General Mecha Angel discussion thread!

Jul 21, 2011

    1. Thanks! I'm pretty excited about them. I was starting to feel kinda weird about my unfinished Antares, but didn't want to do anything with him til his twin was home, so maybe now they can make progress. And yeah, I actually don't mind the 14mm now that they've been in there overnight. I think it was just when I was positioning them and Sabik's eyes are kinda narrow, so even positioning the pupil against the top lid, the bottom of the iris was still well below the bottom lid, which made it feel 'big' to me. But he has a decent amount of white around the sides so 14mm's probably fine.

      I've been wanting to try Candy Kitten eyes for a while. Maybe I'll get these guys' eyes from her.
    2. OH! So the one on the right is Antares? I thought it was another Sabik. :doh
      I have Sabik and Antares as well! They seem to go together so well.
      Candy Kitten eyes are fantastic! They really catch the light and shine so well.

      Not a MA, but some Candy Kitten's eyes.
    3. A good shot of (my Sabik E) Kashak's Candy Kitten eyes. I'm so glad my sister talked me into getting them.


      Still figuring out picture taking with my tablet...
    4. Yup! A Sabik and an Antares. I've always loved Sabik, and when Soom released Antares I immediately thought, "he looks like Sabik's younger brother." So I decided that "some day" I'd get one of each. "Some day" was supposed to be much much later, til Soom announced they were closing the Mecha Angel site. I know they've already done a Super Gem Sabik but I kinda wanted the originals, and Antares doesn't seem like he was ever that popular (or at least I had a heck of a time finding owner photos of him), so who knows if they'd ever bring him back in some other form, so I delayed a bunch of other doll plans and got them. Antares first, because I was pretty sure finding a Sabik secondhand wouldn't be too hard if something happened and I couldn't afford both before the site closed, and equally sure that finding an Antares secondhand would be nigh impossible.

      So Antares got here in November and has just sat around blank and sad til Sabik could arrive. I've got other blank dolls higher on the 'get a faceup' priority list right now, so they might be blank for a while more, but at least they can be strange lanky hairless aliens together. (I swear that's what they look like right now. Makes Sabik look even more Bowie-ish than ever. Very "The Man Who Fell to Earth")
    5. Baahahahahahaha! Everyone needs a little naked Bowie every now and then! ;)
    6. Cool that Soom hasn't completely forgotten about Mecha Angels :D
    7. Arekushia..thank you sooo much for posting this....
    8. I just asked them if they can do a Bronze MA Saiph X-mas kit as well. Please if anyone else is interested in this combo, please write to Soom. Thank you ~
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    10. Wow! And just last night I was telling friends how depressing it was that Soom didn't make Mechas any more!
      And in BRONZE! Thank you so much for posting about this!
      I will have to find a way to get the kit...
    11. Antares is very handsome! and love that outfit
    12. Yay! :fangirl: That must have been what the Soom lady wanted to tell me at Dollism, but she couldn't find the English words for, when I asked about Mechas! So glad that they aren't completely forgotten!! The outfit is great, too.

      Buy lots of him so they'll release more!

      I wonder if they'd add WS if I beg? :D I have a NS Antares only because he was released after WS was discontinued.
    13. Ah, Soom, no WS for Mecha Angels again? I think we need to start begging...
    14. The more of us that beg, the better chance we have of getting them!
    15. Wow, the Xmas kit is already sold out. I hope this will show them we want more big guys and girls!
    16. I REALLY want them to bring back the MA line! *begs*
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    18. Glad to see the MAs are still around! Much as I have no use for a bronze Antares myself it's really good to see that Soom are still making these guys. (And v.grateful Soom are still making clothes... I may have just ordered the priest fullset - though my elfen Sabik is definitely not a priest he could certainly do with more clothing!)
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