Favorite Independent Doll Artists?

Jan 21, 2018

    1. I love MerrydollRound, youpla, and harucasting. Their dolls all have such unique styles and every sculpt is so beautiful. (I also adore MDR’s tiny tiny sculpts!! They’re so precious)
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    2. Love Red Dove too ❤️

      Harucasting is one of my favorite tooooo

      I am absolutely in love with Littlecosmosdolls, I have Bastian and Robin. They are so precious ❤️❤️❤️
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    3. I adore Kanadoll, especially Eden and Adrian. Both have been grail sculpts for me and I got my hands on an Adrian during the recent preorder.
    4. I love Kaye Wiggs dolls too, I currently have 3 of them. Particularly like Mikki ‘s sulky expression!
    5. Omg this!!! I have to say it would be the doll artist that made the brand Gangster(seriously the brand name), I believe her instagram is HeXaH_K, she used to work for Soom and while she was there she made the face model for Cheshire. After she became an independent artist she’s been making more of the larger sized dolls but they are just soooooooooo pretty!!!
    6. I just adopted a Momoni from Atelier Momoni! I've been eyeing her sculpts for a while and love how expressive and cute her expressions are.

      I've been eyeing other independent artists for any nice sculpts but going to wait a while before buying another doll.
    7. My absolute favorite independent artists are Merry Doll Round, Irrealdoll, Flower and Junior, Black Cherry Dolls, and Little Cosmos Dolls!

      I currently own a Merry Doll Round Ophelia in strawberry skin, an Irrealdoll Nur in toffee skin, a Flower & Junior SD Char in white skin, and I have a Little Cosmos Dolls Atlas in blue skin on layaway!

      I also have a floating Black Cherry Dolls Kaorin head and a floating Evie’s Sanctum Nandi head. I’m sadly thinking of selling them if I fail to think of future plans for them though but they are absolutely lovely sculpts!!

      I think it’s safe to say I have a strong affinity to artist sculpts <3
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    8. My favourites are Little Cosmos Dolls, Harucasting and Youpladolls. I also like Irrealdolls. There are some fantastic independent doll artists around now, and I love to try and support them if I can.
      Here are some of my artist dolls:

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    9. Youpladolls, irrealdoll and atelier momoni <3
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    11. I personally prefer artist dolls over larger companies purely because I find even if they are more expensive generally they have wider poseability. My favourites are Youpla and Atelier Momoni at the moment, I just love how expressive both artists are in their sculpting
    12. I love sio2 with a burning passion. Love the range they produce and can’t wait to get my hands on one of their works!!
    13. I would say Twigling artifex kindred. I have admired her work forever it seems.

      Maskcat dolls are lovely.

      Emilie Steele makes dolls somewhat in the same vein as Popovy Sisters, but obviously with her own style. I wish I could see one of her dolls in person
      So many amazing artists out there! :kitty2
    14. My favourite doll sculpts are from Flower&Junior! I'm so happy that I had the opportunity to get a little Mushiy!
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    15. Just recently Sartoriaj released a bjd head!!! I guess you can include them as an independent artist, I can't wait to see what more potential sculpts they can bring!!~
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    16. :lol::lol::lol:
    17. I love Atelier Momoni, Lillycat and MerryDollRound )))
      But in real it’s sooo many good companies around )
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    18. Omg there's so many... but if I had to choose a few it'd have to be @batchix and depthsdoll.

      Batchix (sarah) is such an amazing person and her sculpting in so beautiful! I hope to own more from her one day!

      And depthsdoll is such a sweetheart! His dolls are freakin gorgeous too! I plan on preordering the vampire he's been working on ^^
    19. I have a lot of love for independent artists!! One of my faves is Twigling and I definitely want Oryx from her and I also have a floating PashaPasha head that I will be hybriding. I don't have any of these works, but I enjoy seeing updates from sculptors like Emilie Steele, Marmite Sue, Culur Theory, and LeGrandDoll. I love the uniqueness of Musen and Nabarro's works too.