Favorite Independent Doll Artists?

Jan 21, 2018

    1. I absolutely adore Black Cherry Dolls workshop. They create amazing dolls.
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    2. Hmm top faves would have to be
      Rap1993 and Somnia Crawler Dolls!!
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    3. I love Lillycat Cerisedolls and Merrydollround! I got a Lillycat Deacon awhile back and am hoping to find a Merrydollround Dango c:
    4. Lillycat, Asella (Nobledolls), Anikori, and Atelier Momoni are all my favorite makers.
    5. While most of my favorite independent artists are listed, one I really recommend would be villitunes, her dolls are so adorable :)))))

      And the artist is so sweet (her instagram page is constantly updated!)
    6. Twigling, Phoenix Dolls, Plastic Moon.
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    7. Merry Doll Round forever and always! I have such a love for her sculpts. I really like BlackCherryDolls too, particularly Xiao Yu.
    8. This thread is absolutely fantastic! I fell asleep in bed last night while looking up all these talented artists. I think I’m destined to make it a goal to find an Atelier Enaibi doll at some point if possible- Atelier Momoni dolls are wonderful and super cute as well and seem much more obtainable... Goals... XD
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    9. I am a huge fan of Pasha Pasha, Popovy Sisters, and Pidgin dolls! I love that their dolls have such strong artistic concepts behind them.
    10. I am very fond of the dolls of Murvenart. Her mermaid (or rusalka) is just awesome! While waiting for it I spotted a little Do-Mi-Sol being sold second hand. Killed my budget, but she is super adorable and one of the most posable dolls I own!
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    11. Omg her mermaid is gorgeous! I love the tail details and her size. Another doll for my growing wishlist. xD
    12. Dust of Dolls! :D

      Edit: I have an Appi Coti on the way! <3
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    13. La Legende De Temps (LLT) by Chinese artist Julia Cross!
      I have mentioned her in at least 3 threads here because I just love her realistic style so much!
      All of the dolls are limited, and Black Pearl is my all time favorite and grail doll!!
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    14. I would say that my favourite is somniacrawlerdoll from Instagram their Nara is just absolutely stunning. I am also very fond of gw3ndolinenapalm's sculpts especially hush (definitely on my wishlist!). rumpeldoll, merry-doll-round and nihilum_dolls are also soooooo amazing!! there are just so many amazing doll artists out there!
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    15. Yes, I got an MDR Fang a few months ago and the sculpting on her is so subtle yet detailed <3 Definitely want to get more!
    16. YAS, Nara is the most amazing orc I've ever seen! Not that there are a ton of orc sculpts out there XD
    17. i love faeryboi and elfgutz right now but i follow a whole heap on my instagram!
    18. My favorites so far:
      aGatti (mature, realistic, perfect)
      Ancient Tales (just sooooo beutiful)
      Misterminou Dolls (Scully, love of my life XD)
      Creatures Dolls (Bactro and Absynthe are just too awesome!)
      Dragon's Shell Dolls (Ferret <3)

      there are many more, but these are the ones that come to my mind at the moment^^
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    19. Most of my favourites have already been mentioned, but Obscure_Kind's new boy is absolutely adorable! mydearboy_miung also does incredible sculpts, but unfortunately doesn't sell overseas ;-;
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