Fairyland RealFee Discussion Part 7

Apr 10, 2018

    1. Probably not long - They typically appear after the fourth layaway payment :)
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    2. Got it, Thanks :)
    3. Here's my comparison photo of pkf/rlf/ltf, they're pretty different. RLF also have chunkier butts.

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    4. YAY, just paid off my PKF Jude so Mya (RLF hybrid) will have a new head! (I think this will be the 5th version :XD:)
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    5. My Jude Hybrid is now complete -
      [​IMG]New PKF by Ban, on Flickr
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    6. She's so cute!
    7. HAHAHA - I saw the photo first and thought, how cool, someone got a @Ban Sidhe faceup! Then I looked at the posters name. Doh!
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    8. My Ena full option set just shipped from DDE. <3

    9. Ooh I hope that means most of them are going out now!
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    10. Oh wow! That's great news! :)

      I went a little nuts for a dragon clan -- as I kinda wanted to make each style of Realfee into it's own little group and I wasn't sure which splits might fall through -- so that should mean my WS Ena and Tan Rian might ship soon, but my NS Rian dragon and NS Ena dragon are on longer layaways.
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    11. That is a clan! Can’t wait to see them.
    12. ohmygosh, that is really exciting. can’t wait to see all of them.
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    13. I am so stoked to see they are getting shipped and are arriving :D
      I ordered a tan full option about a week after release, so I'm hoping for another week, maybe two.... hopefullllll
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    14. So excited for everyone that is waiting for their dragon babies! I have 2 coming both fullset w/ dragon leggies. I ordered the first day of the release, don't know if that makes any difference but I haven't heard from DDE yet.
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