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Geminick Creations Ask discussion

May 10, 2016

    1. So, what do people think of this lovely boy?
      I'm getting him in a lighter tan, I think he will be a perfect mate for my zaoll.
      Any one else getting him, or has any opinions about him? :)

      Link to him, Pre-order: Ask - geminick creations
    2. I really like him, but his size is not good for me. My other dolls are about 60-70cm, and I think he would be too small compared.
      I really wish he was taller because he is so gorgeous, and I could totally see him fit in nicely with my other dolls, but in the end his size is what scares me.

      I do think he's an excellent partner to a Zaoll girl :D I'm really excited to see how Ask and your girl will look together.
    3. I bought an prototype of Ask when Geminick was sending him of for mold making (special friend benefit :))
      I have an Ask in Volks normal skin. I don't own any zaoll girls but let me know if you want comparision photos or something :)

      You can find photos of my Ask in the flickr link if you want to! :D
      [​IMG]Eskil camping 1 by Nattmaran, on Flickr
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    4. @Skogstoka Ask is just such a nice and pretty boy, so if it's at all possible then I'd like to see Ask next to a 56-57cm girl if you have. I'd also like to see him next to a Ringdoll grown boy and a EID man.
      These are the sizes I have, so I'd love to see if Ask could fit in :D
    5. Hey everybody!

      If any of you have questions about Ask, just post them in here and I'll try to answer them as best as I can! :) I, too, have dolls in other sizes (Feeple65 Chloe, Soom MSD, Volks YoSD, Ringdoll Grown), so if you'd like some comparisons, let me know. :)

      @Prinsessen - Unless Skogstoka is faster than me, I'll try to provide some photos of Ask next to my Ringdoll Grown boy. :)
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    6. Of course! yo ualready knowthat I have both EID, Ringdoll and sd13 sd16 girls! : ) I will try to take photos tonight already!
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    7. You also have SD16? I didn't realise that. Okay, I'll edit my want-to-see to; Ask next to all of your dolls :wiggle Hehe
      Thank you :D
    8. Hi again!

      Haha, sounds like Skogstoka has a lot of pictures to take! :P

      I have taken two quick pics of my private Ask next to my Feeple65 Chloe and my Ringdoll Grown body (with a Soom Chrom head on it):



      The word "tiny" comes to mind. 8'D But perhaps there are characters who're meant to be really small. 8)

      Next time I'll remember to pack up my Soom MSD and compare the two!
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    9. @Sato Thank you :D
      It really helps to see him next to other dolls. But aargh, he seem tiny in comparison, and I don't currently have a character who would be this small next to the others.
    10. @Prinsessen No problem. :D

      Haha, aw! But I understand, he is small after all. :)
    11. yes I have an Crobidoll girl, she is bigger than my Little Monica and my Supia hybrid.:)
      I saw that you already got pictures from Sato, but I will upload them anyway since I have them and it's good to have som comparision pic's in the group :) he looks bigger with cloths and hair I think. The Feplee 65 is bigger then my girls.
      He clearly has an special size compared to many asian companies. but I think it's a nice size to handle. not as tiny as MSD and not as clumsy as my 70cm guys :) And I bought sd13 boy clothes for my boy so he's not that far of. Mostly shorter legs.

      Ok first up! Ask neext to My ringdolls. Gain is on the left is on the 04 body, and Grimm on the 03 body so he is taller.
      [​IMG]IMG_7455 by Nattmaran, on Flickr

      And with my SD13 hybrid (Supia/ elfdoll) , she is extra tall in these shoes. and also my EID guy on the model body.
      [​IMG]IMG_7458 by Nattmaran, on Flickr

      And Ask with aSD13 and a SD16 girl
      [​IMG]IMG_7459 by Nattmaran, on Flickr

      I took a bonus pic of Ask next to my Volks MSD to : )
      [​IMG]IMG_7461 by Nattmaran, on Flickr
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    12. @Skogstoka Thanks so much :D
      He is such an interesting doll, but his size is really scary I think. I'm not sure that he would fit in with my doll family :( I need to think some more about it, because he really is a cute doll.
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    13. Thanks for posting your photos, @Skogstoka :) He's still looking good, I see! :'D
    14. he looks like Hiccup and that's adorable!! Love him! :D <3
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    15. Congrats, so nice to see him all done up!
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    16. Hi! I got a Geminick creations Ask and I love the boy! But im having trouble finding shoes for him. I can sew his clothes and stuff but shoes is not my forte yet! Anyone have any tips where I can buy a pair that is not to big? :) Thanks!
    17. Is there somewhere I can find the basic measurements for the Ask body? Or if someone who own one could measure and post them, that would be great too.
      I mostly just need the basics like height, shoulder width and circumference for chest, waist, hips etc. Foot lenth and width would be cool too.
    18. @Lillith
      These are the official measurements I could find (from here: https://denofangels.com/threads/geminick-creations-ask.711841/)

      Height of doll, including the head : 54,5 cm
      Width of the shoulders: 14 cm
      Width of the hips: 9 cm
      Circumference of the chest: 24 cm
      Circumference of the thighs: 14,5 cm
      Circumference of the head: 20 cm
      Eyes size: 12/14 mm (12 looks best)