Fairyland RealFee Discussion Part 7

Apr 10, 2018

    1. Yes!! she is incredibly cute! I just got my shipping notification from DDE today, so I should have my two in a few days.
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    2. I also got my shipping notification today! Hoping she'll slip through customs somehow xD
    3. Ooh so exciting to see them start to come home.

      I ordered direct from Fairyland and then added the summer event head so I think my order will be a bit longer coming, but it's lovely to see other people's dolls in the meantime.
    4. I added the summer event head as well. Already long waiting time is even longer.
    5. I got notice over the holiday weekend that my Ena arrived. I'm going to pay down the rest of my layaway in two payments because I want her home asap!!
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    6. I'm happy for you, Kirahfaye.
      Since I added the summer event gift I thought my Ena won't be shipped before October. And today I got the shipping notice from Fairyland. I can't believe it! I'm really impressed by Fairyland!
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    7. So excited to see everyones dragon babies! I got an early notice that my Rian had arrived at DDE but I still had two payments left. Safe to say I paid those off early (after all two months from now starts holidays and anything in the holiday mail terrifies me) and I got a shipping notice today!

      I hope for pic spam when everyone received theirs!
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    8. Anyone get their dragon babies not get the head magnets this time around or did I just get the lucky one they forgot to put in? Can't attach my girls horns.
    9. My Ena also didn't have head magnets glued in. I used some krazy glue and popped them in. It was annoying!
    10. My Ena arrived today. Her head magnets were in a little plastic bag as well.
      So here she is and her name is Emberly
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    11. I got my Ena today, and is anyone else having issues with the faceplate? I got it on the first time realized the magnets weren't glued in; struggled to get it off and get the magnets glued in. Now her faceplate won't go on all the way and keeps popping off. I'm really disappointed honestly. I had a realfee when they were first released, and I don't recall having this problem.:(
    12. She is adorable!
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    13. All these little dragons are so adorable ♡ I'm currently saving up for a Realfee so I hope Fairyland won't suddenly discontinue them.

      Any idea why they're only offering the dragons right now? I thought basics were available all year round.
    14. The basic Realfees were temporarily (?) discontinued a few months ago, along with Pukipuki, F65, and a few other of the less popular lines. It was around the time Fairyland announced they were re-organizing and focusing on quality control, I believe. Now, new releases like the centaurs and the dragons are available during the order timeframes, but you can't get a basic or parts any time you want.

      They still pop up secondhand on the marketplace quite a bit though!
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    15. I just counted how many working days it's been since my friend and I ordered and it's 60-ish. She ordered tan though so it should only be about two more weeks of waiting woo!
    16. Eee! Mine came today! She is so cute. I haven't put her dragon legs on yet, but I just love her.

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    17. My Ena arrived today too, and I have a question for you all:

      Did anyone else get their Realfee Ena (full package) in a LITTLEFEE box? Isn't there supposed to be a specific Realfee box for Realfees?

      I just find it weird, but I also remember that my Pukifee Zoe came in a box that said "Pukipuki" on the front.

      I'd like your feedback though, please.
    18. @miffimifster Both of my realfees came in Littlefee boxes. It is strange they haven’t made new ones.
      @NozomiViolet I haven’t had any problems with her faceplate. It seems really tight to me and I’ve removed it twice now.

      Also, the magnets weren’t glued in for either of my realfees. I think that so we can choose where to place them. I used eye putty on my June so I could move his ears.
    19. I'm scouring the secondhand marketplace like crazy hoping for that one special girl to pop up. It's a little sad that the basics and parts aren't available all the time. The friends I know that own a Realfee are too scared to tote them around since replacement parts aren't easily available.

      Congratulations! I absolutely adore her, she's in normal skin if I'm not mistaken? She's beautiful.
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    20. Ahhh... ok, not just me then.
      Must be a cost thing then. They probably have more Littlefee boxes than they need, so why pay to order new Realfee ones.

      Gotta shop for some shoes now. :dance