Fairyland RealFee Discussion Part 7

Apr 10, 2018

    1. @Siara You're correct, she is normal skin. Thank you for the compliment!

      @miffimifster I get you're right about the Littlefee boxes. Soom once sent me a minigem in an SD box. He could take a swim in it.

      I finally put her legs on. She's even cuter now and I appreciated how stable her tail makes her. I've given her a little hat for the time being.
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    2. I think my first RLF came in a LTF box, and apparently our split came in one too. Did they have realfee boxes? I don't remember.
    3. All my RealFees have come in LittleFee boxes.
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    4. Yeah they never bothered to make Realfee specific boxes :sigh

      Also I'm very curious to what it looks like with the tail off? Is it magnetic or strung on?
      I still have to wait a few weeks on mine so can someone share a pic? ^^
    5. Did anyone get a wig that was completely different from the promo pic?
      My wig is super curly and full. It won't fit on right with the wings because the wig is too fluffy lol
    6. All my Realfees (Ena, Luna, Coco) came in a Littlefee box.

      Mepi, I received very curly and fluffy wig as well. It doesn't look like the promo picture. To be honest I like it curly. And it's so soft!

      Snow, dragon's tail (one solid piece) is attached with a magnet. Here is one picture for you. I hope it helps.
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    7. The bulk of the tail is magnetic, but the base of the tail is strung in, and it doesn't look great without the tail attached:

      Yep, the wig I got is also HUGE and curly. Luckily I wasn't planning on using the fullset much :)
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    8. I received both Ena and Rian last week but haven't had time to take pictures yet. My Ena's wig is also super fluffy and kind of big. It's cute, but I will be looking for a different wig for her. For the first time I like the default eyes, they really pop. I love the dragon legs, my Rian poses really well and can stand on his own. Ena, not so much, she's going to need sueding. They are both very cute, and I'm glad I got them. I'll try to add pictures of them soon.
    9. @Lemon Balm Sprite and @sidroq thanks a bunch for the pics!

      I was kiiiinda planning on not using the tail hmmmm but oh well, maybe I can just cover it with her skirt. This gives me a better idea of what's what tho ^^
      Do they have any issues sitting on a flat surface or a chair/stool or so? Is the tail high enough on the behind to allow that?
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    10. The tail isn't really the issue with them sitting. The legs just don't bend that way lol. So on a completely flat surface they can't sit. They can sit on a flat surface with their legs hanging off of it, that's no problem!
    11. Ooooh I see!
      Thanks for answering me ^^ I have all of mine sitting down on chairs etc so they don't fall over, so I guess I will have to get a little stool for the girl getting these legs hahaha.
    12. Those dragon fantasy parts look really awesome ^__^ the sculpting is beautiful. I'm not 100% about Rian and Ena's ears yet. I love them but I think it's because they remind me of axolotl and I'm not sure if that's appropriate, haha~
    13. I think the wig is too fluffy as well. We’re suppose to style it, but it’s tricky. I love the eyes though. They have a pinkish, red tinge to them and are just beautiful.
    14. Once the Rian and Ena (dragon and humanoid) fullsets are sold out they won't be re-listed, as with previous fullsets.

      The Rian and Ena heads will likely join the Realfee a la carte basic boy/girl listings, as you mentioned, but those won't be available for sale again until the line manager recovers from his injury. (Fairyland are keeping a few lines closed so they don't get over-burdened.) So it could be months or longer before the Basic options return.

      In terms of the separate Realfee dragon legs, they might continue for sale, or they might be limited number/time, we're not sure yet. So if you want a dragon the fullsets might be your best bet, while they last.
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    15. Thank you for your input, Donna. I'm just after a basic Realfee I think, hoewever tempting the dragons may be. Just scouring the marketplace right now, hoping to get lucky. The catch is that I'd order a basic dragon in a heartbeat if it wasn't for the dreaded custom fees since I'm in the European Union. I could order another Realfee just with the fee they smack us with. I kid you not. On top of that it's been a pain to find secondhand Realfee in Europe that aren't overpriced or in bad condition. Not to mention you do kind of want a sculpt that tickles your fancy, right? But that's enough of my complaining, haha~

      (P.S. I already signed the EU-dealer petition but if I had my way I'd love for our local dealer to become an official dealer too. Not sure but perhaps they could have us choose from a few dealers so the one with the most votes gets the job in the end. Just being difficult~)

      I hope their line manager has a swift recovery. Health is of the utmost importance, I should know. I look forward to drooling over all the pretty Realfee that pass in the thread here in the meanwhile. I'm a major Littlefee fan but there's something about their sculpting that makes the Realfee even more interesting. I think it's the slouch, I'm a sucker for a good slouch. And I love their hands, love love love! Ack...sounding like a rabid fangirl here, haha~
    16. I'm in Europe too so I totally know what you mean.

      Dolk Station sell some Fairyland items, with layaway, and they under-declare, so they can be a good option. Fairyland themselves are great at under-declaring, but it's always a lot of money to pay in one go so I don't tend to go direct unless it's for cheaper items.

      Angelesque was so nearly a dealer before Fairyland's restructure, that I'm hoping we stand a good chance of getting that once their line manager returns.
    17. Great tips, thank you~! (I've heard bad things about Dolkus so I'd rather not chance it though.) On a side note, is there somewhere to go for blank sculpt images of Ena and Rian? The last ones I found were Luna and Eva but nothing about the newer guys and girls. I'm probably missing something...
    18. My Rian arrived earlier this week. I ordered white dragon parts because I want him to be an ice dragon. Unfortunately the wings and horns were only available in red, I would have preferred white, blue or transparent. I'm wondering if I can paint the wings and horns silver or if I should just leave him without them.

      The wig was a little bit grayish and I would have preferred pure white, but it's almost white, so it's OK. I painted his claws silver and added a little bit of blue to emphasize the scaly structure, but I did not want to do an extensive body blushing.

      Here's my ice dragon called Orm:
      [​IMG]Orm, the dragon boy by spih_2, on Flickr
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    19. @spih He looks amazing as an ice dragon! I love the shiny claws.