Feedback for Meenist

Dec 25, 2009

    1. I commissioned Meenist to do a faceup on my l'Armoire de DanDan Harlan (Gore Version) head and he looks fantastic. Amazing attention to detail, great communication to and from, and a pleasure to work with. Would 100% commission from again in the future. Thank you very much.
    2. I commissioned @meenist for a faceup on my Dear Mine Agrippa. She did an amazing job on making what I envisioned come to life. Communication and shipping was very prompt. Thank you @meenist !
    3. Meenist did the faceup for my doll. They did an absolutely beautiful job and gave me exactly what I wanted! My girl was securely packaged and arrived home safely after her makeover.

      Meenist does extremely high quality work and I would definitely buy from her again!
    4. Meenist did a faceup for my doll Ridley (a bluefairy Louis). I'm absolutely astounded with the quality and detail that was put into her faceup. She looks stunning and Meenist did a perfect job of taking my loose concept and bringing it into reality! Ridley was very well packaged for her trip back to me and I'm extremely happy to have such an amazing faceup for her!

      I would never hesitate to buy from Meenist. Such lovely work and very kind and quick to reply!
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    5. I recently commissioned Meenist for another project. Meenist did faceups and body blushing my Dollzone Wendy and Dale. Beautiful, high quality work - just as expected! Meenist is very communicative and friendly. Definitely one of my favorite faceup artists! Cannot recommend enough.
    6. I don't think I've ever left you feedback!

      So Meenist has painted like, half of my doll collection and she's really awesome and I love her. She's well worth her price and the wait. I would recommend her to anyone!
    7. I commissioned meenist for a faceup for my Migidoll Ryu, she followed my requests perfectly and was a pleasure to work with! Kept great communication throughout and her work is intricate. I highly recommend!
    8. Meenist just completed a large commission for my doll. She did full body blushing (including fantasy parts [ears and tail]), hands with nails, two pairs of feet, and a beautiful face up. She also put in my lashes and eyes for me that I provided. Meenist also did Hot glue sueding. (she will be on my profile soon)

      Meenist did a great job answering all of my questions in a timely matter, made her procedure very clear, and ultimately did a great job in a short amount of time on my doll. I would highly recommend her to other people for her artistry, her professionalism, and ease of commissioning.
    9. I commissioned Meenist to do a face-up for my mnf mirka and he turned out fabulous! Meenist was great at communicating and I'd definitely commission her again!
    10. I commissioned Meenist to paint a Soom Mega Gem body for me. It arrived with a damaged finger and she went above and beyond to take care of the situation. The body turned out perfect. I wanted it to be realistic and she did exactly that. Her detail work is beautiful! She is wonderful to work with and very talented.
    11. I commissioned Meenist to manicure all five of my characters hands. Sam did a great job of capturing every detail that I asked for, down to matching beauty mark's for father and daughter. It was a very pleasant experience I would certainly work with her again.
    12. Positive Feedback
      I'm a repeat customer and was relieved when I got back into the hobby from a break that Meenist was still doing faceup work. I sent her a tiny who had been a female sculpt but was now a bishonen male Japanese demon and a girl who needed Meenist's specialty sun-kissed freckles (and tiger stripes on her fantasy parts). The results are lovely, detailed and nuanced.