Favorite Eyes!

Feb 4, 2018

    1. Eyeco and Glazki are my favorite.
      I love them both for their realistic effect and size options. The glazki eyes also have a great follow effect which is awesome to take pictures from different angles without having to change the gaze's direction. I'll add that both companies have a huge collection with a lot of different colours and styles. Regarding the price, Glazki eyes are the cheapest eyes I ever bought.
    2. My fave eyes are a green pair from acbjd: Ariel
    3. I like Captured in Glass for glass because they're inexpensive, they'll do custom work, and they have a very short wait time.

      I like Eyeco and Soom for silicone because they have a lot of variety, Eyeco has smaller irises, and Soom is just so pretty!

      I like Iplehouse for acrylics because they have a lot of detail and look as good or better than a lot of more expensive eyes.

      I only own one pair of urethane eyes, though, so while I'd like more, I don't really have an opinion on them yet.
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    4. Enchanted Doll eyes are my absolute favorite. I adore urethanes in general - I just find them so pretty and they catch light very well. I'd love to get my hands on a pair of Dollflower eyes eventually, but ED are incredible for how customizable/consistent/accessible they are.

      I also once owned a pair of eyes by Silver, and they were gorgeous. I wish she hadn't disappeared, because I wanted another color.
    5. I'm kinda picky. :sweat So my tastes are all over the place.

      I like the really inexpensive glass eyes for my normal-people group of dolls, just because they don't really have as much back story as some of my others, so I'm not as picky for them.
      For my fantasy centaurs (which are mostly Soom dolls), I like them to have Soom eyes, which I think fit them better than other companies (since they're all made by Soom, and all). But I don't really like all of Soom's eye models, as they often get a strange reflective quality in photos.
      I love urethane eyes overall, but I don't really like to pay $50-$60 for one pair of eyes, so I don't usually spring for them. That, and the wait times and/or order periods are usually kind of long or hard to get in on, so that's another factor.

      Recently though, I discovered Soul in a Box on Etsy, who is my current all-time favorite eyemaker. She offers very reasonable prices for urethane eyes, and they are really friggin' cool. :love I actually plan to replace basically all of my Fallout-themed group's eyes with eyes from her, because I loved the one pair I got so much.
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    6. Oscar eyes because I like their glitter, shimmer, pearl, jewelry and when doll wear Oscar eyes, their eyes look blink blink.
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    7. I really like makoeyes! I have one pair and they’re so amazing in pictures:D also really like SucreDulce on Etsy my Switch Seolrok has a pair in and they’re beautiful!!
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    8. I love Oscar Doll but ChocolateHandmade is also good. I have two pairs of OD eyes. However I also have the company pair that my WithDoll Tara came with and I have to say they're gorgeous too, I don't know who makes them though so if anyone can enlighten me I would be grateful
    9. I like Eyeco for price and realism.
    10. Where's your favourite place to buy eyes / your dream eye makers? I know some of them are amazing and affordable and some are upwards of $50 for special pieces. I'm looking to broaden my browsing
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    11. @talesfromtheshrike on instagram has made all my doll eye dreams come true
    12. I really love Oscar Doll! They can be pricey, but I've never been disappointed with the quality!

      And I've never bought from Lemon Jelly on Etsy, but I hope to snag a pair or two from them soon!
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    13. I’ve been obsessed with Oscar Doll eyes ever since I first came across them <3
    14. So you'd really only be able to find them secondhand since she sells primarily in person at Japanese doll shows, and it's been a while so I am not sure if she still regularly attends those, but the Japanese glass eye master Silver is my absolute fave eye maker. Her eyes are just phenomenal in terms of color, depth, and clarity. Most of my dolls have Silver eyes, and once I find the right pair, they're the only eyes they ever need. Which is good, because they start in the $80-100 range and go up from there.

      I prefer high end glass eyes over urethane because they're so much more sturdy and will never yellow over time. Another brand to look out for is Hitomiya.
    15. I buy eyes online. I really recommend Silent Paradise. The eyes are too gorgeous. I only buy its eyes for my dolls. My friends love Enchanted's and Nyx's eyes. Their eyes are also quite good.
    16. I really like Soom and Eyeco silicone eyes. They're squishy, so they can accommodate many eye well shapes, and they come in a variety of colors. Eyeco eyes have smaller irises, so they work well for more mature dolls. They run about $13-25 a pair.

      Captured in Glass is good for cheap glass eyes. The basic ones are $8.38 a pair, and the most expensive options are still only $17 a pair and they can custom make them in any color or size you want, and you can choose to have large or small irises, and if you like high dome or low, plus a few other options. Service has always been good and I got them quickly. They're not as realistic as silicone or urethane, but they have many bright colors to choose from, and they come as small as 6mm, which are excellent for a lot of tinies and pet dolls.
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    17. I love mako eyes! They are not as expensive as ed eyes.