Fate of original Elfdoll tinies?

Sep 28, 2006

    1. I talked to Elfdoll production team few days ago, and I don't think they are discontinuing their Tinies.

      It is Korean Thanksgiving and the longest holiday; I think some people can take the maximum of 9 days for vacation due to consecutive holidays. Elfdoll seems to be upgrading their server during these holidays.

      In fact, they told me that they are in process of producing tiny doll bodies in abundance during the holidays, so that customers won't have to wait too long to receive their orders.

      The vendor may have been mis-informed due to miscommunication probably, especially when their native language is not English.

      I'm so glad that the Tinies will be available, since I am so ready to get Jin-dal-lae.
    2. Thanks Clochette - I had not checked for an answer yet today! I'm really glad they are not discontinuing them. They are the only mature-body dollhouse size BJD.

    3. I'm glad too, but the OP isn't a newbie with Elfdoll or the language barrier. It would have had to be one heck of a miscommunication for her to have gotten it that wrong, since she had info in her first post that wasn't on the popup. Not that it matters now, just makes me curious.

      Carolyn, I think it's Elfdoll2006 who is the target of your thanks, not me. :)
    4. Maybe when they said that this would be the last order that they would be able to place, they meant that from now on, they would only sell the tinies from the elfdoll site?

      I am really glad, though, that they aren't being discontinued! Someday, I'll get an Min Del Re and mod her into a boyfriend for my Adel :)
    5. theyre NOT being discontinued? ... ::shuffles feet:: darn, as much as i love catsy, i wasnt planning on making her my first bjd (too niche-y, wanted a more common style to play with)... there goes my lydia fund... lol
    6. Elfdoll_Oka just finally answered today that they are not being discontinued at this time. Sounds like some kind of translation mixup between Elfdoll and their US dealers.

    7. Yay ...and I mean that from the bottom of my PayPal account
      I do sell a lot of wigs for these girls and custom outfits
      I get more orders for her than Banji
      so far still more popular than Banji ...and my favorite
      she was the first tiny I ordered

      Ok so when are they gonna release Wendy LOL
      I love her ! but not keen on the Christmas set
      and I dont want Winky , Ive never seen a Wendy come up for sale either ;(
    8. Yes of course - thanks elfdoll2006 for your solid info! And I was thanking clochette for check my question in Elfdoll Q&A to see if it got an answer.

      Chuuie - I'm pretty sure you could sell an unmodified Catsy in the Marketplace for what you payed.

      Clochette - I can see easily how the wrong information could have been passed to a dealer. Just switch the words around or stick an 's' on sale and it's "sales of Elfdoll tinies end September 31". And there may have been a News release that got pulled - you can see it was deleted right before I posted my question. For all we know, they may have planned to stop selling them or may have done a news release that was badly translated.

      I do not fault Kathy for announcing it to the forum. I have dealt with Kathy of dollsandfriends.com many times in the past and I have always found her to be a very good dealer, truthful and helpful.

    9. It's true that I have had a horrible time communicating with the Elfdoll folks, for even simple things. We need a Babel fish or a universall translator!

      Good news, anyway, that our girls are sticking around---and we can keep hoping for a boy! Has anyone seen the newest Haute Doll? On the last page of the Rainman article there is a tiny with the cutest little face and wild hair---we need HER!
    10. No, it wasn't Dodo, though it is the same wig. This tiny has her little eyes all squinty, and bright red lips! She is the BOMB!
    11. Yay! Yay!!

      Psyched = Me.

      Now if I can just get my Sylph's faceup to stop looking like a thundercloud (the one she came with came to me with rubbed off somehow and I can't get her eyebrows fine enough).

      Yay!!! *flips* I just so love these little girls. Me want more!!
    12. Well, I have to confess....

      I bought a Rainman tiny because of this rumour.

      She was on my list, but not so near the top that I would have purchased her right now. :roll:

      This is she Monnaeme Min Del Re:


      I have no regrets! :)
    13. Delicateangel - Min is one of my favorites too!

      Chuuie - you still have a "WTB: Catsy" thread in the Marketplace

    14. Aren't her eyes just pleading for you to take her home?
      Try not to make eye contact! :lol:
    15. You will be SO happy with your Min! You'll want to carry her everywhere---and you CAN! :)
    16. You will love your Min...I adore my Cranky Winona, she's such a character.
    17. So good to hear! I had gotten an answer as well:


      Thank you for your interst on Elfdoll.
      We stopped sales for Tinies for past few weeks and
      we started to sale tinies again.
      That was what we meant.

      Sorry for the confusion.

    18. It's so strange to read this, I just ordered 3 of these dolls like 5 minutes ago!! So I hope they will still make them for me... They look so adorable!

      While we are on the subject, does anyone know where to get clothes for these dolls? I ordered Lyn, Sylph and Adel...