FreakStyle Scylla Discussion Thread

Oct 4, 2016

    1. This doll is freaking amazing! Those 10 who manage to snag them are gonna be some super lucky owners!
    2. Oh man, I agree wholeheartedly there. I've seen your Scylla crop up on tumblr a couple of times and it's been a joy seeing your progress but I hadn't realized he was finally finished! Congratulations! Really digging his hands too, that webbing is amazing.
    3. Oh man, finishing him took aaaages. I don't know how many times I kicked myself for wanting to make a doll with this many parts and so much detail XD. But then again, this is pretty common for me when I get to the polishing stage of doll-making, as it definitely isn't my favorite part of my job.

      I'm glad to hear you notice his webbing. Everytime I take pictures, I'm not sure if it shows, or if they look like regular hands. Good to know the webbing does show :).
    4. He is absolutely wonderful! I know I don't stand a chance but I am SO excited to start seeing owner pictures of him customized!

      And @Silk I can only imagine what making those parts was like *_*
    5. @Silk Do you know how long it actually took to make him? I don't remember when you started... Even though I can't afford him, I really like what you've done. As far as I know, there's nothing quite like him out there.

      In some of the pictures it is hard to make out the webbing, I had to go back at one point to make sure that I did see them. But they'll probably be easier to see with some blushing.
    6. @Animethemed: Everyone has a chance ;).

      @Gorgonbones: I think it took me about two years to finish him. He's definitely been the most labor-intensive doll I made to date and that includes casting :sweat.
    7. Double post, because I wanted to show you the face-ups of two of the three Scylla's available at LDoll. Third doll is currently in progress.

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    8. @Silk I know this is a limited run, but is this going to be the only production of him?
    9. @Gorgonbones: Yes, this is going to be the only production of him. I won't be releasing them all at the same time, to make sure that people who want him, but need to save up, will have a better chance. And of course, layaway is always possible.
    10. Already said it on Tumblr, but I'm forever sad I probably never get to paint/airbrush one of those guys :pout:

      He turned out really great though, and I'm curious to see him at LDoll.
      Sad there only will be so few of them, Nagas are so rare in the hobby and the amount of joints his tail has is just crazy!
    11. @Ara: Awww, you may never know :). The main reason for me to cast so few is, so that production will be manageable for me. Due to my health, I have limited time: This way, I can make sure that I'm able to offer customers what I've promised (without delays), and still be able to produce new stuff.
    12. bump bump buuuump!!!! LDoll happened, right? (Or maybe not. I'm out of the loop, here!) Any new pictures of these cool beasties? :D I'm so curious! I love snake dolls!