New Company geminick creations: Ask

May 10, 2016

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      I am very happy to announce the very first geminick creations pre-order!

      The doll available is called Ask and he's the first doll ever created and finished by geminick.

      This pre-order will start on May 2nd, 2016 and end on the 30th of May, 2016.

      A limited amount of 10 dolls will be available for ordering at this time.

      Resin Colors

      Ask will be offered in two versions of Normal Skin (Volks Normal and Pinky Normal) and three tan colors called Soft, Light and Real Tan.

      You can see the colors available here.


      One doll in Normal Skin (any version of it) is 500 Euros.

      One doll in Tan Skin (any version of it) is 525 Euros.

      The shipping cost is 65 Euros.


      Height of doll, including the head : 54,5 cm
      Width of the shoulders: 14 cm
      Width of the hips: 9 cm
      Circumference of the chest: 24 cm
      Circumference of the thighs: 14,5 cm
      Circumference of the head: 20 cm
      Eyes size: 12/14 mm (12 looks best)


      If you want to see more pictures of Ask and learn more about ordering him, please visit his pre-order page on the website.









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    2. Thanks, Ayla! :)
    3. Hi everyone!

      Today it's ten days left of this pre-order! Isn't it funny how time flies by sometimes?

      For who are interested, I have decided to accept a couple of layaways even though I had decided not to do so, and since things are going okay with the ones I'm doing at the moment, I thought I'd announce it on here.

      In other words: layaway through PayPal, with individual terms and conditions, are hereby accepted.

      Just visit the pre-order page on my website and send me an email! :)
    4. The pre-order is almost at its end - only 1,5 days left now, guys! :)