Fairyland RealFee Discussion Part 7

Apr 10, 2018

    1. I got those from a friend in a trade. I believe they are soulinabox eyes ^_^
    2. Incredible, so happy to get my own eyes from soulinabox soon-ish! Such a wonderful focus that really draws my eyes to her face. :love (Briala is also wonderful, but my attention is just drawn to Ena, haha.)
    3. Thank you, I love thex12mm eyes in your Ena. Perhaps I just need better quality 12mm eyes. The ones I have are a bit too plain for my liking.
    4. They are indeed a wonderful quality ^_^ I included the for the new owner because they fit her so well! I really hope the eyes you chose will work out for you!

      @smudge: Yeah, sometimes it takes a while to find the right eyes. Quality and just preferances in what you like can make all the difference. Hope you can find a set that works for you ^_^
    5. The Griffins do have their own thread. I have one and love him. I also had the Mari mermaid tail but didn’t find that it worked for me very well. And I have the dragons, so as you can see this person likes the fantasy parts
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    6. Thanks, I'll have a look for the fantasy line thread.
    7. I noticed the Realfee still haven't made a comeback. Do we have any sort of timeframe as to their return?

      I've been eyeing some cute faceplates but I always worry about playing with my Realfee due to replacement parts being non-existant. Probably just me being overprotective x__x; I want to tote these cuties around everywhere.
    8. This might be a long shot but if anyone has a Dearmine Bean size doll, could you possibly show the two dolls (nude preferably) side by side? Even better if you can show the head of the dearmine bean on the realfee body! I love fairyland's bodies so much but I'm not sure if this scale will work and I don't want to splurge on a secondhand purchase or wait until FL starts selling them again! Thank you!
    9. @SmoteyMote I have a Realfee and can see if the DearMine Bean heads can be put on it for you.
    10. Ahh thank you! Yeah, I'm fine with doing the actual mod but I'm more worried about scale. I tried photoshopping and realfee and pukifee looked the best but realfee was maybe a bit too weird?
    11. [​IMG]
      Too precious by half, hence the smirk, no doubt
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    12. @MayBea your Toki looks quite happy. Adorable outfit, love the color.
    13. Thank you kindly!
    14. Maybea your Toki is darling! I do love the blank faceplate look on her, and the dress too. I am wishing for new Realfees because seeing your cute one makes me want more!
    15. Thank you greenfaerie! Realfee is, to me, the perfect size, though I love the Realpuki version of Toki, too.
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    16. @MayBea your girl is adorable. I have an outfit by that designer too. I love the boots!
    17. @smudge thank you kindly.
      I’m all thumbs these days, it seems, though I would like to clothe my little fee in the manner they’d prefer.
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    18. Happy Easter from my Luna!

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    19. That li’l bunny of hers is so very cute, and just the right size for an Easter bunny!
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    20. [​IMG]

      Here's my craziest hat (so far) for Realfee.
      The original pattern is in Cathy Carron's "Hattitude", a knitting book of hat patterns for humans. It took a change of gauge and a little math to shrink the size.
      Love these Realfees!
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