Gender Preference?

Feb 16, 2017

    1. I prefer male dolls, but these days I own more girls than boys! I feel like the girls have more options when it comes to buying clothing and wigs.
    2. I dont have a specific gender, although, despite having genderless bodies, all my dolls, save one, are female and the save one is non binary
    3. I have my first transmale doll on layaway, and another boy I'm waiting to be shipped, so I definitely prefer boy dolls.

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    4. Girls! It'd take something really striking and unique for me to buy a boy doll. Most of my characters are girls too, so naturally, I'm more inclined to want them shelled than the mere sprinkling of boy characters I have.
    5. I've always had a preference for boys in everything I do- video games, anime characters, even pets. I have two male dolls and another coming in the mail, but oddly enough, my next few planned dolls are female MSDs! I think despite this, I still lean more towards boys, and whatever my next impulse purchase is, it's pretty likely that doll will be a boy.
    6. Always enjoing looking and taking photos of female dolls but for yourself prefer male dolls. Anyway I always can put on them stockings :lol:
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    7. Oddly enough, I like my tiny dolls to be girls, my yosd to be boys, my msd to be either, and my sd to be boys
    8. I mostly have girls with one boy and two non-binary characters. And even my male doll is pretty girly looking.
    9. I don't care about sex actually, however I prefer female dolls cause the clothing choices and sculpt aesthetic.
    10. I typically only had gal dolls up until two weeks ago and I got my first male doll. I definitely want more guys in my collection. My next purchase is going to be a vinyl grando
    11. I don't have a preference but it seems that most in the community favor boys ( at least from what I noticed) so I find it hard to find those really well-made wigs and clothes from idenpandet artist that I love that are aimed for a female dolls
    12. i do have both, i like the girls to spoil whit dresses and laces and cute shoes and i really love my boys but it is hard to find clothing, shoes and accesories for the sd10 boys, some of them wear girl shoes :wiggle, also wigs are hard to find too.
    13. I myself prefer dude dolls--basically all of my OCs are guys, so I'd be way more interested in trying to find a doll to suit one of them. There's definitely some girl sculpts out there that I like a lot, but I'm nowhere near as good with what would look nice on them, so I figure I should just wait until I find something that really clicks on that front. If I'm going to get a lady, I want to make sure I can make her look as nice as she deserves first.
    14. I have both but sometimes I buy girl's outfits for my boys.
    15. I always look at girl dolls and like them more, but I only ever buy the boys. Honesty no idea why, but here we are. (Incidentally, I only ever buy clothes for the girls I have...)
    16. Most of my dolls are tiny anthro sculpts, so I feel like it is a little different than usual because their bodies don’t really automatically tell me what they would be if that makes sense. That being said, most of my characters are girls. I really love all the cute dresses available for tinies and I think they’re so fun to dress! I do really love my one boy, though! I had male dolls before and it just never stuck for me for some reason, so I’m thinking I have a female preference. :3nodding:
    17. I didn't think it would be like this, but I prefer female dolls. By far! With my girl dolls I have had multiple names picked out before they arrive, and have all these plans. Tomboys, girly girl, nature lover etc. Atm I have two pukifee coming, and at least one will be a boy, and I'm just lost for ideas. I have no clue what to call him. Or what character he will have. The only idea I have for him is that his hair will be soft pink. I am at a loss. :roll:
    18. My preference is elfy things in weird colours. In the beginning I had more men than ladies, but as soon as I got into MSD, I discovered that size had a wealth of cute female sculpts. Oops. Then I found Asella and Dust of Dolls and realized that YoSD had potential too. But I still had a shocking lack of SD ladies.

      I have since discovered that my taste in SD ladies lies between 'Expensive Art Doll' and 'Discontinued Just In Time For You To Miss Her'. It is only in the last three years that I have managed to acquire some satisfactory girls. But at least the numbers are evening out across the sizes.
    19. I don’t have a preference, but 90% of my dolls are girls. I think it ended up that way because I like mermaids and dolls like that and you don’t have many nature man that look like fantasy characters. There are some from Soom and Loongsoul I fancy and wish to buy one day but if it’s an Idealian I want Rdean to be the one doing the faceup and I have heard Loongsoul doesn’t age well...
      So I have no idea when I’ll get my so desired hot guy. Guys are also really big and I’m having space trouble right now with huge mermaids.
    20. I like girls better, but have boys, go figure xD
      It's mostly just down to availibility in the end since I feel there's more typically female dolls/clothes/accessories available. Also on a more real-world level, I love fashion and I have the same slight preference for women over men so I think it's also partly just my interests in general, but that's probably overanalysing.
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