Gender Preference?

Feb 16, 2017

    1. I haven't bought any... yet! But for my first two I'm eyeing a boy and a girl, from the same manufacturer. I might even buy them to ship together if that doesn't spring a leak in my wallet. I find that I'm drawn most to feminine-looking boy sculpts (and to be fair, there certainly are a lot of those) and very feminine, but sinister, girl sculpts. There isn't a huge difference between my preference for either gender, so I imagine there'll be a pretty even split in future in my collection. However, as long as I can dress and style them however I want, I doubt there'll be a noticeable binary anyway!
    2. Ever since I was little I was into boy dolls instead of the girl dolls and it stuck with me even for BJDs. I only collect male dolls and I think it has to do with the fact that I find male dolls more interesting since I find female dolls more common.
    3. I have a pretty even split between female and male dolls. I originally was a fan of male dolls only, but over the years females grew on me.
    4. I started out with all girls.. i cant even believe it myself actually.

      now, i have 1 girl technically since i am still getting her in the final mode. the rest are all boys..

      I tend to like male sculpts and mine are based on characters or ive made them based on who i buy. i tend to like all the nice boy clothes and so many looks... girls are pretty too, but i just fall towards more of the boys, which is funny considering i did a complete 180.. all girls then one boy... then slowly got more boys and sold my girls to replace them.
    5. My doll, and the doll I have on order, are both girls. However, I’m saving up for a Miracle Doll Snake Demon, who is a boy. So no gender preference for me, but I have a fondness for nonhuman and unusual dolls!
    6. Since I replied last time my collection has grown to 23 dolls: two girls and 21 boys! One of the girls was a free gift too.:XD:
    7. Honestly, I don't see myself collecting female bjds,
      unless I find one that speaks to me (not literally, mind you haha) and that I find special enough to own.
      Personally, I prefer males, I always tend to gravitate to them.
      Whenever I find myself liking a bjd, it's always a male and I don't really know why.
    8. I have a preference for female 99% of the time, I do want a few boys too, but it's harder for me to come up with a character for a boy, while I could think up of 53752 girl characters xD One of my girls also uses they/them pronouns though, because she is / they are kind of abstract xD more like a spiritual/magical concept
    9. Currently I own 3 boy dolls (one complete, one on the way, and one floating head) and two girl dolls (one complete, one floating head with a body on the way). I counted the dolls out on my wishlist and I actually have it pretty much split down the middle between boys and girls. I like both, as long as they're my style of doll; not too childlike, and dolls that don't look just like every other mnf on the forum. Not knocking mnf owners or big companies, but their dolls, for the most part, don't appeal to me.
    10. I really don't know why but I'm still welcoming boys to my collection (though I think I'm not having gender preference exactly, so funny).
      Despite only looking for sculpt of boys at first, I've begun to notice to sculpt of girls in recent time (just sculpt, as I think I will have a new boyish face-up and a new boy body for the child later).
      But since it's easy to making gender-bender for many doll sculpts these days, who care about the true gender of the child? (I even dressed my boy a huge and cute wedding gown in a BJD cosplay party)
    11. girls, girls, girls... and more girls :chibi
    12. My first was male doll but in very short time I was "gifted" with DollShe 26F body and it was love :-). I have two heads (male and female) but hard time deciding which body will be the next.
    13. growing up with a hoard of barbie dolls and monster high I thought I would be more into girl dolls, but so far into the hobby I’ve been eyeing all male sculpts since I love the aesthetics of the bodies more and I expose myself more to male celebrities and fictional characters that I get more inspirations for male OCs :3nodding:
    14. My first doll is a girl, and after I purchased her I start to looking on some secondhand shop to find her a 'friend'. I got my second doll there and he's a boy. I do not set any preference when I'm looking for the 2nd one (Just 1-same size, 2-reasonable price 3-I like his/her face) , but I do prefer my first doll to be a GIRL definitely. All I do before making the decision was looking through tons of girl doll photos (spamming by one of my friend :lol:). I like my boy though, and still working on his wardrobe.
    15. starting with all boys and ends up with all girls :bump (just kidding but the most recent dolls I got were all girls),
      just my personal views, girls have more choices of clothes and you can easily dress them up, but for boys, their outfits are always more expensive and hard to get.
    16. I thought that I would have an even split, I started out with Monster high were I had mostly girls cause boys were rare and I didn't like the clothing options of the boys. Now that I've moved to BjD's i've only ordered 2 boys, although one of which I plan to put in dresses and frilly clothing. I am a feminine boy (A tina Girl or a Tom girl or whatever feminine boys are called) so its nice to have a boy doll that can express themselves in a way I can't. That being said I still want a girl doll i'm just in as much of a rush to get them. As mentioned on here earlier I don't like seeing baby faced heads on more mature female bodies and I'm more picky with my female dolls. My best friend is my sister and she is not thin and likely never will be but she's beautiful, I kind of want a female doll that's more chubby but thats not likely to happen.
    17. In the beginning, I thought I was going to end up with mostly guy dolls because I gravitate to those characters more, but it's ended up being a pretty even split for me.
    18. I love boys and how they look when they're all done up but I suppose I get girls because of how much easier it is to find things for them. Boys are a bit harder I suppose.
    19. I like the girls because I like fantasy figures and most of the interesting ones seem to be girls. It’s also easier for me to create a female fantasy character. I’d like to add some boys, though, and have been looking at them lately. Maybe a dragon character. One of my girls actually has an older brother made by the manufacturer available who is an SD and really handsome. I do like my boys pretty lol.
    20. I tend to prefer boys, but I actually have more girls than boys at the moment.