Fate of original Elfdoll tinies?

Sep 28, 2006

    1. Bratz Kids clothing fit really well, and are a lot less expensive than the actual "Elfdoll" clothing.
    2. Cool, thanks :D
    3. I'm glad I read through this thread before freaking out. I really want all of the tinies and am glad that they aren't being discontinued.
    4. Caidanbi, in the Tinies forum there is at least one thread about clothes for them......we talk about Dawn clothes, too....... and beware, the universe of bratz is GINORMOUS!! Only bratz KIDZ clothes fit the tinies......
    5. I haven't been on DoA in a long while (I just got married last week - so I was a little busy!) - but I stopped in and saw this post. I LOVE the tiny Elfdolls and will be heartbroken if they go away. I have 2 Adels, a Min and a Lyn - and I love them all so much. After seeing this - even though Elf Doll responded that they aren't getting rid of the tiny doll line yet - I quickly bought the last Winky from Dollsandfriends. I've wanted her since she came out - well and Wendy too - but I couldn't find them both and could only afford one now anyway. She was a limited edition, so my chances were getting smaller and smaller. I thought maybe a new "Winky" type might come out that wasn't a Christmas edition - so I guess I was kind of waiting for that - Like that cute pippi looking one that never made it out for selling.

      I really hope that the tiny elfdolls stay around for a long long time. But I am glad that I will now have a nice family of 5 of them. They're my favorite out of all of my dolls (even my SD's). Charley - my first Adel is my favorite doll of all (but don't tell the other girls!). :)
    6. I ordered some doll stuff from somewhere (Denver Doll?) and my package also contained a fancy glossy brochure about Elfdolls and Rainman. It listed the high points of Rainman's artistic career, and had beautiful photos of all of his dolls, including Hana, but did not show a single Elfdoll 14cm tiny!!!

    7. If you see the new Haute Doll, there is a Rainman interview. It's shameful - no mention of the tinies but at the end they show pictures of tinies and they don't even credit who they are in case others who have never seen them before could find out.
    8. Yes, I TOTALLY want that tiny at the very end! I love her squinty face!! But it's typical of HD to not list what the dolls are--or to get it wrong, as with Soah/Sooah.....

      Has anyone seen that tiny?
    9. havent seen it
      but your either talking about BongSunHwa or the new Hana with the smile face plate

      my favorite Rainman sculpts

      Sobs ...that he could neglect out tiny Elf for so long
    10. I think that Tiny is Winky - I want one too but missed my chance a few weeks ago - I love the one eye. Her shoes are very special too (she's wearing a kind of high-top that isn't the boot or the the awful elf moccasin) - I think Rainman probably made a single resin pair just for her. I'll try to post the picture when I remember at home. The outfits on the tinies on that page are very cute and I've never seen them before. One looks like a Dodo but she's not quite there.
    11. It isn't Winky! Honest! And it's not Dodo, either! No doubt it's one of Rainmain's personal dolls..........but how do we even ask at Elfdoll, if we don't know which one it is?
    12. If someone would scan the HD page, I'd be most grateful -- I'd love to see this pretty wee one!!

      Rainman does sculpt/customize personal dolls for himself sometimes, so it's possible that she's just not available for sale . . . but perhaps we could petition if she's popular enough!

      I just love my Jinx (Catsy) ^_^

      -- A (seconding the recommendation for Bratz Kidz clothes!)
    13. My guess would be Lyn...she has eyelids, and her eyes are on the large side.

      Could the one on the last page be an Olivia that had her eyes slightly opened? Her face is very different from the rest of her body, skintone-wise. She's not Winky, Winky would be the one in the "filmstrip" section on the other page, with the red thread hair (borrowed from Wendy).
    14. Which month's Haute is that?

    15. There are the Promo pictures for Winky ..the one that never was
      looks like RainMans Dodo with closed eyes ?
      he did a lot of stories with Dodo and the 3 sisters
      or could just be Olivia with a dramatic face up , but she has the Dodo bottom lip ...always looked so miffed !
      the girl in the red hat , Lyn perhaps , reminds me a little of Dodo but with a softer mouth ...damn Im starting to obsess about Dodo ...way to go Carrie
      pick a Doll you have no chance of getting
      knew I should have got her when I had the chance
    16. December - it's the one that just came out in bookstores - I might have had for about 2 weeks now.

      And Flickr is being a little wierd - here's a link to my Flickr: http://www.flickr.com/photos/rpalomino_1/
    17. It seems these rumors are now true. There is an announcement and also a pop up at the Elfdoll Sales site as of today about this.
    18. that is so sad