General Mecha Angel discussion thread!

Jul 21, 2011

    1. Hehe, I live in the desert so snow almost never lasts past 10 a.m. :abambi:
      If I wake up and see snow I basically grab a doll and run out in my pajamas. Ooops. I mean, you gotta get a pretty snow photo, you know?
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    2. Hi, just thought of passing by and drop a photo of my Sabik (mmm, still doesn't have a name) but I have gave him a face-up, better late than never!
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    3. Why not Klayton? Lol he reminds me of Celldweller :)
    4. Nice! I'm totally into using red on the waterline right now! :3nodding:

      OMG, OMG, OMG, OMG!
      The doll gods have smiled upon me today. I just realized that one of my favorite outfits I own fits my girl!!!!!! And it's exactly the style I wanted for her!!!!! I'm screaming. Like actually screaming!!! :D

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    5. She looks great! :3nodding:
    6. Thanks! Hehe, I'm so happy I tried the dress shirt on her on a lark. :)
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    7. LOL Klayton, maybe if my mind can't find anything better :P

      Thank you, I did the red on the waterline because I wanted to enhance his eyes but didn't want to go too heavy on the eye shadows :)

      She looks fine!
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    8. Hello all. How is everyone? ^__^
      I modified a felt doll hat I had into a tricorn for Prospero today. :chocoheart

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    9. Well done on the hat!

      I wanted to try to make some outfits for my MA girl, Saiph but got as far as making her some jeans and came to a standstill again. Now she is standing topless in my room with just her jeans on... : /
    10. Hehehe, well, she probably looks fabulous doing just that? :lol:
      Jeans are probably the hardest part too! You're over the hurdle. Keep going! ^___^
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    11. Thanks for the encouragement...she will eventually get the rest of an outfit but yes, haha...she does look good like this too I guess :)
    12. Hehe, I need to get sewing too...I don't know why, but I've just been weirdly intimidated by the prospect of sewing clothes because it's been an age since I last sewed. Haha, I feel so rusty!

      I'll be excited to see what you make. ^__^
    13. You will soon get back in the swing of things! Its like riding a bike :lol:
    14. Well, I haven't sewn any clothes yet...but I might have to do that soon because I did a new faceup on my Saiph and she needs an outfit for her new style.
      This isn't really the wig I have planned for her, but it's just for fun so I could see her with hair and eyes and all that.


      How are every one else's giants doing? ^__^
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    15. Heh heh I recognize that jacket! My Iple SID Barahan wears it on occasion. ^_^
      That's a pretty cool looking wig! I think she wears it well!

      Well, you inspired me to grab my Sabik, Marcus, and haul him out in the snow/ice/rain for a quick photo.
      You know, after I dusted him off... poor thing.

      [​IMG]Marcus - Soom MA Sabik ADAW 7/52 by aernath, on Flickr
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    16. Lady Ravenswood, so good to see your Saiph!

      aernath, Marcus is looking mighty handsome! :D I like his glasses.
    17. Yay! I'm glad I inspired you to pull Marcus out, @aernath . ^__^
      Love his glasses too!
      It snowed here today...for about 5 no snowy photos for me. :lol:

      Hehe, and yes. It's a good Iple outfit! I wanted it for years so I snatched it up when it went on sale 50% off! :mwahaha

      And thank you so much, @Cat ^..^

      I actually have a second Saiph on the way to me right now!!!! I'm so EXCITED!!! Two Saiphs. :aheartbea
    18. Lady Ravenswood, that is the only thing better than one Saiph... two Saiphs! :dance:aheartbea
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    19. Isn't it just?!!!! :sumomo:

      Haha, I'm just trying to twiddle my thumbs and not go crazy waiting on her. ^_~
    20. It is so nice to see the excitement for Saiph! Congratulations on getting a second one. I love the pale grey wig with this new face up, really suits her new look.

      Sabik looks very smart too all in black, quite the mystery man :)
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