Fairyland RealFee Discussion Part 7

Apr 10, 2018

    1. Would anyone be able to measure an upper thigh for me? I’m sewing while waiting for a new girl, but I need to know for a pair of bloomers, and the pattern doesn’t say.
    2. The upper thigh is 2 5/8" or about 6 3/4 cm.
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    3. Thanks!!
    4. I hate to double post, but I'm a little frustrated. I'm waiting on a full doll, but since I have a PKF faceplate, I figured it wouldn't hurt to also get a headback just in case I like the PKF face better than the RLF. So I ordered the PKF connector through DDE, and I got it today. Unfortunately, it doesn't fit right.


      The colour difference is whatever, I did expect that to a certain degree. But there's a significant bit of the FP that sticks out above the headback. Is this a common thing with older PKF plates and these new connectors? Or is one of the two pieces wonky?

      It would almost certainly be covered by a wig, but I'm just frustrated that there's such an obvious difference in size between the two.
    5. I recently bought a few Realfee headbacks for the Pukifee event faceplates I'd collected over the years as well, and was just as surprised when none of them fitted smoothly, all leaving that same gap at the top.

      I honestly thought they'd be pretty streamline, and have no idea why they don't line up :/
    6. Unfortunately this is a common problem with the headback adapters. It's also why they didn't want to sell them seperately at first.
      They were for an event only at first, but due to high demand (partly by me haha), they put them up for sale in the shop, but they did mention that they might not fit well.
      I'm not entirely sure what the problem is, but it might be a problem with their mold.

      I have a new faceplate that has the same problem. I had to put in magnets otherwise it would just fall off, but it works alright. I personally don't mind as much because yes it will be covered by a wig, but I understand your frustration.
    7. My 3 headbacks fit like that too.
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    8. Lelya is SO cute !!
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    9. Too cute for words. :aheartbea :aheartbea :aheartbea

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    10. I've had my eye on this line for a while because of all the fantasy elements. The thing that keeps throwing me off is even though the dolls seem to be designed to be very easy to customize with switching of parts such as the mer tail/satyr bits and the like, it doesn't seem like the company generally offers these pieces separately. Needing to buy an entire new limited doll each time to get the special parts kills some of the versatility for me. I did notice they offered the centaur bottoms separately this go around so I'm hoping offering the different fantasy parts becomes more of a regular thing down the line.
    11. It would be neat if they sold the tails that went with the fullsets as well :( I purchased the bunny ears for my May but still longing for that fluffy bunny tail.
    12. I'm so excited! My girl is here!

      Does anyone have any good patterns for RLF? I bought the one for the outfit she's wearing, but haven't been able to find many others. Do most people just reduce LTF patterns?

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    13. The outfits I have for Helen Kish's Riley dolls fit my Realfees nicely, and there's ten years' worth of Riley patterns available online. (Including many crochet & knitting patterns.)

      Outfits for 8" dolls -- like Madame Alexander, or Ginny -- are big on top, but the skirts fit over the RLF faun / bunny legs. Still have a bunch of patterns for such dolls, but I'm much better at hoarding patterns & fabrics than making outfits, so I can't give you exact modifications.
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    14. Thanks!! I'll look into them!
    15. The realfee pattern that I purchased ended up not working out so well :( even with a slightly stretchy fabric it ended up being too small. I ended up just making a sort of tube-top type sundress for my girl, nothing super fancy, but enough to get her clothed.
    16. What pattern was it?