Fairyland Realpuki discussion - part 20

Apr 5, 2020

    1. Ben (DreamHigh House Elf) visits with his Realpuki friends every month or so since he first befriended them 2 years ago, during a stroll around the neighbourhood. They love it when he reads to them!


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      This is a thread to discuss Fairyland RealPuki. :hug:

      DoA Wiki RealPuki:
      Realpuki - DoA BJD Wiki | Den of Angels

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    2. Your tiny family is adorable from every perspective.
    3. Thanks very much, LicorneDream!!! Much appeciated!
    4. How sweet to see Ben reading to the little ones @El BJD .
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    5. Thank you, Jonlyn! He enjoys reading to them.
    6. My dear little companion, Morticia Hallows, wants to say hi to the new thread. She’s a Halloween fairy, and if you fail to pass out treats to the children on Halloween, then she will bite you to instill the proper Halloween spirit!

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    7. It's Easter and my gang have invaded the bakery! Lucky for them the baker is hard at work in the back room.
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    8. @vermont chick Wow, you truly can’t get more precious than that...and awesome props! This made my day.:)
    9. Thanks! The bakery display is a new addition to American Girl's Seaside Diner set. AG dolls are huge but I don't let the disparity in size bother me: if I can find a reason for a tiny doll to be in a much larger setting, I just go with it.:lol: Glad you like it!
    10. I made for Tealtilla new dress and she is very proud of it.

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    11. @LicorneDream you did a great job and I’m sure your little one appreciates being dressed in something so lovely. It’s difficult to sew for something so small as RealPukis, so I’m very impressed.:)
    12. @LicorneDream - What a sweet photo! The dress is lovely and makes Tealtilla look like a little princess.
    13. @PoeticSoul @vermont chick thank you!
      Hahaha, Teala really likes to depict from herself a spoiled little princess, but usually not for long time. She is too curious.
      I think curiosity is a characteristic trait for realpukis.
      Hope to see more of your pukis too.
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    14. [​IMG]

      Mischief makers! Too much time at home, so much trouble to find .
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    15. It looks like they have found hidden sweets and eat them all.
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    16. @Jonlyn - I think they got caught with their hands in the cookie jar. "I didn't do it." Wink-wink.
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    17. I love these little guys :) I look forward to the day I will eventually own one. I really like the Roro, Tyni and Toki sculpts.
    18. El BJD I love the flower 'hat' did you make it?
    19. Thanks, Booksandtea! The flower headband was made by desertmountainbear several years ago.

      I'd have reached for the 'real' sweets, vermont chick! :)

      Mischief makers are always the cutest in the bunch, eh Jonlyn! <grin>
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