General Mecha Angel discussion thread!

Jul 21, 2011

    1. Yea, thanks for the comment, the proportion is so good, I thought maybe I would feel the neck was to short for him (all my dolls have long necks), but it's just right for him :)
    2. I'm planning on making a Sabik hybrid with a IOS Class 80 body, but the neck on that body comes in two sizes. Can anyone give me the diameter of his neck hole? There are no measurements listed on IOS' site, but maybe I can track something down.

      Apologies if this information is available somewhere and I missed it...
    3. The neck on my MA Sabik is right at 10.5cm, with the neck hole on the head just a teeny tiny touch bigger, maybe 10.6cm.
    4. Thank you! That will be very helpful!
    5. If you end up doing the hybrid, please post pictures. I've been wanting to do a similar hybrid.
    6. Yes, yes! Pictures please! ^__^
    7. I will, eventually! Thanks!
    8. Hello,
      @Havra I was reading anout the hybrid you want to do, and remembered I saw this on Flickr
      I don't know who's the owner, but maybe you'll be interested to see the photos.
    9. Oh my goodness! You're a saint! I knew someone had done it before but I could not find the pictures anywhere! Very helpful! <3
    10. Glad it was helpful :) Hope to see your Sabik around here
    11. Um, hello!
      I thought I would post a photo of my MA Meisa since I've just painted her. I wasn't too sure where to talk about her since...there aren't very many of her sculpt around. :sweat

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    12. wow!! what a special and cool faceup she got. And I am happy that you are giving more life to the Mecha Angels. They are a classic :P
      I would love to see what kind of hair you would give her. so maybe more pictures ;) :P

      And this makes me want to share my Mecha Angel Deneb, He has the supergem body, the head is a bit too big for the body, but it dont show too much with a wig and clothes, so it is fine :)
      Deneb has always been my grail doll ^^

      I want to see more Mecha Angels :P

      [​IMG]Soom Deneb by bunnylungs, on Flickr
    13. I really wish the MA sculpts would be brought back as Idealians.

      @Lady Ravenswood Your girl looks lovely, you did a great job on her faceup.
    14. I wish the MA would all come back as themselves. I love the darned gangly things, and miss seeing new ones come out.
      I have Sabik and Antares.

      [​IMG]Marcus and Bart by aernath, on Flickr

      And good grief! That photo is three and a half years old! I need to get the boys out for new photos...

      That's an interesting faceup, Lady! I look forward to seeing her come together.

      @bunnylungs Your Deneb does look just fine on that body!
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    15. It's great to see so many Mechas responding! :bcake

      Ooh, an Antares. I don't think I've seen many of those.
      And Deneb looks great too.
      Hehe, everyone is wearing black! It suits them though. ^__^
      Ahh, so nostalgic to see these dolls! :chocoheart

      Aw, I love them too and was really sad to see them go. I'm really, really taken with the girls especially. I have a Saiph and a Meisa, which is a bit of a dream come true. Next I need to re-do the faceup on my Saiph so she coordinates with my Meisa. Hehe.

      This is the wig she's wearing...which now that I see the photo I need to push down a little...but oops.

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    16. Oooo! I was envisioning fiery red hair, but this looks so much better! (I have a fondness for red/orange hair ;) )
      She looks very knowing, and amused here. ^_^
    17. Hehe, I contemplated red hair! But I didn't have anything that would fit her, hehe, and I have a thing for dark hair on dolls, I guess because I have a lot of dark wigs. Her head is like one size up from all my wigs. My Saiph was wearing this wig though, so it's stretched out to their size. :sweat
    18. I saw all the recent activity on this thread and had to check it out!

      @Lady Ravenswood: your MA Meisa is such a beauty, with and without hair ;)

      @aernath: Bart looks a bit miffed at Marcus.

      We had a snow day on Monday (yes, a single snow's Seattle). I thought my Sabik, Lysander, needed a little photo love:
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    19. He did! And we're glad you took care of that. ;)
      We've only had one day of decent snow too, this winter. ...and I kind of miss it.. :(
      But don't tell anyone. I usually hate winter. But then there's usually too much snow! Now there's not enough. lol I can't be pleased.

      heh heh heh Yeah, Marcus likes to tease Bart, and Bart is not amused. :lol:
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    20. Hehehe. What you need is the Goldilocks of Winters! :) I wish our snow lasted just a little longer so I could take Ly outside. Oh well, he'll just have to settle for some other field trip.