Falling out of love with BJD

May 11, 2018

    1. I have a small collection of a different sort of doll that take up a lot of space when I have them out. They and their furniture and all their things are large. When I went back to college last fall I decided I needed their corner of my room for a desk to study. My priority became school instead of dolls, so into the closets they went. I eventually brought back out my favorite doll and she moves around my room as I need, occasionally I dive into the storage bins for new clothes. Recently, I decided to shift gears in my doll collection by purchasing my first BJD. Because of the giant step up in money needed for just the doll I decided to sell my other dolls and most of their things. I will keep my favorite doll along with a few things for her and whatever accessories I find will be in the right scale for my BJD. It was a hard decision but one I am at peace with because I feel like I’m not “giving up” dolls, I am merely shifting in styles of what I want my doll collection to look like. *I wanted to note that I’m not advertising, I just wanted to tell my current experience*

      As suggested above, pack your dolls away and put them where you won’t see them every day. Do this for a month. If you don’t miss their presence it’s time to sell. If you find yourself thinking about one in particular keep that one, and maybe the clothes and accessories you like for that one, and sell the rest.

      I want to add that I also felt very very similar to you prior to my packing my dolls away. It was almost a restless feeling centered around my collection. It’s weird isn’t it?
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    2. I did this when I decided to switch from more anime-styled dolls towards (semi)realistic ones, and only one of the dolls I had back then remains. While there were some weird spots along the way, I'm definitely way more pleased with my crew now then I was back then.

      Rather than going for it all at once, I went one doll at a time - putting them away for a while and seeing if I actually wanted to put them back up on display. If not? To the sales it went.

      Things I also considered:
      - Is this doll easy to replace if I change my mind? Are similar/Is the same sculpt available?
      - Is the issue with the doll, or the character? Would changing up one of them change my mind?
      - Do I mind taking a price hit for a quick sale? (If I do, I might not actually want to sell the doll after all... just yet anyway)

      Also: It's completely fine to prefer "playing" with some doll and not with others! Some dolls you may enjoy for display, while others you may find more "handleable" for one reason or another. That's okay. You don't necessarily need to enjoy every doll the same way.
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    3. I just got into BJD's and I'll be getting my first this week and second is on layaway. I can't speak on those. BUT I used to collect manga and anime figures. And makeup, and clothes, etc etc etc. Recently I've sold almost everything except my favorites of each. At first its a shock and I felt a little empty seeing an empty bookcase when I used to have 3 filled. And Empty displays.. but they gave me money, my room looks so much more organized, simple and clean.

      The thing I go by is: Would I rebuy them for the price I could get for them? Honestly, I can't even remember most of the figures and manga books I sold. Definitely don't feel the need to rebuy them.

      Also another huge thing that helped me.. Remove them from your site for at least a week or 2. Put them in their box and store them away. Do you miss them? Do you need them? Every time I did this it made getting rid of the things 10x easier.

      BJD's seem very hard to rebuy though especially accessories. Manga and figures are much easier to rebuy in case I have regrets. So make sure to think it through for awhile. Don't impulse sell.

      Selling that stuff has given me money for the new hobby (BJD's). I'm moving from one phase of my life to the next.

      Sorry for rambling, hope I could help at least a little.
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    4. I've felt like this many times in my time in the hobby. I've enjoyed many kinds of dolls since I was a toddler, but I rarely stay interested in a specific type for more than a few years. This April will be 11 years in the BJD hobby, so it's one I've stuck with and stayed interested in much longer than most.

      I have frequently felt like my dolls were just clutter and more of a burden than something to enjoy. Even though they can be set aside until I'm ready again, it still stressed me out that I had just too many. Each time, I'd start narrowing down the collection and selling them off, and by the time I had a good chunk of money from selling...I'd go buy some more and feel a renewed interest. I think maybe it's not so much that I get bored of the hobby, as I get bored of the specific set of dolls I have, and selling them off and starting a new crew is what I need to revive my enthusiasm. I recently sold off around 7 dolls who had been my main crew for five years, and now I have three new ones ordered and got another new one last week. I'm feeling really good about my crew again, like it's been refreshed and reorganized.

