Gender Preference?

Feb 16, 2017

    1. Well actually girls dolls seems more attractive to me :D so yes my preference is girls
    2. I love girl dolls. I honestly don't think I'd ever even buy a boy doll because then I'd have to buy a whole new set of wigs, clothes, etc. I also just prefer girl sculpts in general.
    3. At the moment I bond much easier with boys.
      Strangely as a young child I did not interact well with dolls (female), later finding a doll of the opposite gender had the reverse effect and I loved them.
      Now I don't mind either but do prefer boys. :)

      Why? Personally I've always liked more stereotypical boy things as a child and that hasn't changed much into adulthood in some respects. Besides my love for dolls I'm a bit obsessed with class cars. Strange combo lol
      It probably is more to do with aesthetics then a psychological reason.
    4. As a child I always had girls. I can understand living through your dolls clothes so I guess now when i look at scupts I tend to find I like the female ones rather than than male as i can then do that. I even changed a character I am planning from a male to a female as i found a name I just knew would work really well but I think that it might change back once I have the actual doll in my hand as i realised I prefer girls.

      Even though in my real life job as a childcare practitioner I always seem to look after more boys and have a soft spot for them. not that I treat anyone differently :)
    5. I definitely prefer boys - I just have a easier time bonding with them. For a good while I thought that I would have a boy only collection but I do have a couple of girls now (as of writing them post I have 11 boys and 2 girls), who I love dearly, but I think that the gender ratio of my collection will always lean heavily towards the boys.
    6. Personally even my art characters tends to be more female than male. With my dolls I tend to come up with more different concepts for dolls and their personalities, than with males. Males for me tend to just repeat the same traits over and over.
    7. Same for me, except switch the genders. All my ideas for girl dolls so far have been, "delicate fashionista princess person" and "kick-your-butt fashionista goth princess person". :roll: I still love a lot of the girl doll sculpts and will have one or two (or three) in the future. Although I'm a bit like that with the male dolls, too. Doll fashion is nice (sans wigs) and all my dudes will need to be able to wear snazzy clothes. It's just the male dolls "speak" to me more than the girls do.
    8. Only girls! I definitely have a preference for cuter, sweeter-looking dolls.
    9. I have a preference for girls. One of my favourite aspects of the hobby is playing with fashion and I'm just not that interested in men's styles, I don't know what I'd do with a boy doll.
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    10. Boys, almost always 70+cm boys. I keep falling in love with girl sculpts, they come home and I think they're beautiful...but I just don't know what to do with them. They tend to lack a built in personality to me, no matter how lovely...and it always feels disappointing. The FL Mandrak Moors fox-witch, Sionna Fómhar, that I use as my avatar is the only girl with whom I have truly 'bonded', except for a few fantasy tinies like my Luts dragon, Rumi, or my Luts Zebrataur, Tyltyl.
    11. I pefer females because I love dressing them up, however; if there were more clothing options for males I would be able to say I have no preference. I had a few male dolls and had the hardest time finding things for them to wear that I liked. Also had a hard time with wigs looking nice on them too. It was very frustrating for me as I loved the guys I had :(
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    12. Boys, probably because I have mostly male OCs. I love female dolls too, however I just seem to like male sculpts a lot more.
      But I wish MSD and smaller boys had nicer clothes and more different styles. I'm going to get a girl soon just because I wanna dress her up
    13. My preference is for verity - I don't like repeat styles or themes on my dolls, never did, so I quite literary have an equal mix of ladies and gentleman on my wish list :) I althou try not to repeat body shapes, skin shades or hair colors, or at least hair/eyes combos - I like the shape of doll to dictate the style for them, so I can't dress everyone in uniforms even if I tried - for me that would defeat the purpose of having multiple dolls :)