Fairyland RealFee Discussion Part 7

Apr 10, 2018

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    1. this is the first time I've taken her picture since she arrived last year! Here is Ena, her name is Vivi.

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    2. Oh my gosh I love her! :D The Coco top and wig look -so- nice on her as well!
    3. My whole RealFee crew:
      [​IMG]Realfees by spih_2, on Flickr
      Back row (left to right):
      Sleipnir, the flying centaur, Orm, the dragon boy and Papageno the bird charmer who can charm even angry birds with his pan pipes.
      Sitting at the front Kikka and Jippo.
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    4. @greenfaerie she’s absolutely adorable! Love, love, love!:D

      @spih what a fabulous crew you have! You are indeed fortunate to have so many realfees...that’s certainly a collection to be proud of. Each one of them is absolutely precious, and they all look so good together!:)
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    5. Thank you! I really like her in that wig.

      I’m so in love with Papageno, the feathers in his hair are everything.
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    6. @greenfaerie it’s so cute on her! I love it too!

      @spih oh my gosh! :love I love your Realfee family! They’re all so fun and cute!
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    7. @spih oh I love that outfit on her! It's so pretty and elegant! Definitely worthy of the prince's ball! :love

      Here's another photo of Fern! She's tending to her ceiling plants to make sure they keep their bright glow throughout her faerie home!

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    8. @spih, how marvelous she is in that outfit...and even glass slippers! She’ll be the belle of the prince’s ball for sure!:)

      @KikiBJD oh that fern...she’s an absolute treasure! What a wonderful photo of her in her fairy realm.:D
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    9. @PoeticSoul thank you so much for your kind comments as always! :hug:
    10. Here's a new outfit for Realfee Pupu from a 7" "My Life as" mini doll. (not the 18" doll from the same line.)
      The only alterations were removing the bottom trim and hood seam from the hoodie. The sleeves are a tad short, but they can be pushed up to the elbow to disguise that. The pants are a perfect length. The plastic boots were too small. Still, for about $10, it's not bad.
      Happy 4th of July weekend!



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    11. @Answer42 Hey, that’s a great find! Thanks so much for sharing it with us.:)
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    12. She is darling, love the freckles
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    13. Realfee Mari and Realfee Luna are in my wishlist! So jealous of anyone who has them :...( Really hoping I can add them to my collection one day....
    14. Thank you so much! :hug: I actually ended up following a tutorial today from YouTube that helped me add some variation to them with acrylic paint, so they’re more summery now! (If that even makes sense? Can freckles even be summery? :XD:) I haven’t yet taken a photo of the updated look yet, but I’ll be sure to post a new one tomorrow! :celebrate
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    15. Here's a new dress pattern I made for Realfee. It's under Workshop: Patterns: Sewing.
      Something light and airy for August.
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    16. So cute - and looks easy enough that even I could make it! :D
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