Fairyland RealFee Discussion Part 7

Apr 10, 2018

    1. I went ahead and ordered both of them. :blush Both are the fullset option, and I got Rian in normal skin with pink dragon parts and Ena in tan skin with pink dragon parts. Already thinking of names and I have a vintage basket that will be their dragon nest.
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    2. Why's that? There's usually a few Realfee bodies on the second hand market.

      I fear it will be quite a wait before we see the Realfee lines back at Fairyland or DDE though sadly.
    3. About the secondhand market I hope so! There sure aren't right now; there was a post with two on Facebook, but they both were apparently sold almost immediately.

      It seems like it'll be a while, sadly, yeah. At least they're still releasing new ones, though...!
    4. There is a new one, so they still are kicking around :)


      So many people seem to buying the pair of fantasy dragon Realfee, hopefully this will mean Fairyland make more fantasy Realfee in future.

      I'm getting Rian with the pink dragon legs from DDE and I'll have to see about getting a second pair of dragon legs for Ena later.

      It's just a shame there wasn't an event/fullset event gift this time.
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    5. I'm getting full option Rian with white dragon parts. I'll have to try to figure how to make him white or silver or transparent horns and wings. Or he'll just have to be satisfied with the red ones...
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    6. Is it just me or is it weird there is no news notice about the new release on their website? And no mention of how many fullsets are available or whether they are time limited?
      Also a bit bummed there is no event but I guess we can't have an event for every release >_>

      Me and a friend are ordering a full option Ena this Sunday. She's getting the full doll in tan, with eyes and wig and I'm getting eeeeeverything else. So most of the fullset and all dragon parts. I'm getting those in white because I plan to dye them blue to fit my blue Realfee gal ^^
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    7. Yeah, I keep checking everyday and normally they have an announcement of some sort for their dolls. I'm also bummed there's no event, especially because its so much money I would have liked to get a faceplate maybe. The un-numbered full sets make me anxious because I desperately want the Ena full option package but I have no clue how many there are!
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    8. I'm glad I'm not the only one who finds it odd.
      I have sent them an email about all my points. I will post here if I get a reply!
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    9. This has been bothering me as well. I've always thought of the RealFees as young - possibly because of their small sizes and proportions? - and there is something disconcerting to me about seeing such sad, serious faces on the little ones. The new sculpts are lovely, but not for me.

      I would, however, *love* to get a pair of the horns and wings, so I'll be looking and hoping for some to be listed after people start getting their dragons. :^)

      I fear you are right. When the RealFee releases were more frequent, it seemed like collectors were more likely to list RFs for resale if, say, they failed to bond with their new dolls or fell in love with a different new sculpt. Given the long wait since the last RF release (Luna/Eva), I've wondered if collectors have been holding on to their dolls a little tighter, unsure if they'd be able to get a replacement if they let one of theirs go. This is all pure speculation on my part, however, and I'm probably projecting my own issues on all of this.

      Hopefully this new release will shake free a few new RF bodies for you!
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    10. I'm kind of sad. On Friday I ordered both Rian and Ena Full set option from DDE and ordered Rian with tan dragon parts. On Sunday after thinking about it for a bit I realized that I would rather have him with the pink dragon parts because that way he would kind of match Ena with her pink dragon bits. So I emailed DDE to ask if I could change order, but Monday morning they messaged me back and said no, that they had already placed order.

      Yes, I get it that they want to keep it simple and not let people change their minds, and yes, I could have waited a few more days before ordering to make sure I had completely figured out what I wanted. But ugh, I want pink dragon legs. :...(

      I guess I just wait until they arrive and then try to do a trade with someone.
    11. That's a shame :( At least you didn't just select the wrong option like me -- I was so excited to order a Tiny Delf centaur in Strawberry Millshake last year that after much planning I ordered one in (white) Milkshake by mistake, and only noticed a few days later. Luckily Angelesque was able to get Luts to change it or I've been in the same boat.

      I hope you get your swap.
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    12. Well, I got an entirely unhelpful response from Fairyland...
      I asked about the fullsets, if there was an event and why there wasn't a news announcement. This is what I got in return:

      "We are really glad that you have taken interest in our latest release and at same time regret to inform you that it is difficult to predict how long they will be available for this time.
      They will be probably available for the time being but depending on how quickly Full Package components run out & how busy our processing schedule becomes, they can be pulled down from production rather quickly."

      So no word on any event or whatever and it's a bit vague, sigh. I'm ordering a full option this Sunday at least.
    13. Oh no... I really hope I get this job then. I finally got a call back from a local grocery store. I only hope that I can get paid within June and the full option packages don't sell out by then! This is the first doll release that I have been head over heels for and I really hope I can get them. How can people deal with this much stress on a near monthly basis lol
    14. I hope you get the job! But don’t scare yourself too much. There might be some for sale at Denverdoll once gets all the dolls get shipped.
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    15. Went for an Ena full package (the middle option one) without the dragon legs. They just didn't grab me, but I love her little face. It's been over a year since a RF has joined the household!
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    16. Just placed the order for the full option Ena in tan skin, with a friend of mine. The doll will go to her and I will basically get the rest. But she will be delivered to me so I will take some pics for sure before sending her off again.

      The legs will go to my smol blue girl:
      [​IMG]Like-minded by Nymrah, on Flickr
      I'm not really sold on the tail yet, so depending on how it's attached (strung with the rest of the legs or separate) I might take it off.
      She will very likely end up with the horns and wings as well, although they will probably clash in color with her wig xD
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    17. Oh my goodness! Those little dragons are absolutely adorable. I haven't been into bjds for years now, but every now and then I still take a peak to see what companies are creating. This is the first time in a long time I've fallen for one.

      Do realfees generally sell out pretty quick? I could put in a layaway order with Denverdoll now, or I could wait until my next paycheck and purchase the doll from fairyland in full. It'd be more responsible for me to wait a couple weeks for that check, but I'd totally regret it if they sell out.
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    18. Honestly, I find it's a bit hit and miss? Some sets go like pies, but others stay around a while.
      In this case, they haven't even let us know how many fullsets are available. I asked and they said they weren't sure when they would run out of supplies to make the outfits?? So if you can swing it without getting in financial trouble, I'd start a layaway order. That way you'll at least secure it.
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    19. You could always put one on layaway now with DDE and pay it off when you get your next check. That way you are guaranteed to get one.

      Also, I may be mistaken, but I don't think you can order direct from Fairyland anymore. If you're in North America, I think you have to order through DDE. Someone please correct me if I'm wrong.
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    20. Thank you so much for the advice. You've both helped make my decision much easier. I'm am now happy to announce I've put in a layaway order for a Rian in Natural with white dragon parts. I'll try messaging DDE next paycheck and see if they will let me pay off the rest then. (:

      I didn't realize you couldn't order from Fairyland directly anymore! Things have changed a lot since I've been around last. I'm so out of the loop now haha.

      I think I'm going to have to pick up my Rian a little pet BJD. Either a dragon bjd or one of these little adorable Foo dogs.

      What do you guys plan on naming or doing with your lovely babies? (:
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