Fairyland RealFee Discussion Part 7

Apr 10, 2018

    1. Oh golly!! I've been stalking this thread for a while without posting since my only realfee is off topic (I made my own stuffed poseable body for her so she isn't technically a bjd) but NOW I'm wondering if these new dragon babies could mean that fairyland is bringing back realfees?? In which case you'll be seeing a lot more of me in this thread, lol
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    2. @Donna80 where did you find those pictures?? I only saw the girl one on Facebook
    3. It's really worth it to follow Kim SunHwa on Facebook ^^
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    4. Oh awesome thanks @Snow !

      I showed my husband and he said he wished the faces didn’t look sad, dragon babies should be fierce lol. Not sure how I feel about the lil high heel shoes on the human versions. Still impressed with those dragon parts thou.
    5. Those legs DO look amazing. But I'm safe :D
    6. I really want the girl's outfit for my Coco!!
    7. They are gorgeous. I was not planning on buying any more dolls this year unless pukipuki were released, but I am definitely going to get at least one of them.
    8. Oooh... I’ve been thinking I need a normal skin girl. I have an event head I’d like to play with and it’s in normal skin. And those dragon legs are beautiful.

      I also kind of wish event heads were offered in tan skin.
    9. I like the faces, but meh on the dragon parts. Both faces look fairly similar to me, they're not as distinctive from each other as FL pairs normally are.
    10. I was about to order a new doll, but I may have to wait until the prices on those dragon realfees get announced... I was just thinking about wanting a fantasy bjd too. My wallet is really going to suffer this year.
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    11. I found a couple more photos of the RF Dragons posted here.

      This is a tough call for me. I really like the dragon parts (!), but I'm not sure I'm connecting with either of the face sculpts. More photos may help...

      And honestly it's good to see something happening on the RealFee front regardless!
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    12. Humm, both are very cute. If I only had the funds, I’d get the boy in human form. I only have one realfee, so another would be welcome. It’s hard now that Fairyland doesn’t have open orders. It’s either now, or secondhand.
    13. I convinced myself these guys were probably too small for me, but I'm not sure I can resist those adorable dragon toes. How does Fairyland normally do their releases? Do you have to buy the fullset to get the fantasy parts or do they typically offer a blank option where you can get the fantasy parts?
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    14. There is usually more than one option... so probably? Unfortunately, its hard to say until they release them.
    15. As far as I've seen, they usually have four options: blank human doll, blank human + fantasy, "fullset" human including the outfiit, eyes, optional props and blushing, fullset human + fantasy with the works. With the centaur release, they also offered the centaur bodies separately, which was awesome! But I think it was only because they're so large and expensive. They didn't sell any of the other fantasy parts separately.

      I think I'll need the girl--but I like the boy outfit better! Decisions. D:

      Anyway, hello! I'm new to the thread but a huge fan of Realfees. Really not sure why I wasn't in this thread a long time ago! Here are my two girls, who are still works in progress. My centaur girl with the crossed eyes, on the right, is named Sable Allegra, and she won't be keeping those eyes, haha. My deer girl on the left doesn't have a name yet.

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    16. @sidroq Your girls are so pretty. So lovely.
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    17. @brightberry @sidroq

      Thank you both for the info. I guess I'll keep my eye out and see what happens when they finally list them.
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    18. I’ve been wanting a dragon for ages. Not all that in love with these two yet, but I’m considering getting them.
    19. I'm assuming this means that basic RLF and bodies will be available again? It's been such a long time.
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    20. Really hope so! I've been afraid they wouldn't bring them back, or would wait a very, very long time.