Fairyland RealFee Discussion Part 7

Apr 10, 2018

    1. Oh my! The dragons are up on the Fairyland site. I want Rian (the boy dragon) sooo bad!
    2. Oh neat, the dragon parts are being sold separately under “parts” for those that already have a realfee
    3. The new Realfee isn't on Denver Dolls yet though. I wonder when?
    4. They are now up on Denver Dolls and I really like Rian. I probably will get him in the full-set option, normal skin with tan dragon legs. I love his facial expression and I can't wait try different wig and eye combinations on him. About Ena, I'm just not sure about her, but I fear if I don't get her I will be sorry later. I just wish they had them in green or lavender skin.
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    5. Me too!!
    6. Hooray! Placed my Ena order for the full option set in tan with pink legs. I'm so excited! I have a lot of plans for her! Maybe I'll actually have some things sewn and made for this doll when she arrives--but that's probably wishful thinking. :lol:
    7. Thanks, greenfaerie!!! I've ordered 2 pair of the legs, knowing from experience that the legs will be hard to find after they sell out!
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    8. Yay, good for you on deciding so quickly. I've almost convinced myself I want her and think I would go the same options as you. Might do the normal skin w/ pink legs though.

      What colors did you get in the legs?
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    9. I almost did that myself, since my other two Realfee girls are NS! The thing that swayed me is my ideas for her involve a lot of gold and red, and I think gold will look even more striking on tan than normal--though really, you can't get a color combo that isn't a winner with this release. :)

      Time to order some red Pearl Ex...this girl is gonna eat it up, with those wings and horns. Thankfully I already have two almost-full containers of gold. :dance
    10. Dang, 600 bucks if you want all the dragon parts...For $250 I would have thought the tail would at least be jointed. I'm not sure if I should be happy or sad that the anatomy ruins the legs for me, though I get a kick imagining these guys get around by jumping like kangaroos given the leg shape and huge tail.
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    11. I haven't decided the color yet, but I think I want normal skin with white dragon parts. I have both Luna centaur and hippogriff in white, and I would like the dragon to fit in that icy realm, too. I wish I could get the horns and wings in transparent resin instead of red...
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    12. Oh my. I want a Ena with face-up with pink dragon parts and it cost nearly the same as the full option. But I don’t want the full option. This decision is going to drive me crazy. But I don’t really mind having to make it.
    13. The mental image I got was that their legs are mostly built for springing into the air before they start flapping their wings--but these guys are babies, and their wings aren't big enough to fly yet (or else their parents' lives would be a nightmare, with flying toddlers heading straight for hazards). :whee:

      I had the same problem. i went with the full option because I figured I can sell the fullset later if I really don't use it. My preference would have been basic tan Ena with no faceup + sp with no faceup, and all the dragon parts. Oh, well. It would be nice if they just had one listing, and you can add whatever you like onto it, and you get a discount if you order everything.
    14. I got the pink and the tan. :)
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    15. I also see them as being clumsy babies and that’s going to be fun with their characters. Ive had the plan for awhile to make my Lucywen into a dragon, if I ever get around to giving her a face up. So she can be the babies mother.
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    16. Oh goodness! The new Realfees are adorable!
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    17. Has there been any word regarding the other RealFees going back on sale? I've been wanting to buy a RF Toki for seemingly ever at this point, and was hoping the new RF release would mean the other RFs would be back on the sales block...
    18. So far, it looks like nothing. Incredibly disappointing! I need a body for my event faceplate and a whole Mari. Ultimately aiming for five Realfees, but at this point...! It’s gonna be a long and tough road on the secondhand market.
    19. I am really debating ordering a full option Ena. I was planning on ordering a littlefee, but once I saw the dragon parts..... I'm obsessed with dragons. I don't know if there is going to be a summer event though, which makes me want to wait to order, but then again, I don't want to wait too long to order because then (I presume) she might sell out..... :c
    20. I did it! Normal skin fullset girl with pink legs. I was torn over whether or not to get tan skin for her upper parts. But I really want to be able to use event heads.

      I really like that they’ve started selling parts separately. I hope that means I can get more things for her in the future.

      That is disappointing. It would be amazing to see your collection completed.
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