Fairyland RealFee Discussion Part 7

Apr 10, 2018

    1. Did you check that it printed at the right size? I made the pattern while I was waiting for my girl, and it turned out okay. I used regular cotton weave. The back is a bit gappy, but that's because I lined it and don't have any fasteners there.

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    2. I used the guide square as a reference :(
    3. The only thing I can think is that if you printed it, your printer might have changed the scale :/
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    4. You could add more seam allowance. That might help. When sewing for the tiny dolls, just any small deviation from the given seam allowance can make a huge difference. I’ve not used the pattern you used so I can’t speak directly to that one, but just generally. Don’t give up!
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    5. I finally got my 2017 Summer Event plate from my faceup artist, I think it turned out great! Not sure if it will be a boy or a girl yet, but I'm leaning towards boy.

      RF 2017 Summer Event
      by clochette62, on Flickr
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    6. I just checked the fairyland website, like I've been doing every week since they temporarily closed.
      It looks like Denver Doll Emporium is the official north american distributor. So I went to their website. There is no longer a spot for realfee. They have them listed under an in stock section with a notice at the top of the page saying these dolls aren't available for preorder from fairyland.

      So immediately I've jumped to conclusions saying they wont be offering the realfee line anymore. I dont want to start rumors but I'm hoping someone here has a better thought?
    7. They frequently change lines and close and open them. They probably just want to focus on the most popular lines while they test out this new system of theirs.
    8. So there's hope the line isn't completely gone?
      Just this year I got my first realfee and I'm in love. I'll be devastated if they disappear.
    9. I don't think they will be gone for good. They have seemed pretty popular.

      I'm slightly bummed they aren't back for now, because I need a body and thought I might as well order directly from them haha. Oh well.
    10. I agree with snow. Fairyland has a LOT of different lines, and after having been closed for about two months, there could be a flood of orders, so I imagine they’re just sticking to the basics until they get everything settled and working. Of course, this is all my guess, but I don’t think RealFee will be gone for good.
    11. They'd know better than that! If they stopped making Realfee then within a week they'd have a tonne of us in their workshop looking through the moulds asking where we can pour in the resin. ;) :D
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    12. Or at the very least leaving a lot of messages in their Q&A haha.
    13. I was kind of hoping that the winter limited realfees would go back up for sale when Fairyland returns. Most of them hadn't sold out yet and I wanted to get an Eva in whiteskin with the limited faceup and eyes.
    14. Realfee, realpuki and pukipuki aren’t on the “being made” list. Hopefully they will all open back up
    15. I wonder if they will move them over to DDE. Where there full sets left? I don’t know if they would make enough dolls to cover the full sets or just make them as they are ordered.
    16. Before FL stopped orders none of the Eva's (fullset centaur, human or just the doll) were sold out yet, so 200 weren't sold. I'd like to get the human fullset if possible, but I'm not sure how that will work since I'd have to go through DDE. I guess I'll wait and see. XD
    17. I hope so, too!

      RealFee and RealPuki bodies are both *really* complicated to cast/string -- and compared to, say, the more elaborate MNF fantasy dolls, probably not nearly as lucrative for Fairyland. And I think the PukiPukis have kind of been overshadowed by their newer line-mates, so they weren't getting as many orders. (Maybe I'm just extrapolating too much from the Marketplace here, where prices for PukiPukis have tumbled off a cliff?)

      So if I had been told to guess which lines would be put on hold, I'd have guessed PukiPuki and RealPuki. The RealFees are more of a surprise, but maybe we can hope it means the company artists are working on improvements for the future? Spare hands, for instance? Or somewhat less 'pixie-ish' (spindly) torsos / upper arms, if the new not-so-fantastical event faceplate was well received?
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    18. Hello, I’m having SO much fun with my Realfee. I just added a second hand Coco to my little collection. Now I have five little elves? Anyways finding clothes that fit them has not been easy for me yet. I know of the ‘what fits’ thread but there are so many dolls with other sizes it’s very confusing for me. Like Latti Yellow SP, how is that different from Latti Yellow? Neo Blythe vs just Blythe? I have a lot to learn. Maybe I should just learn to sew.
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    19. Lati Yellow SP is a different size to Lati Yellow. It's basically a longer version. There's a pic here.

      Lati yellow is the same size as Pukifee for instance.
      I think Neo blythe and blythe are the same size. It may be a newer style body but it's about the same sizes. So anything but Middie blythe will be good. Middie is much tinier.
      If you ever have any wonders about if something fits, you can always ask a seller to see if they can take measurements.
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    20. Yes Lati Yellow is the same size as PukiFees and Lati Yellow SP is the same size as RealFees.

      One thing to remember about blythe though is that stokkings won't fit. Their feet are so much smaller. They are really tiny. Also dresses tend to be a bit long.

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