      Other times, it's just time to let go. I've sold off some dolls to invest in my other hobbies and it felt good. You could box up your dolls and put them away for a few months, see if you miss them. If you don't and aren't tempted to get them back out of storage, it might be time to move on and use the money for something new. You might start by selling off one or two who aren't rare or limited, in case you change your mind and want to buy them back. Once they're gone, see if you feel better, and if so, then let the others go too.

      If you decide to sell, you can look up the dolls you own in the "Sold Dolls" archive in the marketplace and see what others have sold the same dolls for. You might also make your prices negotiable if you want them to move quickly. Taking good photos, giving lots of information and selling internationally will help them move faster. I prefer to sell here, but Instagram and Facebook groups are also good ideas. I'd avoid eBay, as they take a huge chunk of your sales in fees and many buyers are wary of dolls on ebay not being legit.
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    5. I collect a wide range of dolls (including Smart Dolls!) and have done so for as long as I can remember. As I have grown up my collection has changed and I have fallen in and out of love with multiple forms of dolls, this has led to me purchasing a LOT of dolls.

      Not all of my dolls get the same 'face time' as others (I do not have that kind of time or display space). Some dolls I have are just decorative pieces that only come out for holidays, there are a few that sit in a bin in my closet unless I am having a really bad day, others (like my Mirai) are never put away. I like all my dolls, but they all have different purposes in my collection; just because I only take one out once a year does not mean I want to get rid of her, I just only need to see her once a year.
      So, the point is you do not have to enjoy your BJDs the same way (or the same amount) as your Smart Dolls, if you like them all then do not worry about it, the dolls are not judging you....

      I am actually going through a massive 'down size' of my collection right now, most of it involves things I had been keeping 'just because' or for nostalgic reasons and it has been difficult. While most of the things I am getting rid of are not in the same price range as bjds, some of them would be hard to find if I ever missed them.
      So, I started with the 'easy' things, cheap dolls I hardly ever looked at or ones I got as gifts but did not care for, and I put them in boxes in a different room. My overhaul is on a much grander scale but the point is I started by putting the things I was really sure I would not miss in a box away from sight first. If a few weeks went by and I either forgot about the box or never pulled out what I put it I would either find something else to add to the box or get rid of what was sitting in the box the longest.
      If you do think you want to sell, do not do so quickly. Take your time, make absolutely sure that you do not miss the doll. From experience, getting rid of a doll too quickly and regretting it later is a terrible feeling.
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    6. Everyone's advice is based on much more experience than mine, but I will add my two cents. I have been considering selling a doll due to financial issues and even just the thought of parting with him made me feel so blue I realized I was just looking for a quick fix to the problem. The emotional reaction was immediate and that's how I knew I wasn't ready to sell him just yet. I also agree that some dolls have different purposes. I have dolls I always travel with, and dolls I will snuggle with to just watch tv, and dolls I will dress up twice a year to admire their beauty and all these dolls make me happy. Your feelings about your dolls/collection are complex and I definitely recommend sitting with them and teasing out. Hobbies and interests wax and wane but if you're a collecting-type personality, then having something to collect will always bring you joy. If you keep collecting the same thing, or decide to sell and collect a new thing, you should make sure you're doing what brings you joy.
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    7. I started buying small dolls at first due to lack of space, then bigger dolls followed. Now I find myself drawn to almost exclusively big dolls (especially DD) partially due to the fact that even just sewing clothes for them feels more fun. Just like everyone said, it's ok to fall out of love with certain dolls.

      Along with everything that was already said, i'd probably add that if you have a full set doll - consider selling it the last. First of all to me that's a REAL collector item, usually full set dolls are very limited (20-40 of a kind). and second - there probably was a serious reason for you to get it full set (be it even a sentimental one).
      For example, i will probably never sell or mod my very first doll I got. I don't even play with him, he just sits on my shelf as a piece of art.

