Favourite Tiny Carrier?

Nov 22, 2006

    1. Keep your eye out as you go through everyday life, especially with the season of Christmas shopping.

      I've done well for various doll cases with either pencil cases, or tins/containers that candy or snacks have come in (I have a Barbie locker, and saw a small Hello Kitty locker at Target this weekend which I might get for Pippi, my So-Ye girl). Think Altoid-like tin, but larger/different sizes.

      Pippi's been living in a cylindrical pencil case--I have her 'suitcase' as a round cardboard box from Michaels (with Mary Engelbreit designs....) and she's velcroed into the pillow she came with, in the other end of the pencil case. It fits real well in my purse, though I'd like something that fit just her, as well, for everyday. :)

    2. Well, I bought a zip-up make-up bag yesterday, nice and padded (and pink!). I need to take Petal out with me, though, so I can try her in things. This will do for now, but I'm still hoping for something a little bit smaller/durable. I'm keeping my eye out now that it's Christmas, lots of make-up boxes and things around at this time of the year!

      I shall keep looking, though!
    3. hard-shell eyeglass cases. you can get them at those walk-in eyeglass places.
      perfect for Elfdoll Tiny sized, NariPons, So-Ji's.
    4. You may want to try the Container Store. They have ALL sorts of boxes and such that may work for you.
    5. im going to get a little vera bradley makeup travel bag for my catsy :)
    6. So far I have a soft, padded make-up case with a zip, and a Pucca pencil case. One is square, the other is long, so I'm not sure which will be best for the bag I have (probably the Pucca one). I'm going to make her a little fleece blanket to keep her all safe and snug <3

      I'm still keeping my eye out for something small but sturdier, though. It's actually quite hard! Most things are just too bulky to fit in my bag, or her head is too big ^^;
    7. I keep coming back to this thread - I think soft and squishy might not be the best - their face-ups will slowly rub off if something is pressed up against them.
    8. Well, they're both items that are higher than her, and wide enough to have her in flat. She'll also be completel wrapped up in a fleece blanket, and if her face-up rubs off from that then there's not a lot I can do, because no matter what carrier she's in she'll be wrapped up! lol
    9. Once I find a case, any ideas on what to use for a face guard? I know big dolls come with bubbles for their heads, but all the tiny opening pictures I have seen makes it look like the poor thing is tossed into the box without any packing. *_*
    10. I've turned to the wierd side with my new case. Lati Yellows are too big for hard-case eyeglass cases. I ordered some supplies from staples and received a free tape dispenser...whose box turned into the perfect size for Nola. Not the most stylish but very protective. I've been wrapping her in a cloth and her wig keeps enough distance between the cloth and her face-up.
    11. I use a backpack meant for a teddybear to carry Mischief(bobobie eric) around. It has a clip on it that I hook to my beltloop or pursestrap. :)
    12. Maybe a plastic easter egg would work for a face mask for some?
    13. If you can find an asian market or such, I'd say some of the Japanese bento boxes would be perfect. They're hard and durable, and come in lots of pretty designs and shapes, and some of the smaller parts of 'stack on' bento sets might work perfectly for a lot of tinies. ^_^
    14. I found a lovely glasses case at Walmart. I am going back to get one and will post a pic. It looked more like a small purse with handles than a glasses case. It was more than 1 1/2 inches thick and about 7 inches long. Had a snap hing on the bottom and opened between the handles. It was very cute.

      Another thing I have used is made a drawstring bag and put a toilet paper roll inside. My soji fit nicely inside. Not major protection but kept her clean.
    15. Hmm.. I might have to try that. I was thinking that vending machine capsules might work too.

      :lol: TP roll? Cheapest dolly carrier EVER!

      I'm gonna have to check out Walmart to see if they have that style of glasses case. Only thing is I dont have my Catsy yet, so I can look but can't buy because I dont know if she will fit or not.
    16. Stumbled on to something. Looking around on of the mall petshops for a friend of mine, found they have the dog carry cases. The fit perfectly for a large amount of tinies or just a few and you can make it up as a room with windows. XD Depending on which one you get it can be cheap or expensive.
    17. Those cosmetic cases are cute, if you can wrap them up in something first!
    18. I found a locking metal pencil case at Office Depot for ten dollars that I think I will get for my Catsy. I will have to make some little cusions for her so she wont roll around in it, but I think it will work out great! It even has a little mesh bag attached to one inside face that would be perfect for extra outfits.:)

      Yay! found a link on the VAULTZ website! Oops.. here is the one I was looking at, but that other one would work too!
    19. Usually Princess Caraboo rides in a pocket compartment in my purse, with her head turned sideways to protect her faceup. But sometimes she comes out to see what's going on:


      It's amazing how few people notice her when she and I are wearing the same color. The lanyard has a little strap on the end that goes around her chest under her arms. Then I fasten her shirt so the end of the strap comes up at the back of her neck.
    20. madnosity, you are awesome x10! that lanyard idea is really cute, even if it would make me paranoid to the extreme that my little one would come off and be lost.

      (btw - state of jefferson... as in that area of northern california?! because if so, OMG!)