Feedback for kaitan

Aug 30, 2008

    1. kaitan joined my latest leeke GO, she paid both invoices on time and answered PMs quickly. i would gladly do work wither her again ^^
    2. I sold a pair of Mystic eyes to kaitan. Her payment was fast and communication was great.
      I'd love to deal with her again in the future :)
    3. Bought a NinoDoll Bada head from kaitan. Although she preferred not to wait for a layaway, she worked with me and allowed me to do it anyway. She was very patient, kind and very nice to work with!

      I'd definitely deal with her again! Highly recommended! C:
    4. I participated in a Breccia split and brought the body home. Kaitan ran the split efficiently and smoothly with fair split and shipping prices, great communication and overall I had no problems at all! I would not hesitate to trade or deal with Kaitan again
    5. I bought kaitan's fdoll body. Communication was great and she was so very kind!! I definitely recommend her, she's so sweet and a great seller!
    6. I bought a Normal-Y new double jointed Demon Garden body from kaitan. She was very friendly and didn't even charge me for the full shipping when it turns out she asked for too little initially.
    7. Joined a split for Soom Breccia and it was a great split experience. She was very prompt with communication and the hands arrived safely and very well packed. I'm looking forward to doing business with her again. Thank you so much! :aheartbea Nina
    8. I trade a Doll for a head with Kaitan, and every thing gone very well!

      She sent me the head fast and well packaged!

      I reccomand her as a trader :)
      Thank you so much for this trade Kaitan!

      (for information when I wrote this feedback, she has not recieved my doll yet)
    9. I joined a Breccia split Kaitan ran and I'm very happy I did. :)
      Replies were quick and the legs arrived well packaged.

      I recommend her 100%!
    10. Kaitan sold me her Dollgru #09 head. She held him for me, shipped on the next business day, and was lovely to deal with! I would recommend her or work with her again in a heartbeat :)
    11. I bought a pair of SD Nine9 Style jeans from Kaitan and it was a very pleasant transaction, she even washed them before mailing. Thanks!
    12. Purchased an iplehouse wig from Kaitan. She kept the wig on hold for me until my money hit the bank and was very pleasant throughout the transaction! Thanks so much!!!
    13. Kaitan purchased a pink wig from me, had great communication, was super courteous, and even was super gracious when I let her know that I might suffer delays in shipping due to a hectic work schedule. Ideal buyer--thanks so much!! :D :D :aheartbea
    14. kaitan commissioned a couple items from my shop. kaitan paid quickly, had great communication and was very friendly! A+
    15. A+++ transaction! kaitan purchased two doll bodies from me. The payment was super-fast and the communication was efficient and very friendly. I will be pleased to have business with kaitan any time! Many thanks!
    16. Kaitan bought some doll clothes from me. Overall, they were very lovely to deal with. Paid when they said they would, promptly replied to my messages, would definitely deal with them again. Thanks!
    17. Kaitan participated in my Licht GO. Everything went perfect with out transaction, she sent her payments promptly. thanks for the transaction, it was a pleasure to doing business with you! :)
    18. I recently sold a Keny/Silt skull to Kaitan and the transaction went swimmingly! :) I would not hesitate to do business with her again. Thank you very much, and I hope you enjoy the skull! :D
    19. Positive feedback!

      I purchased a Ringdoll fixer-up body from kaitan and She was the absolutely wonderful to work with.
      The body arrived with a couple small parts missing and she was wonderful and took time & looked for them and let me know asap when she located them!
      She also contacted ringdoll about replacement parts when one part did not initially show up!
      I would not even think twice about buying from her and highly recommend her as a seller!
      Thank you so much for everything!:cake:
    20. Kaitan bought a migidoll Ell head and a Mirodoll 60cm body. She pay very fast and was very friendly to communicate with. I will give her an A++++ as a buyer. I will defiantly love to do business with her again. Is ill recommend selling to her. Thank you very much you rock!!!!