Fairyland RealFee Discussion Part 7

Apr 10, 2018

    1. Congrats! The lack of info from Fairyland is a little disappointing, but I'm glad you grabbed your fullset while you can. :D (I saw those Foo dogs yesterday on Instagram and just love them, too!)

      My girl is going to be the fire/sunlight/plasma/energy portion of a set of four Realfees representing the four classical elements. The idea actually hit me when the first dragon preview images showed up, and I got so excited I sketched up outfits for two of my current girls (who will be earth/harvest and wind/sky) and a fourth which I don't have (ocean/water; hopefully a mermaid tail will surface someday!) I was very inspired by neo-baroque and neo-renaissance designs with big crowns, dramatic silhouettes and flowers and oversized antique coins everywhere. I'm working my butt off to learn to actually craft the things I've designed, now, because I'm not that skilled :lol: But that's the fun of big projects!

      I also have a centaur body that will need an upper body and head, now that I've stolen her old upper body to be Sky, but I'm not in a rush. :XD:

      What are the plans for your Rian?:love
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    2. Thank you!!! Those little foo dogs really are adorable. It's going to be hard to pass up on one knowing it would go so well with a little adorable dragon doll. :P

      Oh wow, your girl is going to look absolutely wonderful when she's all done! :'D Those outfits sound gorgeous. I've always been a huge fan of that style as well. I hope you are able to bring your designs to life. (:

      Also I just want to say that Asura doll you have in your signature is seriously awesome. My favorite race in that game!

      I'm not sure what I'm going to do yet. It's been awhile since I've gotten into BJDs and this was honestly rather impulsive of me. I'll have to sit down and think about a name and personality. :P There was no way I could pass up on these adorable dragons. Back when the RealFee line released with Pano and May, I knew I was going to want one of these babies eventually. It was just the question of when they would release one I couldn't say no to, haha. The RealFee line is just so charming. I love their whimsical sculpts and fantasy parts.

      I think I'm going to airbrush his dragon parts into a grey/white/silver-ish colour, but I'm not a 100% on that idea yet. There's so many fun things you can do with a dragon concept!
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    3. I'm looking to buy my first Realfee to join my other Fairyland dolls, but I'm torn about the resin color choice. I have an old ShuShu elf MNF in beauty (green) white and 3 various sizes in normal skin. I've had the hippogriff in tan before, too. I'm thinking of normal body with white dragon parts, white body and dragon parts or normal body and dragon parts..... I'm leaning toward white/white because that would give me the greatest leeway when deciding what shade(s) I wanted the body blushed.... But Ena looks so cute in NS! I'm so confused! But in a good way! LOL
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    4. @Retrobox omg the foo dog! Who makes them?
    5. hello!! so i ordered a realfee rian full package through DDE's layaway, and they'll be my first realfee!

      i am so outrageously excited for them i want to participate here where my excitement might be appreciated;):sweat i ordered mine in all tan skin so he'll match and be more on the dragon-y side with a singular skin tone than split.

      one thing i thought was really weird is the full package comes with face up and body blushing by default, and when i tried to order a human rian with blank dragon parts it was actually like $30 or $50 more expensive?:? so i guess i'm sticking with what he's got, but luckily red is one of my favorite colors so it's fine lol
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    6. Black Box they're the same artist artist as Mochi & Anubis
    7. As far as I'm aware, Fairyland doesn't offer body blushing.
      But I do know they want to stimulate people to buy the full option sets, so the less things you want to order, the more expensive it gets...
      The dragon parts alone are $250 but in a split they are around $189 if I remember correctly. A lot cheaper that way.
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    8. I settled on normal/normal for my little girl. I loved the idea of getting another white skinned doll, but worried it would be too stark for what I had planned.

      There was no offer of body blushing when I ordered my full set, btw - there's actually a disclaimer on the Fairyland web site where they explain that they do not blush/paint any parts other than the face.
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    9. @Snow i meant body blushing for the dragon parts. dragon parts blushing? at denverdoll, it lists the separate dragon parts as $250 with no clarification on whether they're blushed or not, and the given image is unblushed parts.

      full package base price: $380
      adding on dragon parts, supposedly unblushed: $250
      = $630

      full option package that includes blushed dragon parts by default = $613

      at the time i was ordering, the only way to add dragon parts to the full human package was through that option at the very bottom, though DDE has now properly added the option under the full human package and the dragon parts there are listed as $197 for ws/ns, so i guess that is cheaper.... now :P

      that said i really wanted those awesome horns and wings, so i'm still glad i ordered the full option package.
    10. I ordered the full option package too. But the dragon parts are listed as unpainted despite what the picture shows. Unfortunately, Fairyland does not do blushing. But congrats on your incoming Realfee!

    11. @brightberry oh darn! eh, i'm actually not upset by that, i like being able to choose my own color palette/design for his dragon parts and his faceplate will still have a face up, but that's... a little weird they have blushing in promo photos when it's not something they even offer.
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    12. It’s so weird they do that. I’m not upset either and I’m glad you aren’t. I’m always scared of scratching blushing. At least, if I applied it myself, I have the colors I used.
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    13. Fairyland has always been pretty clear about not providing blushing body parts or painting accessories. I remember them making a big clarification on it when they came out with the hippogriffs.
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    14. I had names picked out for my baby dragons, wrote them down on a piece of paper and now I can't find that piece of paper and of course can't remember what they were. :horror: I do remember that I'm going to make them a nest in a basket, and that they are going to be terrible little monsters that will drive the rest of my dolls crazy with their antics.
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    15. I'm not sure if anyone else has responded, but you can still order direct through Fairyland if you're in the US/North America.

      DDE starts taking orders earlier than FL (by a day or so) and DDE offers layaway (I believe FL does not), but if you can pay in full upfront, there's no reason you couldn't order from FL.
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    16. Ena is adorable

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    17. Quick question - it's been a long while since I needed to contact Fairyland direct - do they not have a q&a board or have I just not seen it? I filled in the contact form and sent it off, but I'm not used to bjd firms responding any way other than on a board so I wanted to make sure someone will actually read and respond.
    18. Yeah I was wondering the same thing... They used to but it's gone now I guess.
      I also contacted them and got a reply within like 3 days I think, through mail ^^
    19. Yeah, I believe they closed the Q&A forum when they shut down a while ago, I think their main english-speaking employee left. It might be something you could ask DDE about? Or at least, they might have more reliable contact with FL?

      I'm in a split for the body and Ena's outfit - I'm actually pretty excited about it! She'll be getting a pkf Jude face, though.
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    20. Thank you both - I'll give it a day or two more and then place my order anyway.