makers. the size of the entire eye is fairly standard but specific companies may vary the diameter of the pupil and or Iris. Most eye creators tend to offer the iris measurement too now, you just need to go hunting for it.
    4. I've enjoyed my Soso and Toki for some time and always liked how Toki looked
      with his "upgraded" eyes. so I finally decided and bought Soso some OscarDoll
      urethane eyes as well. She and Toki decided to have some photos taken now
      that they both look amazing.
      These are *such* fun dolls - while I don't do as much with them as the larger
      bjd - these two make me smile every time I see them!
      I hope that Fairyland keeps making them....

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    5. @Robyn_in_WA - These little ones are an absolutely adorable pair - love their cute outfits too - and of course, their darling props!
    6. They are so cute! Adorable tea set that is perfect for them :D
    7. super cute and love the doll holders they are in
      that tea set is fabulous
    8. Am enjoying all the new pictures here, and it reminds me that I need to find new eyes for a couple of my RLF's because of course all the extra eyes that I have laying around are not what I'm looking for.
    9. Papageno is enchanting birds - tiny angry ones and big more friendly ones. It would be scary if those big birds were angry, too.
      [​IMG]Big birds by spih_2, on Flickr
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    10. [​IMG]

      I haven't posted in a while, but I just got my most recent addition back from my friend Mismantis, who dyed said doll for me ^^
      I don't even remember when I got them, but it's uh many months ago hahaha. It's been a while. But I just wanted to show the dyed doll (who will be a pocket sized hyena) next to (yellowed) Fairyland tan xD
      The dyed doll is a Pukifee Tika head and the other is a Pukifee Vanilla. I have 5 Pukifee/Realfees now hahaha. I have a slight addiction.
      I'm thinking of calling them Kebi, which comes from Egypt, meaning honey. But I'm not sure yet. I have a long list of names hehe.

      I love seeing everyone's realfees by the way. I am a major lurker but I see all the beautiful dolls <3
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    11. @Robyn_in_WA, how positively adorable they are! I love their little setting, it’s so perfect for them.:)

      @spih, How perfectly cute your Papageno is...a pied piper for the birds! I love it!:D

      @Snow, such a gorgeous, rich color...mismantis did a phenomenal dye job on him! I really love the pukifee/realfee hybrids. It’s lovely to have so much variety with these little ones.
    12. My Grannybelle (Realfee June) had somehow gotten herself into a very contemplative pose while I was out of the room and I just had to take a photo.:)

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    13. she looks like she is thinking beautiful dreams
    14. Question for you guys. I received a Soso & Pupu faceplate with my order way back when RFs first came out, and I'd love to give them bodies one day but the problem is that they're JUST faceplates, no skull back portion.

      Is buying RF basics and selling the faceplates that come with them my only option?
    15. Without a head back, I'm afraid that does seem the only option.
    16. My girls are finally home!! I love how her faceup turned out. It's so much softer and more detailed than her old one.

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    17. So cute! And I love her outfit! :D
    18. I just saw that the Denver doll emporium Facebook page posted a super awesome dragon girl realfee!
    19. I really need the legs T_T
      I don't have a need for another full doll but one of my gals would love some claws.
    20. [​IMG]
      I am going to need this pair of Realfee Dragon folk! :)
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