Fulled Heaven x Sealed Heaven R.Dean

Jul 3, 2020

    1. i don't have any Soom or TD bodies yet, but i can do a comparison when 2.0 gets here with both heads with whatever i have that makes any sense. maybe going to be ok on the RGM3, that's got a pretty large neck & shoulders too. it's gonna be a decade before my Dollshe gets here. snort.
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    2. That would be great! She has Tian on a RGM3 on her IG and he looks really good
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    3. i need to string my DZ B70-004 but i have no idea what i'm doing :lol:
      hopefully it's similar enough to the -03 i can copy that elastic pattern
    4. The new Rei is small enough I might just give in :XD: Has anyone seen any photos of the tan? Trying to decide between beige and tan right now.
    5. FHSH's tan is Soom tawny as i understand it, but i've not seen any photos either. i have a Kanji in tawny, and DZ newer tan is maybe 85% (DZ is lighter and a bit yellower). I've not been able to find anyone who has put the IOS "soft brown" tan next to anything yet, but it looks lighter. Soom tawny also seems to fluctuate a lot in colour, seems more difficult to match, but some people put it with other tans i don't have to compare.

      My beige/NS Rei 1.0 is really close to DZ pink on a Leslie (i think that's the newer colour period for DZ), and is pretty close to IOS NS, which is a bit lighter. i need to do some pics if i can sort out my lighting, something has been really wrong lately :doh
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    6. @Dei Their tan is a light tan that has a beige undertone. Similar to a light caramel color.
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    7. now i really want to see it near other things! maybe someone will post some pics soon out there in the wild...
    8. @Grimalkin I might be able to get some pictures this weekend.
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    9. i didn't realize you had a tawny! i'd love to see whenever you have time :aangel:

      i need to drag everyone out too, since i got the NS version after i made the grey pics.
    10. sorry for double post, but i found some pics on instagram for Rei 1.0 on Idealian and Souldoll Tera Zenith => link

      also there was someone with a tawny under #fhshtian on IG and he was so light in their pic, now i'm really confused.
      please ignore my other post as i clearly have a different era of Soom tawny than these. :lol:
    11. Aaand I got him :D thank you everyone for the help with the colour! I chose tawny and now have three months to figure out a body for him. I'm excited that he's so much smaller than the first Rei, hopefully he'll fit right in with the rest of the crew!
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    12. My Tian in white skin on TD75 body in white skin. There is a need to unify the skins. But the body has good proportions and neck.

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    13. I'm excited about how wonderful my idea came out. Tang Tian gave me new vigor. :thumbup
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    14. Ordered a Yani! Does anyone know what other bodies wil fit well?
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    15. I got a shipping notice for n.Rei today!!!

      Oooh interesting. I have a 28m and I can test this!
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    16. Wow, RDean announced her next release would be the 65-70cm Tian and she showed another boy, who is super gorgeous on her IG!

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    17. Im curious about him! I wish their upper lips were a bit less prominent in general, but it is unique certainly

      My n.rei is here!!! Here is a resin comparison with assorted things in the same spectrum. Note these are all aged whites. I doubt he will stay this paper white, since they never do

      Also, with flash

      I DID have to sign for him, if anyone needs to look out for that (but he was USPS, which will allow me to verbally sign for things VIA my smart doorbell, unlike UPS)

      Ps: if anyone is nuts like me and doesn't want to break the seal on the box* or coa sleeve, you can open the box from the bottom very easily, and slide out the coa without opening the sleeve

      *not that I dont love the irony of breaking a seal that says "fulled heaven x sealed heaven"

      First of all, excuse the colossal mess, this room needs a fall-out-boy-style nuclear cleaning (eg, to be changed like a remix, then raised like a phoenix)

      Assorted things.... if anyone wants more detailed pics or comparisons, feel free to hit me up

      First, n.rei (white) on dollshe 70cm 28m (oriental) (straight on) (not straight on)

      (Link to dollshe for body measurements)

      The fit is pretty good! In my mind, with a small head, this body becomes "huge hulk man," but with a head like this, it's more "meaty reasonable dude".

      I can also put an iplehouse EID leonard head on the body for a similar look; n.rei vs iplehouse EID Leonard top and front... the problem with iplehouse (as a point of comparison) is that not all heads have the same face proportions, despite being the same (or not, sometimes) size. In the above resin comparison shot, that head is SID Felix which doesn't suit the 28m imo, but my SID Edan is one of my favorite heads for this body, especially with a wig and non-mugshot posing (for the record, here is n.rei in the same wig and pose)

      Would be a perfect fit with just a smidge smaller neck, but I dont think it un unreasonable at all say this fit is "good". The neck might be a bit long for some, but thats not too uncommon with 28m hybrids, as it does have a long neck. As a note, this neck has a metal support where the s hook rests (when there's no head) and cannot be shortened (without some major to-do)

      Side range (you have to prop the head on the silicone disks on the 28m neck to get this large of an angle)

      Looking down (note the silicone kips on the neck)

      Looking up


      Another 70cm, with more narrow shoulders: my dollshe DSAM 35s in Fresh.

      (Link to dollshe for body measurements)

      I really don't think you can go any shorter than 70cm for this head, proportionally, and you'd need shoulders wider than 15cm (shown here)

      Also: neck gapping

      That said, I feel like this isn't unsalvageable if the doll was smartly dressed, but I won't be putting this head back on this body unless its by request. The aforementioned Sid Felix is the head that lives on this body, and IMO you can't ask for a better proportion or resin match


      The last thing i have in this size (apart from a speciality body, who is unlikely to ever have its head split from it) is a 75cm granado vigor in white excuse his stick hand, my life is not together

      (Link for measurements)

      The neck is a smidge big, but this is a ridiculous neck and it usually is

      Looking down



      Aforementioned EID leonard is what sometimes lives on this body (despite the resin match)

      So! Thats what I've got. I'm curious to see what other people have their stuff on!
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    18. somewhere i lost track of the thread :doh where did a month go in one blink...

      @ErikNiceBerg - your Tang Tian is gorgeous, and that face up - the shadowing gives him such an intense look, and that is such an incredible outfit. so impressive :love

      @deepspacefish - congrats! i love pic #8 of him on her website, where he's looking up through the hat with a bit with a tiny little smile :blush plus the more mischievous ones that have the darker background :3nodding:

      @Chikku - i agree, that new boy is :aeyepop: i wonder what his name will be!

      @Xila - i spy some familiar antlers :XD:
      and thank you for such a great set of detailed comparison pics i really appreciate it! the 28M is so interesting with the long neck, the wig made a big difference. that Granado is *huge* :lol:
      How did the eyes go? Does he need small iris?

      when mine gets here i'll pull out the 1.0's and all the reasonable SD bodies, though i'm still waiting for my 18M (Mystic), and a DC A-body-08 that might be contenders. I actually kind of wonder about the IOS 80 body, but i only have 70's. I strung the B70-004, so that will more accurate than just the torso this time. no notice yet though :atremblin
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    19. Her New Tian pictures look great. I’m glad everyone who wanted him in 70cm is getting the chance to get him.
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