General Mecha Angel discussion thread!

Jul 21, 2011

    1. Aw, thank you. She'll have black hair in the end, but I just had to try out this wig for fun. Hehe. I wanted this wig for ages, and now it's doing a bit of hopping around doll to doll to see where it will finally settle. My Soom Amber has pretty strong dibs on it though, hehe.


      I have the stupidest grin every time I see them. ^_________^
      Interesting what a difference a faceup makes! Hehe.
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    3. So I know this thread has gone a bit stagnant but I'm wondering if there is someone here who can make a tape form of a mecha angel female body for me. I would of course be willing to pay for your time materials, postage etc or I could make a custom outfit in trade. I'm just really sick of working solely from measurements.
    4. I tried to find any information - without success. Maybe someone can help me.
      What is the difference between Mecha Angel female type body & Mecha Angel 2nd female type body (released in 2011 on FFD sale: Deneb, Saiph, Vega & Betel)?
    5. Hm...could it be the elbows?

      I know Soom updated the Super Gem elbows at one point before they completely re-did that body.
    6. I'm so happy! :sumomo:


      Two lucky ladies are getting heel feeeeeet! (Sorry to my left out WS Saiph orz)
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    7. I'm so glad I found this thread! Lots of useful things here (I have a MA Sabik).
    8. @Nissa
      Welcome! I'd love to see your Sabik. :)
    9. Yeah, welcome! :3 I’m guilty of not posting here, but I do watch the thread as I have a Sabik as well! He’s my favorite MA, but I’m probably biased. ;)
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    10. Oh, Wow!
      There is a common theme for MA! So cool! So cool! O_O
      And we are to you too!


      My MA Saiph (Ruby)^^

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    11. @Bzika, your Saiph is gorgeous! I love the way you have her styled. :)
    12. *NatTheCat*
      Thank you very much!
      I will try not to lower the set bar of her style! And I promise to show more often here! (:
      I’m still running around!
      Ruby has a friend MA Deneb.
      But, Deneb is not my doll! (:



      And who lives with you ???
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    13. Wow! Love this outdoor shot of them! Deneb is gorgeous and another that you don't see very often. What a treat to be able to meet up with her too :) I think I have shared most of my photos of Saiph here before and must take some new ones!

      Congrats on the high heeled feet @Lady Ravenswood ! They are so nicely sculpted and very useful when shoes are so hard to come by.
    14. Yay!!! So happy to see so many lovely MA ladies! :aheartbea :D :aheartbea

      Your Saiph is lovely and so is her friend! :3nodding:
      The sunglasses look great on her.

      Thank you so much! I was SO EXCITED when I found them. I'm trying to decide what color to paint the shoes. I think one will be a classy set in navy blue with gold heels...but not sure on the other one yet. Hm...
    15. LyanneNZ,
      Thank You!
      ABOUT! One plan has matured in my account with Deneb and my girlfriend! And we are already preparing for it! ((;

      Lady Ravenswood,
      Sunglasses are not hers! Another borrowed my dolls!

      And also, soon we will please you with new things! I hope I have time to finish everything today!:)
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    16. I keep my promise!
      Ruby in new clothes (:

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    17. Oh wow, Ruby is gorgeous @Bzika! ❤ ❤ ❤
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    18. Nissa, Thank You!
      She was too beautiful inspiration and can not just stand on the shelf! :D
    19. Oh so beautiful...! Love her new outfit @Bzika . Your photos of your Saiph will hopefully bring out some other Saiph owners who will share some new pictures.

      As for heeled shoes...mine are still unpainted and I have some in Super Gem size too the same. If I had better skills at editing photos it might be an idea to leave them "nude" and just add colour to match her outfits :) (Err...well if she had any outfits...)
    20. I hope to be able to show pictures of my Sabik soon. I'm so happy he's here, I think he was one of the very first BJD I fell in love with. (When I returned to the hobby, I spent a long time browsing around trying to remember/locate the original dolls I fell in love with.) Sabik falls in that timeframe, so it was a dream to bring him home.

      Once he's ready, he'll probably be a total shutterbug. :D

      If you've tried out SSDF-sized clothing for Mecha Angel boys (and girls, I suppose), how did it work out? The measurements look very close, save for the length of trousers and the fact that if a shirt is 'perfectly fitted' for an SSDF, it'll probably run a bit short on a Mecha Angel.

      I'm thinking of ordering some stuff over the next few months. I'd love to send Sabik on his way for a faceup by the holidays.