      Hope that helps even a little to build your decision =)
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    8. I think if you put them away in their boxes out of sight for a month or so and you don't miss them then you should sell them. I sold a doll I thought I didn't want on a whim because I needed quick cash and now I really regret it! There's no rush to sell them I guess so take your time. Also maybe just sell a few and keep the ones you're most attached to. I hope you figure it out in the end, I know it's a stressful process!
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    9. Yes, I'd have to agree with the people before me: before deciding to sell a doll for quick cash you should put the doll away in a closet for a month and see if you missed them. If you do you probably shouldn't sell them just yet.
      But if you even tend to forget about the doll in your closet it's likely time to move on and sell them.

      From my personal experience it's also quite important to see how much you really enjoy seeing your doll or handling them. As @ronnie92 said it before me: "You don't necessarily need to enjoy every doll the same way."!
      For example I adore my SD16 girl and love posing her but I mostly look at her and admire her beauty from afar. But I greatly enjoy handling my SDmidi girl and play with her almost everyday. So both of my dolls bring me a lot of joy, each in their own way.
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    10. I have no experience of this in this hobby but I've definitely experienced it in other hobbies. In fact I'm in the slow process of clearing out a lot of one of my hobbies now.

      I tend to get really overly enthusiastic and throw myself into a new hobby, end up overwhelmed and then I fall out of love with it.

      But even if I did start to feel like I'd had enough I don't think I'd leave this hobby completely because I've never left any of my other hobbies completely either they just aren't at the forefront of my mind all the time. You don't have to be all in or all out, it's ok to find a new hobby and keep your old ones there for when you're interested again. If collections get too big they can be pared down to favourites etc.
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    11. My dolls spent a good two years out of view in boxes, with me not really thinking about them anymore. I was in a bad place mentally, I had little energy in general and little room to do BJD stuff. Honestly the only reasons I didn't sell them back then is 1) couldn't be bothered to even take pictures for that 2) couldn't handle having to find a way to ship them if they sold 3) at least one of them was unlikely to ever sell.

      I didn't miss them, didn't really think about them. I even threw away their original boxes because they took too much space, which I can promise I am regretting now that recasting has become this huge problem because I pretty much can't prove my dolls are legit now. I've also lost some eyes and wigs because I've moved a few times during that period. Honestly it's a miracle that none of the dolls themselves were damaged for how little I cared at that point, although since they do have monetary value I guess I was careful :D

      I'm starting to play again with them (since a year more or less) and that's because I fell into the world of monster high repaints and welp, my BJDs were there, I was in a doll mood... I'm not as into BJD as I once was, and they're very much a secondary hobby for me at this point (so I doubt I'll buy more unless I suddenly inherit a huge fortune out of nowhere) but I'm glad I kept them because I do get to do with them things that are more difficult with fashion dolls. Sewing in 1/4 is so much easier than 1/6 if nothing else!
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    12. It is perfectly natural to take breaks from any hobby! I enjoy beading, drawing, writing, making doll clothes, stitching cross stitch pictures, reading, and playing video games. I don't do all of those things all of the time. I alternate from project to project, and don't try to do everything, all the time.
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    13. Thanks for all the comments and suggestions on here! :)

      I currently have my dolls on display in my office so I see them every day. I think like a lot of people have suggested that I'll pack them away in their boxes and see how I feel about them no longer being on show and available and then go from there.

      The whole 'not every doll is for the same purpose' comments really struck a cord as well. While I use my SmartDolls for going out and taking photos, the ones at home that aren't as posable can just be for display. I know there is no right or wrong way to own a doll so maybe I should stop beating myself up about not handling all my dolls, all the time. It's strange how you can feel guilty for not playing with something that isn't alive :lol:

      Thanks everyone!
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