Fairyland RealFee Discussion Part 7

Apr 10, 2018

    1. You are indeed mistaken. My order for Ena was placed with FL directly and I'm in California. For some of the releases, DDE may get them first (like the new PKF release) and there has been at least one LTF exclusive to DDE, but normally you can order through FL directly.
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    2. You can, but FL would prefer that everyone in NA order through DDE.

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    3. z
      Interesting...I ordered direct with no issue at all. I actually prefer to order direct, because I can use my purchase points, which I don't have when I order from DDE.
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    4. I agree with Clochette. I also ordered directly from FL (and no issue ) because I had some points I wanted to use. I'm quite disappointed they don't give points anymore. At least there are no points for the latest Pukifees and Realfees.
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    5. I honestly hadn't noticed that they didn't give points with the RF order! If that's going to be the case now, then I'll likely switch over to DDE since they have cheaper shipping. That's a shame, though, because I really prefer ordering direct if I can.
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    6. I think they said they prefer it because they only have one person who speaks English and that person only works a few hours a week. So ordering is ok but customer support is going to be slower. At least, that’s what I remember being said after their restructuring. They could have taken on more people since. But I’m sure using DDE to handle their English communications has helped them a lot. Now they just need a dealer in Europe and Australia.:XD:
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    7. I’ve been trying to find clothes for my Realfee Pano for a good while, does anyone know a good couple of shops that might have something? He is starting to look like a fashion disaster with the bits and pieces he’s been borrowing from his surrounding resin family.
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    8. So this weekend I dyed one of my girls, who had uuh yellowed quite badly haha, because I take her everywhere ^^
      And then she got a new faceup by my friend Hasel. The next day I went on a little trip so I packed her up and toom the opportunity to take some pics on a lil beach.

      [​IMG]Toucan by Snow Nymrah, on Flickr
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    9. What style of dress are you looking for?
    10. Similar to the fullset outfit, something like a forest dwelling creature might wear. I managed to get him some pants that fut but that's about it so far.
    11. Has anyone seen the Meowfee that they posted on the image blog? They're not my style, but I'm sure they'll sell like hotcakes! They look like they'll be tinies, but I wonder which tiny they'll be more similar to in size.

      New Lineup "MeowFee : Jack & Yvonne" Coming Soon...
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    12. I was wondering if they'd be Realfee size, and could be hybrid :)
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    13. I have a feeling they might be a smidgen smaller than Realfee. I noticed they don't have the same knee joints at least.
      Either way they are very cute!
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    14. I love the meowfee! Reminds me of the cars in The Cat Returns :)
    15. The Meowfees are amazing. I’d love to have one. Looks like ordering will be a click war, but there will be periodic ordering periods. I’ll just be patient and pounce when the time is right.
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    16. I love those Meowfees! But I don’t think I can get one this time seeing that I’m getting the latest of the realfees. It’s going to be a lot of fun having Meofees around though. Can’t wait to see owner’s pics.
    17. Quick question!

      Has anyone tried Realfee May and Mari fullsets on Pukifee sized dolls???
    18. I haven't, but Realfee are a fair bit bigger than Pukifee.
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    19. Ah, finally caught up on all the threads! It's been great seeing everyone's collection grow and everyone's excitement with each new release. I have finally updated the RealFee wiki page. I just need to add Rian and Ena. If you have time, please take a look and make sure I didn't typo or misunderstand anything. I've tried really hard to represent everyone's findings. I will try to catch up again next release! Until then, I can't wait to see everyone's arrivals and will be working on another doll's wiki...
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    20. Well I just made my third payment for Rian and Ena at DDE, I wonder how much longer we have to wait until they are ready for delivery? I can't wait! :D
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